Tutoriel de création de formulaires pour GoHighLevel ! Comment créer des formulaires avec HighLevel et SaaS !

Tutoriel de création de formulaires pour GoHighLevel ! Comment créer des formulaires avec HighLevel et SaaS ! COURS D’INSTALLATION GRATUIT DURÉE LIMITÉE …

Hey guys what is up it is Dominic and in this video we’re going to be covering forms now if you’re new to the channel we are of course talking about the greatest software on the planet high level which allows you to take the entire platform the whole software right

Here and resell it at 97 297 497 literally whatever you want you can also toss your logo here at the top left and it becomes yours really awesome model it is called SAS software as a service and I am Dominic Baptist one of the top Affiliates in the world actually ranked

Number two right now we are so close to number one so if you guys want to try this out use my affiliate link you get 30 days for free you get both of my courses for free you get direct help from me personally and you get to join

Both my Facebook groups which are super super helpful we have about 4 000 members in there right now and it is just amazing but you can find all the links to that in the description below and with that being said let’s get right into custom forms so first things first

How do you get to the forms tab well you go to sites and then you go up here to forms and we’re going to go to the form Builder and then you can see all the forms that I’ve built in the past but we are going to click create new form now

Before I start I really want to break down why I’m making a video specific typically on forms it seems like such a small topic such a small issue to make a full video on however after looking at my channel and going through everything I realize there’s something missing I

Really want to start hyper focusing on certain aspects of high level and really going in depth on those for instance forms maybe do one on surveys chat widgets I have of course already covered memberships websites and funnels but there are so many other aspects like calendars custom values the

Opportunities tab the reporting tab all of these things that most people probably don’t make videos on I really want to start covering those so I think that’s going to be an experiment of mine over the next few weeks and let’s see how they go so anyone in high level

Probably already knows how to build a basic form I mean you’re looking at a full name right here drag and drop probably a phone number an email and then scroll down here to the bottom and put a button and then of course you can customize this any way that you want if

We were to click the button right here you can see all of our options over on the far right we can change the buttons alignment we can change it to full width we can change the text of the button the color of the button itself that’s a bit

Bright let’s lower it down let’s do that we can change the the color of the text of the button as well as the borders if we go like that you can see the Border starts to widen up obviously that doesn’t look good at all so we’re going

To lower that down to zero here’s one of my favorite features the corner radius I’m not a huge fan of sharp Corners so I like to add a corner radius so as you can see the higher we go with the number the more the button starts to circle out

Until ultimately we get something that looks like this now my favorite radius is probably about a six because you still get that square button look but you get that feel of the rounded Edge which I think looks amazing and then of course lastly we have padding where you

Can make the button a little bit larger or make it a lot smaller and there you go that is a pretty basic probably the most basic form you can possibly make on High level you will see this form all the time on websites funnels you know pretty much anywhere on

The internet trying to get your name number and email but as you can see over to the far right there are so many different options and even custom Fields where you can literally do anything that you want so I want to break down what you can actually do with forms so first

Things first we’re going to start with the standard I’m going to delete these up here and you can see all these different options we’ve got organization up here we’ve got State website Source date of birth text HTML you’ve got an image option and even a captcha this is

What a capture looks like we’ve all seen this on so many different sites where it makes you claim you’re not a robot so you don’t get hacked or whatever they think robots are doing to these forms but basically these are all these standard options that everyone has seen

And probably messed with however if there’s an option in here that you want that you don’t see that is where you scroll all the way to the top you head over to custom Fields you scroll to the bottom and you click add custom field you can now literally create almost

Anything you could ever imagine we’re going to start with the simple text so the text is basically just like full name and email where you have a text that says something and then a placeholder for you to put in the answer so for this scenario let’s do like your

Dog’s name or something like that let’s say that it’s a dog website and they have to put in the name of their dog to maybe get a collar made or something like that so the name of the field is going to be name of your dog and then

For the placeholder you could also put name of your dog or what I see a lot on forms is putting in examples of names of dogs so that they know even more that hey this is where the name of your dog is supposed to go so here you go you can

See I put example buddy spot Max different names of dogs and we will save it it is now down here at the bottom and we can put it up here at the top and there you go name of your dog and then put the examples down here so that they

Could put the name of the dog right where the placeholder is press submit and now you will have that information to maybe use later on in a workflow or in the edit notes section or maybe add tag anything that you want now you can

Use this I’m going to get rid of some of these over here and we’re going to try again with some of the other options let’s do large text so with large text this is usually when someone has to type in a lot of information this is like hey

Describe your problem write your message something like that so as you can see I have a describe your project over here on the right I’ve used this multiple times and this allows the customer to basically put in as much information as they want so I’m going to type in

Describe the project mostly because I can’t put in describe your project because I already did that right there and then once again for placeholder we could put like examples of what the project should be described as like hey the dimensions or the color scheme or

You know whatever it may be I don’t know what this project is that we’re hypothetically making here but for right now let’s just put describe and then let’s press save now we’re going to drag and drop describe the project and there it is now they have a lot of room to

Type in as much as they want this comes in handy so much you’re gonna get clients all the time that have all these crazy ideas and they want all this stuff and you don’t know how you’re going to make a form for it you’re like how do I

Make a form for that well just with these two options right here you can cover so much and really customize it any way that you could ever imagine and there’s still a ton more options left so now we’re going to go down to add custom field again we’re going to do numericals

So this is of course if you have something that is numerical if you’re putting in numbers so this is going to be a custom value for something extremely direct you’re trying to get a direct number out of you know the customer or the user so for this one

We’re going to type in number of locations the form is asking how many locations I’m not sure what four but it’s basically just asking put a number here for how many locations that you have and then for placeholder of course we can do an example again and it could

Say one two three and save and I already have it I already have a number of locations in here so it’s not going to let me do it this will happen a lot if you’re making a lot of custom values you will come across the same custom value

More than once so for this I’m just going to go back and I’m going to change this to a hashtag real quick and press save now we’re going to take number of locations put it right here and there it is so now if I previewed this I would

Only be able to put in numerical values pretty self-explanatory pretty straightforward forward let’s try something new add custom field and phone so I’m not actually going to mess around with phone because we have phone number already in there basically what this is saying is that with the phone number

Custom field you’re going to see that little you know American flag or the flag over there on the left to say hey the phone number is in this area right here and then they’re gonna of course force you to put in a phone number and if the parameters are wrong at all it’s

Not gonna let you submit it so just in case you didn’t see the standard phone number you can make a new one right here or if you want to change the name the name of the field and the name of the placeholder for phone number you can

Also do that right here in the custom Fields option under phone and then of course we have monetary this is for a money value so if you need a form that collects the value of money this is the one that you would use so for this we

Could put in like price range maybe let’s try that and then for placeholder we can do another example and say like 400 000 or something like that press save add in price range put it right down here and there you go you can even see the dollar sign on the left so

It is going to know and let them know that it has to be a monetary value I also want to show you something over here in Styles where you can do inline forms and basically what this is going to look like if I drag and drop these

Down here is it’s going to put these smaller options right next to each other because there’s enough room obviously I couldn’t do that with describe the project because it’s massive but it basically can take a really long form and make it a little bit shorter and

Make it look a little bit better when it’s on a I don’t know maybe a mobile device or even desktop it can just make it look way cleaner I use inline form all the time now yes on mobile inline form does not always work even if it

Shows it’s going to look like this on mobile it might not it’ll probably look exactly like what we had before so just be aware of that when you’re making a really long form with like 15 to 20 different submission types because they could be scrolling for a long time but I

Really like that option so I want to show you guys that and next we have check box I love the checkbox form I think it’s so clean so easy so cool and I use it for a lot of different reasons for instance if you have multiple

Options and you need to check box one two or three you know however many this is the way to go unless you have like 50 or 60 then definitely do a drop down menu but if you only have like four or five I really think this is a clean way

To do it now of course the common one is going to be Services needed I’ve already done this over here on the right so I’ll show you what it ends up looking like but if we did Services needed we did a placeholder of choose your service or

Even put an S right there so they can choose more than one and then we said Google SEO we added another option down here that said website design you know just different options text message services and let’s do one more CRM and then of course we cannot save it because

It’s going to say that Services need is already in here which it is so I’m going to show you what it looks like we’re going to drag and drop Services needed and there it is you can easily checkbox any of these off or all of them off

Whatever you want to do and it can go towards an Automation and like I said before go to a tag or go to anything that you want but I just think this is a really really clean way of being able to pick multiple options in a form and

Speaking of multiple options we now have single options and multiple options so let’s go to single real quick so basically this is a drop down menu if you want to be clean and cut if you have a ton of different options going in there and you just want a drop down menu

And they can pick one single option this is the way to do it so for instance something I see on a lot of car websites it would say something like car brand choose your car brand I’m going to say Ford Chevy um Dodge and let’s do GMC and we’ll save

This right here we’ll do car brand and you can basically click the drop down menu and have all of your different options it’s not going to let me do it of course it’s not in live mode but you will be able to choose which one you

Want just any simple drop down I know people in the group always ask Hey where’s the drop down menu how do you get a drop down menu well now you know let’s add a new custom value and try multiple options let’s actually do the exact same thing so I put in everything

The exact same way and I press save and then we’re going to add that as well and we’re going to test out this insane form at the end and see what it all looks like now we’re going to add a custom value again and we’re going to go to

Radio now obviously I can’t do much with radio I would have to have a file in here and they even tell you what type of file it needs to be I haven’t really done anything with radio before I don’t really know much about this custom value I’m assuming it’s pre-recorded I’m not

100 sure how it works so I don’t really want to break it down because I don’t want to mess it up but maybe in the future I will have a radio file to put in here and to test it out and then of course we have it date this one’s super

Easy basically when you’re trying to pick a date a calendar will come up you can pick the date that you want and it will automatically go into the system so we can say like choose date same thing choose eight and then save and we’re going to push that one right here now

We’re going to add a custom value again and we’re going to go to text box list so this one’s a bit strange I’ve used it once before and honestly it wasn’t my favorite thing to use I actually used it for the custom apparel store when I was doing like different sizes and

Quantities and now they have a quantity section so back in the day they didn’t so this is what I used so for instance the name of the field was sizes and quantities and then the label was like a small with the value being you know quantity and I did it again with medium

Same thing barge and same thing and then if I’m not mistaken you should be able to put in whatever you want right here whatever numerical value that you want to put in but I’m not 100 sure I guess we’ll find out when the form goes live

This is just one I haven’t seen you know many reasons to use it maybe a lot of you guys will see this and be like oh I could use this for this client or this but I personally have only had to use it once and it was kind of a nightmare so

Yeah not my favorite custom value and then I love file upload this is something that people use all the time and I know it looks a little confusing but it’s not at all this is whenever someone is trying to upload a file of some sort so I actually also use this

For that custom apparel store I was just talking about because they had to upload the file of you know a photo of some sort to put it on the custom apparel so this would be called you know upload photo and I may already have something

Like that over here to the right so if it doesn’t go through that is why and then it’s going to be like choose photo let’s try that and then you can put in the different formats that are acceptable like a PDF a JPEG and a PNG

For this instance let’s just do JPEG and PNG and you can also allow multiple files and then put the maximum number of files as well so we’ll say five is maximum and save then we’re going to click upload photo down here and there it is and even says right here what is

Allowed a JPEG and a PNG right here and they can upload the file just as you’ve seen on any other site very cool love that feature add custom value again and lastly we have signature this is pretty self-explanatory but it’s something that I’ve used a few times with different

Clients when they need to collect signatures from their customers so the name of the file is going to be signature and save and of course it already exists I’ve already used this one before it is right here so let’s add it and because I have inline form it

Looks kind of weird it usually goes around the entire Square so if I were to go to Styles and make it not an inline form you would see it look like this which obviously would be much better when trying to fit your entire signature in a really small box that would be

Pretty miserable so there you go there is the entire form from start to finish obviously I don’t think any client would ever want this form that would be pretty random but at least you guys got to see every single custom value that you can possibly do on a form and hopefully that

Opened your minds to what you can actually do for clients because I don’t think there’s a single client that I’ve ever said no to in terms of what I could build for them on a form however I do want to show you guys this form in

Action so let’s give it a name real quick so we’re going to go over to options change the form name to random form and then another thing that I really want to point out on forms that I think people forget all the time is after you’ve named your form and you’re

Ready to publish unique need to check this out on submit what do you want to happen this is huge because people will submit forms and be like nothing happened what happened I don’t understand like maybe they’ll get a text like right away from automation but they don’t know what’s happening so having it

Go to a URL that says maybe thank you having it send a message like this that says thank you right here so just simple things like that making sure that the form has some type of action at the end is huge and people forget it constantly

Even I forget it all the time and then of course there’s a Facebook pixel event and then sticky contact which basically means if they filled up this form once they came back to the form later it would have all their information in it or if that form led to another form for

Whatever reason it’s going to put in the information that the previous form already had so if they put in their name number email or something like that the next form also has name number and email boom it’s already in there they don’t have to put it again so we’ll do sticky

Contact we’ll save the form we can even integrate the form and take this entire code and put it into someone else’s website already existing website like a Wix website or a WordPress website or you can take a link like this we can check out exactly what it’s going to

Look like like by using the link and here we are we can easily test this entire form out right here using the link so let’s start with the easiest one the name of your dog my dog is going to be named Buddy the number of locations

You can see right here we have an up down arrow so if I did three and then I clicked up we go to four five six seven eight nine ten and then for price range we’re gonna do 300 we don’t have to put the dollar sign because it’s already

There next we’ve got describe your project I can type as long as I want or until the form Cuts me off see and then for services needed I can click on the two that I want or all four anything that I want to

Do I can click on all of them or just a few of them and then for car brand we’re going to pick four that’s our single option then we’ve got our multiple options so let’s pick Chevy Dodge and RAM then for choose date we should have a calendar yep we’re gonna pick the

Ninth actually that’s boring let’s pick all the way over here in December or January and let’s pick January 1st and then you can see we’ve got quantity here see I had a feeling this was gonna happen this is why I didn’t like this custom value very much it actually wrote

Down quantity they’re supposed to put in the value so it actually wrote it down for me before I could even change it it’s all starting to come back to me I haven’t done this part in like a year and a half almost so it’s been a very

Very long time for me so sorry I did forget but if we erase quantity here and we put in the value we could say like you know seven whatever it is that we’re getting I also don’t love the fact that they put a period at the end of SM and L

You can’t really change that I’m not sure why it’s like that but once again guys this is why I am not a huge fan of this custom value I just don’t I just don’t really get it I don’t understand the the use case of it as much as I

Guess other people might and then we have the upload photo of course if we’re going to upload a photo here I will upload the DNS on cloudflare record and it has uploaded you can see it right here DNS on cloudflare and I can upload multiple because I can upload as many as

Five remember and then lastly we have the signature this is going to be very rough so bear with me but obviously this would be a lot easier if I were on like a phone but either way or sticking with it it’s actually really hurting my my

Hand here let’s just let’s just do that we’ll just do 1B we’re not even going to do the rest and then I can submit the form and it says thank you right up here at the top so that is how you do custom forms guys I know this form is crazy and

You will never make a form like this but I really hope this helped you I think this was kind of fun I liked going through the entire form again because sometimes it’s just a good refresher at how powerful this thing is and how much you can actually do and customize inside

Of the form Builder and I’m really excited to start making more videos like this in the future and focusing on really specific things like the surveys maybe next or the chat widget next or opportunities or contacts or any of these things so that you guys can watch the videos and fully understand

Everything about a high level because you know my motto is if you understand high level if you understand the platform really well you should have no problem selling it you should have no problem leveraging it to make money in any way possible if you know my story

You know I have multiple streams of income from high level and I use it for way more than just SAS so the more you know the better chance that you have so play around with some forms and understand that you have so much power right now and turn that into confidence

And start getting some sales or start running your own business through the system with all that being said thank you guys for watching and check the link in the description below for all the free course information to join our Facebook group to sign up with me as an

Affiliate because I’m really trying to get to that top spot and I know I’m gonna get it I know we can get there but I definitely need you guys help so you will find all that in the link in the description below thank you guys for

Watching and I will see you in the next video peace out

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