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I did and welcome to funnel free-for-all calm today we have an awesome template it’s the join the girl boss revolution template we designed this originally in a peachy version which you can see down below this is the same template but in a different color and in this one it’s

Really adorable we’ve got a blonde girl representing the girl boss that women want to be online living the laptop a lifestyle with her cute little laptop on her lap in her little yoga pants so this particular template is perfect for anyone who’s in a fitness business maybe you are building a network marketing

Company maybe a network marketing team or an internet marketing team and you are trying to attract women into your organization and you can think outside the box remember these are templates so you can use these templates for other things too now the cool thing about our templates and what makes us unique is

That we’ve already included like a marketing angle for you to get started with I’ll see if a jumpstart for generating leads online but if you think outside the box a little bit there’s so much you can do with this particular template you could you could be a yoga

Instructor you could be a fitness instructor you could have some sort of a program you can use this funnel to start your branding and then you can even branch out into custom website design which we also do all you have to do is go to our main website www 10 free for

All come to learn more about that but this is a very versatile template very girly very cute uh you know if you want to attract women into your next fitness group or wellness group or um anyone that you want to attract that wants to make money online who wants to start a

Business online who is a female so this is super cute it’s going to attract women who are fun bubbly uh you know high energy that’s what this template is so uh so definitely use it to your advantage so again and in this template what you’re going

To get is a lead capture page designed to generate leads obviously and you can collect the name email phone number and it also has the urgency time clock right here and people can share this on social media okay there is urgency act now before we take the video down so we

Bring the copywriting for you again you can use this for an internet marketing campaign for a network marketing campaign or you can change this out and say you know discover five new yoga tips you didn’t know before or whatever you know you can get really creative ways

It’s also a two-page funnel so you will get a matching Thank You page and all you can do is replace your image here or inside of our members area i shall i have videos where i show you how you can do some little edits to your templates

You can put a video here if you’re more of a video person you want to welcome them with a video and you can change this text and put your website here and then let’s say for example you have a company presentation video you can just drop that link right in this button and

Send them directly to whatever video presentation you want them to watch so that way you can link them to your company website but generate the leads for yourself on the front and now here’s a few ideas and again these are templates you can edit them to your

Liking but uh here are some ideas if you want to create a facebook group you can you know link your facebook group here and if you want to get on the phone with these leads you can go ahead and have them book an appointment and use a

Service like cattle and lee or a sauna or something like that to schedule people to talk to them so just a lot of versatility in this to page template it so it’s the girl boss revolution so if you’re a girl boss and you want to attract other girl bosses then this

Template is for you and if you want to see the peach version you can go ahead and look below this listing and you’ll also see the peach version you can check that out so thank you so much for watching make sure to stay tuned and always come back we upload three to four

New templates per week and I’m sure that there is something that you love and again remember that these templates are designed to be used inside of clickfunnels so if you are already a click photos member awesome all you have to do is purchase the template and then upload it into your clickfunnels account

Using the download link that you’re going to receive in your email receipt that comes from our system and if you are not an active clickfunnels member and you want to be then all you have to do is look somewhere on the site for the clickfunnels 14-day free trial and you

Can go ahead and sign up for that so that you can start using clickfunnels to build your business online and start generating leads using our awesome beautiful templates that have already been created with a marketing angle in mind for you to build your business so thank you so much for watching and I’ll

See you on the next one

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