WordAi vs SpinnerChief Review Comparaison – Quel est le meilleur article Spinner ?

J’ai testé SpinnerChief il y a quelques années, et depuis lors, il a apporté des améliorations majeures. Surtout avec Ai…

Hello and welcome to a click review comparison video between spinner Chief and word AI basically these tools can rewrite any articles into something unique to date I will compare word AI with spinner Chief and see which one is better word AI has been the dominant article spinning tool for a very long time

Okay here is the dashboard for spinner Chief it is very easy to use you can paste in an article on the left side and then click on the blue arrow button to spin the article and it produces a uniquely written article in a few seconds the right side is the Rewritten article

Or you can call it the spun article it is about 80 unique compared with the original article on the left spinner Chief uses AI technology to rewrite the article and it actually does a very good job you can pause this video and read the article and see for

Yourself the quality of this Rewritten article the Rewritten article is definitely not perfect but it is really good compared with most other popular article spinning tools let’s now compare with word AI this is what the word AI user dashboard looks like I will paste in the exact same original

Article on the left side I will leave the setting on highest quality and let’s click the rewrite button okay it is done now the speed of the article rewriting is approximately the same as spinner Chief let’s take a look at the quality of the article you can

Pause the video and read it for yourself overall I believe spinner Chief does a better and smarter rewriting job let’s take a look at this example here where it says at the end of the sentence which does not make much sense foreign Chief handles this part as you can see

Here it reads a little bit better by saying included in the crowd I will say that both word Ai and Spinner Chief are very close in terms of the article spinning quality however I think spinner Chief is a little bit better in quality and has more features spinner Chief provides both a desktop

And web-based article spinning tool in comparison word AI only have the web-based version the thing that really separates spinner Chief from word AI is the prices spinner Chief costs about 69 per year or a lifetime price of 199 dollars as a one-time fee with word AI it is much more expensive

It costs 324 dollars a year or fifty Seven dollars a month clearly spinner Chief is a lot cheaper and much better value for the price in conclusion if you are looking for a quality article spinning tool I recommend checking out spinner chief all right thanks so much for viewing be

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