Wordai vs SpinRewriter – Examens comparatifs : quel est le meilleur article Spinner ?

Après avoir examiné et comparé WordAi vs Spin Rewriter, je ne peux plus recommander Spin Rewriter. WordAi est maintenant mon …

Hello internet marketers and bloggers welcome to a review comparison video on spin rewriter and word ai here i am inside of spin rewriter and i will compare this article spinning tool with word ai right here i will compare a couple different articles and the first

One is about stress so let me copy this and paste it in to spin rewriter all right here it is paste and the settings i will leave everything as default and only use the most readable option right here for spin rewriter and that’s it and i will now rewrite the article alrighty

Here is the generated article we got the original over here and the newly generated article over here and you will notice right away that the generated article is all jumbled up into one big paragraph there’s no separation in between the paragraphs but overall it reads okay because spin rewriter did not

Make a lot of changes since this is on the highest readability setting so the uniqueness will be very low so let me copy all this over here i will now compare it with using copyscape article comparison to see how unique it is so on the left is the original article and on

The right will be the newly generated article now let’s compare and here is the results about 80 matched with the original article so this means 20 uniqueness so that’s why it reads pretty well because it barely made any changes so this article is practically worthless because it is too

Similar to the original article and that is basically duplicate content in google’s eyes so this is not good for seo content purposes now let’s see if word ai is any better currently this is one of the most expensive article rewriting or spinning tools on the

Market and now let’s give it a try right here that’s the original article high readability and now i will also use a similar setting as before with bin rewriter on the highest readability so right here most conservative is the highest readability and more adventurous over here is the highest uniqueness with

Lowest readability so i will leave it again on more conservative and click on rewrite all right here is the output it reads very well and also it is in the proper paragraph so that’s a better sign than spin rewriter so far let’s copy this and compare the uniqueness and here

Once again at copyscape let’s paste it in compare so we got about a 25 match over here and a 30 match over here so roughly 70 percent uniqueness which is quite good and with a high readability the quality is actually really good with much less mistakes and reads a lot

Better than spin rewriter and a whole lot higher uniqueness about 70 percent here compared with only 20 percent uniqueness with spin rewriter and i will leave links to these example article outputs from spin rewriter and word ai down below for you guys to check it out yourself all right let’s do another

Example here this time on the recommended settings from spin rewriter and now rewrite i will also do the regular setting for word ai over here and rewrite all right here is the spin rewriter generated article under recommended settings and once again all jumbled up into one big paragraph more

Mistakes than before because it is now more unique so the readability is less alright let’s copy everything and compare it and see how the uniqueness level is about 58 to 62 percent match which means about 40 percent uniqueness that’s pretty bad forty percent basically a worthless article basically

Duplicate in google’s eyes and the readability is also not good either let’s see if word ai is any better here is the output on regular normal settings and once again word ai is just amazing every sentence has been rephrased rewritten with different synonyms and it all makes sense or mostly makes sense very

Impressed with word ai results and even under normal settings it still reads really well so let me copy everything and let’s compare the uniqueness all right about 26 percent match over here and 33 match over here roughly 70 uniqueness and reads wonderfully so this is absolutely way better than spin rewriter and i’m

Really impressed that word ai even under the highest readability the uniqueness level it is still at 70 percent when comparing that copyscape so similar to the regular setting they’re both very similar in uniqueness so i would rather go with the most conservative setting to get the highest

Readability with about the same level of uniqueness okay let’s do one final article test with an article about web hosting and let’s see how that goes i will also use just the recommended settings and now rewrite and i will do the same over here with word ai under

Recommended settings and rewrite and i will tell you right now word ai rewriting is so much faster as well and you can see here spin rewriter is still working halfway and word ai took like less than five seconds to produce this article all right here’s the spin rewriter under normal settings and right

Away there are mistakes with multiple hosting strategies trying your company so not very readable at all pretty bad pretty terrible everything jumbled up lots of mistakes just everywhere you look there are mistakes and confusing terms so not happy at all with the results from spin rewriter and when

Comparing with word ai very impressive once again were they i knew exactly that this is an article about web hosting so they didn’t change words like plans unlike over here with bin rewriter it changed the plans right here hosting plans with hosting strategies totally incorrect and word ai was able to

Distinguish what is what so very impressive once again and everything mostly makes sense very little mistake so let me compare the uniqueness at copyscape here is the result for copyscape for word ai 21 match 23 match so close to 80 uniqueness which is a very high level mostly anything above 70

Or more is unique good for seo content and should not be considered as duplicate so the results here are very good for word ai now let’s compare that with spin rewriter and here are the results at copyscape for spin rewriter and this hosting article about 41 to 44 match roughly 60 percent uniqueness

Which is okay but then again it reads quite terrible since it doesn’t even make sense with a lot of these synonyms not a very smart article spinner rewriter without a doubt word ai currently is the king of articles bidding and right now it is the best article rewriting and spitting tool on

The market it is also the most expensive out there and you do get a free three-day trial if you want to check it out here are the prices over 50 dollars a month or around 300 plus a year compared with spin rewriter you also get

A free five-day trial 47 a month or 77 a year so word ai is about five times the price but at least with spending writer producing basically worthless articles low readability with an okay level of uniqueness you’re gonna spend a lot more time fixing articles whereas word ai you need to spend very

Little time on content creation so that’s up to you free trials on both so i’ll leave the links below along with the examples to the articles for you guys to check it out and see for yourself thanks so much for viewing let me know if you guys have

Any questions please leave in the comments below thanks again and happy marketing

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