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What is happening guys Josh from everyday and it’s just proof that I can actually build this into getting it to one of those sales every single day and when that happens it’s going to be magical and today’s video I’m just going to detail this process real quick show you

Everything that I had to do in order to make this Money all right ladies and gentlemen if you’re a subscriber of this Channel and if you’re not you should go ahead and subscribe right now but if you already are you’ve been following the channel for a while you know that lately I’ve been getting more and more into selling

Digital products because it’s a great handsfree no inventory no buy cost 100% profit almost way to earn income online so that’s exactly where this money came from it was from a digital product sale but it wasn’t just one single digital product sale there was also a Service

Attached to it that really bumped it up in terms of the amount of profit I made so you can see it right here November 8th this was the only sale that I made that day for $421 total the first offer which include an order bump got me

$124 then the upsell actually made me an extra $297 so I’ll go ahead and show you right now what I was selling then I’ll show you the funnel that sold it and got me the 400 bucks so the product I’m selling is access to this course area right here

Inside this course area there are 13 different trainings that you can use to build a foundation to learning how to do digital marketing affili marketing e-commerce basically if you want to learn how to Market yourself and your business whatever that business may be these 13 trainings will help you do that

But not only that you get the rights to resell this entire course package you can go on to help others learn and grow and get paid in the process 100% of the sale now of course if you’re interested in this and all of the trainings that I

Have here for you to go through there’s a link in the description or in that first comment for you to go ahead and grab this same deal but let’s take a look at the funnel that was used here’s the exact sales funnel that I used to

Make that $400 sale and other sales as well it goes through it tells more about this course package all of the details of it plus the bonuses and everything and down here you get the option to purchase for $97 now my initial sale on this was $124 so how did I get that

Extra income well it comes down to something that is called an order bump so I added a private Discord Community for anyone that wants a little bit more support and anyone that wants to connect with me directly so that I can help them get everything set up and get their

Online business running you also when you purchase the order bump the private Discord group you get to add this as an order bump when you resell the package as well you get to resell access to my private Discord group it just gives you another income stream now after someone

Purchases this package right here whether they select the Discord group or not they are then moved to an upsell this is the upsell page right here wait your order isn’t complete and on this page I’m offering a done for you service where I go in and handle all the

Automations handle all the connections handle all the activations do all the little detailed work behind the scenes to get you set up and running so this service is available through this page for $297 and some people elect to take this upsell because they don’t want to invest

The time maybe they don’t have the technical ability maybe they just don’t want to deal with it and they want you to go ahead and just hand them a ready to go system and that’s what we do here with this upsell now if you go ahead and

Get this package from me and you decide to do the upsell I would really like you to take the time to learn how to put the pieces together so that you can actually go and offer this upsell as well the time involved in setting up the entire

System is very minimal you can get everything done in just a few hours if you’re really really good you can get everything done in less than an hour so imagine making an extra $300 for one hour of work even better once you start getting orders rolling in my plan is to

Outsource this to a VA right here guys here’s 421 reasons why you should get started selling digital products today this has to be one of the best ways for any beginner to get started making money online because it requires very little investment from you you at least Cashwise the only thing you’re really

Going to have to invest is the time it takes to drive traffic or to connect with other people who want to build an online business as well that’s how you’re going to get the sales the setup process the cash investment is very minimal there’s no actual physical products there’s no shipping involved

There’s no headaches everything’s done almost automatically this is a passive way to earn income 421 reasons why you should start today there it is people exactly what I did in order to earn the extra 4 $400 in pure profits I just invested a few hours of my time putting

Together the pieces and setting up this person’s funnel so that he can go out there and do the same selling digital products is amazing I love it I’m definitely going to be doing more of it in the future if you want to join me click the links down below check out

Everything that’s available to you for free and get started right now selling digital products and courses online for 100% profit my name is Josh everyday website and I’ll catch you guys on that next one Peace

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