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Foreign Stockton walbeck I run a business called course creator Pro and our software is course creator 360 and that is our white label that extendedly came in and just completely transformed as far as customer service is concerned we onboarded about 350 clients really quickly and we were kind of in this like

Tights stressed out situation where we wanted to deliver for all those clients and we needed customer service but I also needed help setting everything up inside of the software so I mean Sharon and all these other extend the employees just extended out their help to me and

We’re more than willing to hop on one two-hour Zoom calls with me to make sure that I was all set up and ready to go in time for launch so to me that was just a a sign of how much they actually care about their clients they’re willing to

Go above and beyond to make sure that they’re taken care of way more than just a monthly subscription that they had to take from you um aside from that my clients have absolutely loved the Hands-On amount of support that externally team gives to my clients I mean just insane

How in-depth they go to really quickly responds to everyone who submits a customer service request and if they need it they’ll hop on a zoom call with my clients which they’ve taken advantage of hundreds of times and it just it’s next level support they can’t get that anywhere else with kajabi or click

Funnels or these other platforms that my course creators are coming from so I cannot recommend extending enough they’re absolutely insane love what they do here’s what a couple of my students have actually said I’ve asked for a testimonial about our software and instead of talking about the software

They actually talked about the customer service inside of the software so here’s what a couple of those students said this customer support has been outstanding and the customer support is second to none their customer service is incredible they’ve been able to help me through little things that I have

Haven’t been able to figure out they have a chat feature where if I have any questions I can just hop on they answer my questions right away and they’re on there on the money they’re so quick to respond available to chat for some reason they can’t solve it right there

Answer that question for you right now you’re going to get a response within 24 hours and it’s just made this whole transition seamless just yesterday I had a few questions regarding how to do something on the checkout page for my website and within a minute of entering

The chat I was on a zoom call getting clear instructions that I was able to follow or they just fix it for me it’s incredible so I can’t recommend it enough I feel like I’m saving a ton of money

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