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Hey everyone it’s yvonne here um just wanted to show you what the default fonts were for your click funnels so if you ever uh add a different uh column with an action heading or a button and you make changes to it and all of a sudden you want to go back and

Say oh you know what that previous font was amazing you know which fonts they are okay so i actually i i didn’t just spontaneously decide to do this video and just tell you guys randomly i was actually doing my own font research for my own landing page

And i came across these fonts that were exactly the same so i thought i’d just share with you for anyone that was that that wanted to do the changes to their fonts so click edit page so in short these are the three texts or the three fonts all right so it’s open sounds

Condensed buddha and unifracture cook uh these are exactly exactly exactly the same as the default text for now so on uh january 28 2017 so far these are exact the default folds these are exactly our very similar fonts so the only difference would be like a millionth of a millimeter it’s gonna

The text is gonna shift to the right okay so really small changes but also roughly similar so there’s six of them that are right about the same so just to show you guys i’ll just add a new column so add a headline so to this headline

Let me zoom in so you guys can see so to this headline what i’ll do is i’ll actually i will include the the texts and you will see that nothing will change if i do changes to those texts all right so for example i’ll start with

Um i mean i’ll start with the first one on the list so let’s go with open sans so open sans condensed that is all right so watch as i click this nothing will change boom all right so it’s exactly the same let’s go to the next one you know let’s

Go with unifracture cook you know what let’s just go in order let’s go buddha um go back a bit so buddha watch as i click this absolutely no change okay and this this applies to anything whether it’s a button whether it’s whatever has default texts

It will it will work on anything okay as of now as of january 28th right unless they change something all right so unifrector cook so let’s go to this one that’s the last one i just wanted to show you oops something’s off with my alphabet i need to fracture cook all right so

Watch i click this observe this large call to action headline font no changes at all did not move nothing okay but now you know so it’s these three texts so if you ever want to go back um you make changes to your headline and you say oh

Shoot that default that was amazing what was it don’t fear just add these three all right and like i said these three beyond bocor and adam bang are just extremely similar okay so that’s it um thanks a lot for watching if you have any questions comments concerns just

Uh write them down below and please subscribe and thanks for watching i’ll see you guys next time

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