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Pictory.ai est un logiciel de création vidéo qui peut vous aider à créer une vidéo professionnelle en quelques minutes. J’aime pictory ai parce qu’il est facile à …

So once you’re logged in this is what you are going to see this is the main interface of Petri dot AI you can see hello there my name gifted if you want to create our videos with script using P3 you can just use this one and proceed

If you want to create a blog post that you want to turn on the blog post or blog article to videos you can use this if you want to edit your videos you can also use betray as an editor for your video meaning if you have your video and

You want to edit it you can use pictures as an editing tool and you can also convert all your photos and videos to a main video right so that is how this four part work and these are the four four things you can do with Petri right

Now we are going to be converting our test or scripts to videos so what we want to do is to click on proceed don’t forget I can also use this other ones and the link right here at the bottom is actually a tutorial and I’ll walk you

Through how to use all of them right let’s use um scripts to create videos using P3 right now we have clicked on this they are saying we should enter the video name so you can just click on this place and paste your script right here I’m

Going to go over to my script and copy it right so you want to also ensure that you break down your script to smaller pieces right that means you make it very short because it’s going to be seen by scene so let’s copy this and then come

Over to tree and paste it right here as you can see this is the script for my video so I can still make this one a bit shorter okay so I can make okay let me just leave this one like this so what I

Want to do next is to add the title of the video the title of the video is overcoming laziness so this is the title of the video overcoming laziness in case you don’t know how to create script using AI I’m going to leave a link to that video in the description so I

Created this script with AI so you can also use AI to create your script now that we have pasted script will want to do is to come over to this place and click on proceed once you click on that proceed button it’s going to bring you down to this place now what they’re

Asking us to do is to select a template for our video so you can decide to go with anyone and each of the templates has caption right so let me just choose this first one then once you click on it they are going to ask you to choose your

Aspect ratio now if you are creating videos for YouTube you may want to go with the 16×9 if you are creating videos for social media you may want to go with this other too so for tick tock Instagram views and all of all those other social medias you can use any of

The two so we are using creating for YouTube we are going to click on continue and then picture will start to generate the video for us they are saying we should wait and hold on for a while that they are going to start generating the video if you are getting

Value from this video please smash that like button I will sincerely appreciate that from you and if you want to see more videos around make money online and tutorials like this you can also click on you can also click on the red subscribe button and subscribe to this

Channel now I’ve also created another video in case you’re interested in using Petri to make money for yourself I’ve created the best five ways to make money online with Petri I’m going to leave a link to that video in the description as well so let’s wait for the video to

Generate so it’s going to take a while for the storyboards to be created and once it is created you can now start editing our video using P3 is very simple so you do not need any skill to use pituities it’s very very simple like I said you do not need any skill to

Start editing with um Petri it is a drag and drop feature right so we are going to check out and preview each of the scene so that the images and the videos that will display at the background would um fit the test right so this one is saying are you feeling lazy and

Unmotivated it so I would not want to use this video so what you want to do is to come over to visuals click on it so once you click on visuals we can now select another video right so I’m going to choose this video now once you just

Click on it it will automatically replace the one before so we are going to go to the next one so this is how you are going to edit it you are going to check each one and then replace the videos or the scene that you don’t want

If you get to the end right here you see there’s no other Arrow to move to the other scenes right because it is more than four since you come over to this place and click on it and you’ll be able to see the other scenes like number five

The fifth sixth seventh and eighth scene so that you can start editing them you have to make sure that the video playing in the background is actually related to um what the test is talking about right so you have to do that and make sure that each of the video is closely

Related to what the test is talking about all right so once you preview all the videos and the test together so the next thing we are going to do is to add our voice right so there are two options you can either use the AI tool to read

The text in your video or you can do it by yourself that means you can recall your voice and upload it on this particular software then it’s going to sync your voice with the video meaning that the AI is going to actually make sure that each scene is aligned with

What you’re saying right so if you want to upload your voice you come over to audio and click on upload then once you click on upload you are going to see the drag and drop Futures what that means is that you’re just going to drag the test

From your computer and just drop it right here you’ll be able to upload it easily then P3 is going to sync it together with the video so in this case so I’m not going to use audio in case you are shy you don’t want to read it

Out yourself you can use the AI tool that feature has then they have a lot a lot of voices from different languages from us they have the English US English they have UK English they have Indian English so you can choose any voice that

You want to all you want to do is to preview them by clicking on the play button right so I’m just going to choose any random one let me just choose this one so once you have selected any one that you want to use you just click on

It and it will be applied immediately so the last part is to add a background music right so depending on what you want to do most times I prefer calm music depending on what I am doing in this case it is going to be a motivational video so I’m going to just

Search for Cam and another way you can do it is to use the mood right the mood and purpose for the video so I’m going to use inspiring and uplifting right because it’s an um it’s a motivational video so I’m just going to use that mode so that they can suggest musics that

That will actually go with my video this is very important because you don’t want to use loud music for a video like motivational video right so I’m just going to pick the first one and once I pick the first one anyone you pick but please make sure that you preview it

Right so I’m going to use this first one then I’ll click on apply so what you want to do is to preview what you have made but in this case I’m just going to skip the preview part but also make sure you preview it then once you have

Previewed it you come over to degenerate and click on the video then What P3 is going to do is that’s going to start creating these scenes and also creating the video for you meaning is going to start the generation process as you can see video generation in progress so it’s

Going to generate the video and also the scenes for you right so it’s going to take a while for it to complete the generation right so it’s going to take some time you just have to be patient and wait until it is done okay once the

Video is generated just like you can see right now the next thing you would need to do is to download directly to your PC or you can copy the link of the video and share it with friends and um upload it on your YouTube then you can also

Export the test in in the video so what you want to do first of all is to ensure that the video is downloaded so you just click on download to PC and you’ll start downloading the video to your PC and and then you see it downloading right here

So this is how you can easily start generating videos with P3 if you’ve gotten value from this video please smash that red subscribe button and most importantly guys please give this video a thumbs up I’ll sincerely I appreciate that from you so now that we have

Downloaded the video what I want to do lastly is to review the video and check it out before I’m going to leave you to watch the video that we generated using P3 if you want to know about the five ways you can make money with Petri I’m

Going to leave the link in the description of this video and I will also leave that video displaying on the screen after you finish watching the video we have generated I’m also going to leave the link to another video in the description talking about how to generate your script and I will also

Leave that video displaying on the screen so enjoy the video we have created using Petri are you feeling lazy and unmotivated it’s normal to have days like that but it’s important to remember that we all have the power to overcome laziness here are a few tips to help you get moving 1.

Set a goal having a specific goal in mind will give you something to work towards and help you stay motivated 2. break it down break your goal down into smaller manageable tasks this will make it seem less overwhelming and help you stay focused 3.take action the most important step is to take action

Even if it’s just a small step it’s important to start moving in the right direction 4. reward yourself give yourself a reward for reaching your goals this will help you stay motivated and focused on your goal 5. stay positive stay positive and remind yourself that you can do it

Laziness is a mindset and with a positive attitude you can overcome it remember overcoming laziness is not easy but with determination and the right mindset you can do it so set your goals take action and stay positive you got this

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