Systeme io Le réseau d’affiliation à la croissance la plus rapide | Examen du réseau d’affiliation Digistore

Discussion en direct sur le réseau d’affiliation Digistore, les meilleures offres à promouvoir, le suivi des ventes, etc. Laissez mon équipe vous aider à créer…

Hey hey john cristana here great to see you all today really excited to go over everything regarding digi store 24 here um first off let me know if the audio and my sound is coming through all right um just let me know in the chat and let

Me know where you’re coming from in the world i’d love you know i know we have a very international audience here affiliate marketing and digi store 24 is available for anybody anywhere in the world sorry nigerians i think that’s the only country but uh if you’re from

Nigeria what’s up shout out um so let me know if everything’s cool and great coming in clear so let’s dive right into a little bit about the outline and then we’re going to go right into digistore so the first things i’m going to take care of the basics first we’re going to

Go over how to sign up for digistore how you get paid and they have a lot of payment options which is really cool so you can get paid through paypal and whatnot how you can see your payments and see your commissions and how much you’ve made in a particular week i’m

Also going to give you a little secret tactic to make just tons of money and this is actually how my career got jump started uh in the entire marketing space i think you’ll love to hear this the best offers to promote we’re going to go over the math to 10 000

Per month i’m going to give you some specifics i know there’s a lot of people that really liked what i how i went over this in the last live stream we’re going to go over the affiliate pages how to use them how they are so helpful they’re

Kind of a hidden secret a lot of newbies and beginners don’t know and we’re going to go over traffic methods again affiliate marketing is about getting people to your link and we call that traffic right you can’t earn a commission if people don’t click on your link and eventually buy the product we’re

Going to go over some of the best traffic methods here i’m going to go over more about how to track sales a little deeper into the tracking and reporting and we’re going to go over advanced tracking with postbacks because what’s great about digistore is they have a lot of advanced

Features this is a german company um originally coming from germany they are the biggest affiliate network in germany and they recently expanded to the united states i actually they actually tapped me to throw their launch party they spent over a hundred thousand dollars wait i need to say that folks they spent

Over a hundred thousand dollars on their launch party in the united states and i threw the party right i i like throwing a good party it was wild we had like 20 models blonde beautiful blondes and lederhosen and we rented out the whole top floor of a hotel in vegas we had

Jaeger luges and stuff i was looking for the video we had a prince there from germany it was wild but i i won’t go into that too much so let’s go into digistore so first off how to sign up for digistore you just go to

And i’m going to give you all a link to sign up for that right here in the chat okay sign up for digistore using that link and this they say more sales less work for the advanced marketer and this is what’s so fantastic about digistore is they

Have so many features it’s since it’s a german company they have amazing engineering right that german panzar tank engineering or whatever you want to call it and you have uh you have an affiliate network they also have landing page and tax automation and they have accounting software and all this stuff

Included within their platform which is absolutely amazing right german software engineering right so it’s they they’re really advanced and whereas clickbank is actually um clickbank is what i consider it’s kind of more of a bare bones affiliate network they do their thing amazingly they pay out they pay out tons of money

But uh digistore has way more features and this is one of the reasons they are the fastest growing affiliate network on the planet okay this company has been doubling in size every single year and we’ll go a little deeper into that they’ve paid out over a billion dollars

I’ll show you how we can verify that um really a lot of big affiliates a lot of advanced affiliates it’s kind of underground still are using it right digital products software physical products right that you can make sales of all of that stuff um let’s go over it right it’s great to

Sell products it’s great for affiliates you can earn up to 85 percent of sales um they have a lot of statistics and analytics again it’s a great platform to grow up with and get more advanced on and let’s go further down here blah blah blah blah blah

But we’re gonna dive right into the platform in a second okay here’s here’s another cool feature i like about digistore is they integrate with a lot of different um a lot of different services whether you are collecting emails whether you are trying to post to your um to your crm or you’re using

Webinars or you’re just a coach right they have a lot of integration so they’ve really taken just they’ve taken a lot of the technical aspects and just ran with it um and they’re built for a lot of coaches a lot of coaches use it for affiliate marketing etc this is a

Great platform and you see the ceo of digistore right here francis wolf right we recently went over and i asked him i said how many say how much have you paid out to affiliates right over 1 billion dollars one billion dollars has been paid out in the last few years okay because digi

Store did not launch until a few years ago and my little secret tactic i’m not going to go too deep into this um to actually really grow really fast they have open positions right they have open jobs they have open jobs across europe let’s let’s go in here

They’ve opened jobs across europe you can you can apply for some of them maybe you want to be a technical writer or an affiliate manager right apply to be an affiliate manager maybe you can write content or maybe you can be an office assistant and you live in bulgaria right

This is a way if you’re looking to get an affiliate marketing you don’t want to risk any money and you want to go straight into the the scene apply for some of their positions it’s a great company and it’s run by some of the smartest people i have ever met in

My life um the ceo uh the two the two founders sven and sven and christian are some of the smartest people i’ve ever met and when i come across a company that’s run by really good-hearted smart people that are futuristic and forward thinking and fun fun people to party with

It’s a great company and it’s a win so let’s dive right into the actual uh platform itself and check out some of uh check out some of the products we’re gonna go over some of the products we’re gonna go over some of the payouts we’re gonna go over the tracking and we’re

Gonna go over how you get paid so again this is an international affiliate network and the way you get paid is you get paid where is it you get paid here let’s let’s zoom in here you get paid on the 7th the 14th the 21st and the 28th of every single month okay

Now in order to get paid out you need to earn a minimum of 50 okay or euros whatever you’re doing okay um affiliate marketing yeah 100 works in the future because you can use qr codes for instance there are links anything there’s always going to be a way to track

User behavior and affiliate marketing is just a layer b upon that just like blockchain and all this stuff right blockchains are tracking transactions right so people so blockchains use they say okay this person bought then this person bought and affiliate marketing is just tracking for online activity which

We we all know can be tracked whether it’s in the metaverse whether it’s on a blockchain whether it’s on the internet everything can be tracked and affiliate marketing just opens the floodgates for anybody to make money selling online and that’s it’s such a nimble business model that’s why it’s been around for

30 years and it will continue to be around and it’s actually affiliate marketing has actually been around for way longer than the internet because back in uh when they used to send mail they still send mail there’s tracking on mail um there’s tracking on newspaper

Ads that you use to clip and post in there’s tracking on coupons right coupons and all these things have little tracking letters or numbers somewhere on them so affiliate marketing is just a business model that’s been around for over a hundred years and it’s been transferred for to the internet i’m not

Going to go too deep into the history of affiliate marketing here um so as you see you can have uh the payout methods are three now what’s great about digistore is they allow you to get paid through to paypal okay clickbank doesn’t allow that a lot of affiliate networks do not allow payments

To paypal digi store does or you can get a us bank transfer or an international bank transfer okay these are the three methods of how you can get paid so no matter what your your your cool right as you see you can get paid if you

Want to get paid once a month you can but you can get paid every single week with digi store sort of like a job right or i guess jobs don’t even pay out weekly okay let me know if that’s all making sense okay what other what’s up romania what’s

Up angelo what’s up deep what’s up kazaar what’s up willpower hunters rodrigo steve from palm springs how is it out there man um uh the lord jesus i am your inspiration jesus wow thank you i guess we have the same initials um after watching the john clickbank oh thanks man

Awesome well great to see saint vincent i don’t know what that is but uh it sounds like an island somewhere good day bakari and let me know everyone who’s joining let me know where y’all are coming from so we just got through how to sign up

For digi store how to get paid how you’ll see the payments and my secret tactic to tons of money okay now to see the payments you will go over here oh wait oopsies i have too many tabs open folks what am i doing okay so to see this

Where you’ll want to go oh wait do we have uh oh my gosh okay let’s let’s make this screen so y’all can see it okay there we go so to see your payments you’ll come over here to the report section and you’ll just click payouts right and you can see the

Payouts they happen every week and they show you how much you’ve been paid and all that stuff okay very cool stuff but let’s go in to the offers that we’re going to be promoting the best offers to promote because an affiliate network the most important part is what do they have good products

For you as an affiliate to promote to make money from are the offers aggressive are the offers something you can promote on cold traffic right you know and we don’t want to be earning like you know two percent commissions like amazon’s affiliate program pays us uh

You know and they only have a 24 or 12 hour cookie right amazon’s affiliate program is going down because they just keep cutting payments right jeff bezos you know everybody’s already using amazon he doesn’t need affiliates to promote the products as much anymore so they just keep lowering

The commissions they keep lowering the cookie lengths they keep messing with the attribution but digistore is a platform that’s made for affiliates by affiliates and they offer fat commissions and let’s check it out everybody cool with that let’s go let’s go let’s go here we go okay let me move my little

Figurine what’s up general bob bob get general bob gay from orlando lassande from cote d’ivoire so here we have the first now in the find the best offers to promote we want to check two things okay we want to check the most important thing is high sales rank okay high sales rank is

We want to promote the most popular products okay we’re not going for the underdogs here we’re capitalists we’re trying to make money so we want to go with the winners and i say be mcdonald’s right go with what’s winning mcdonald’s not joe’s burger shack right don’t try to find you know don’t don’t

Don’t try to find the underdogs only go with what’s selling the most and has the best sales rank and typically you’re going to see those products are going to be in health health and wellness right somehow improving your personhood and you’re going to see it typically do around 50 to 100 dollars

That’s it’s going to offer you per commission that’s what’s competitive and right here we see we can sort so when we get to the marketplace which is right here this is where we want to go to find the products we’re going to promote okay we click the marketplace and we

Want to sort by sales rank see this right here sort by sales rank because that’s what is selling the most and we see right away we have an uh an offer that’s offering 85 commission basically when you are getting sales you are earning more money than the product owner themselves okay

Who thinks that’s a good deal right you earn 85 of everything sold on this product and you don’t have to ship the product you don’t have to buy the product you don’t have to have customer support you don’t have to have a you know your own website you don’t have to

Uh have a business llc you don’t have to do any of that stuff right none of the hard work involved in setting up a business and you earn 85 and this is why affiliate marketing is such a profitable business model and such a such an easy way to earn money because

Instead of starting your own business and getting your own customer support and your own shipping and your own warehousing and your own logos and your own product design your own graphic designer web designer web developer etc you just earn you earn the majority of the money from the business just by

Copying and pasting your link here okay sounds pretty good right right if you just get people clicking on your link and going to the product page and buying you earn money okay and you’ll see this is a sales video aaron you’re okay it looks like it’s for

Weight loss i’m coming son i’m gonna die aaron he’s overeating or something right the odd metabolism trigger my result is a 44 pounds weight loss i mean this is just good marketing right um i’m not going to go through the whole sales page but as you see you can buy

The product somebody clicked on my link and bought the product i would earn 85 of whatever people bought it for okay does that make sense so i’m earning a fat commission here if i end up buying this product okay of course i’m buying it myself and you’ll see here the average earnings

Is a hundred and forty dollars per sale okay and this is where your affiliate links are now as we see these are the products we want to promote there’s 500 products on digistore’s affiliate network that we can promote and there’s actually thousands something that you might not know there’s

Thousands of additional products on digistore that are private meaning you have to actually be approved to sell them okay um and you just have to know somebody okay in my case if you sign up for digistore with my sign up link you will get approved to sell my product on digi store

Um as an affiliate okay so let’s go over where where were we okay so this is one way to find the top products to promote you’ll notice a lot of them are in health and weight loss okay this is a weight loss product okay and what i also like about digi stores

You get a lot of actual um you get a lot of uh additional information that you don’t get in your typical affiliate networks you get the cart conversion rate okay what the cart conversion rate means is that for the average person that makes it let’s let’s see this is that 20

If you’re getting clicks to this product 20 percent of folks on average that make it to this page where they’re on the checkout process end up buying okay so if you can get people that are interested in losing weight 20 of them will buy on average and this

Gives you good numbers to measure your advertising efforts i go deeper into this in my training program the super affiliate system um if you’re interested in my training program there’s links down below but the way we work is we backwards engineer marketing from our target income and we

Have a really cool worksheet we’re going to go over a little later in um right after i go over the top products here where i’m going to show you a worksheet so you can figure out the math to making ten thousand dollars a month backwards engineering rather than just

Kind of flying blind and saying all right you know just starting from nothing i want to give you direction we’ve had a lot of success from everyone here in the audience making money as an affiliate and i want to a lot of you are lost right now you know i

Just see the comments and stuff right and you just like you’re overwhelmed don’t know what business to do and i want to help give you some direction to actually make money link isn’t working oh well um go to okay here i’ll post in digistore what is it um

The link isn’t working i’m sorry about that there’s the digi store link to sign up let’s keep going okay um and this is the worksheet we’re going to go over in a second so we see we have earnings per cart visitor creation date and this is something

That’s pretty important and we see sales rank okay and sales rank is number one in this product is number one in all products number one in supplements now if you want to promote products in a specific niche oopsies you can also come over here and you can search for products around here let’s

Say you want to talk about sports let’s say you want to start a youtube channel commenting on sports games or let’s say you want to start a blog doing post game analysis of sports games or let’s say you want to you know something along those lines you want to do an instagram

Uh thing about sports and betting right betting is a great way to make a lot of money encouraging people to gamble is is a very profitable activity and you can earn fat commissions here as you see eighty nine dollars if you get somebody to start gambling right

You know some folks might have ethical concerns with that i know i have a lot of folks from the middle east that like i think gambling’s illegal in the middle east right let me know if i’m wrong or right or what’s going on it’s like against the

It’s like against the torah or the quran or whatever um but you see this is betting software and betting sports betting and all sorts of betting is very hot right now a lot of people are gambling a lot more people are gambling online than ever before with all these weird coveted shutdowns and

All the all the weird kind of like scared people in the world kind of hanging out at their home so and this would be a great product to promote and to promote it we’d click promote now and you see that’s how fast you get approved for your link again digi store automatically

Approves affiliates and it approves affiliates all around the world and to get these products and to get your links you don’t even need an approval either so it’s the fastest affiliate network to sign up for get promotional links and start getting paid paid from and this is why it’s growing so fast

And you’ll see if i want to check out the page convenience store owner threatens man at gunpoint after hitting his fifth lottery winner in three months now you might think this sounds salesy or whatever whatever it is but it works and that’s all we care about as an affiliate marketer okay um

Then you see they have a sales page they have you know justification for it etc now the goal is not to just get somebody to this p you know it’s not just to get your friends to click on the link again it’s about setting up some sort of pre-sell

Page okay whether that is getting somebody to what whether that is you talking about sports betting on your youtube you know starting a youtube channel and putting up some videos which is free starting a blog post which is free an instagram page or a facebook group which a linkedin group which are

All free you can do that and what’s also great about digistore which um is you can the customers can pay through paypal and they’re all going to allow people to pay with crypto soon which is very cool so they’re just allowing all these payment methods to make it really easy for you

To make money okay is everything making sense is everything making sense am i going a little bit too fast let me know in the chat um if there’s anything i need to clarify i’m going to check the chat for a quick second here just to make sure that everybody is on

The same page okay so yes uh okay yes sports betting and gambling is illegal okay it’s in in the middle east hey are anyone making sales with affiliate marketing i did a poll of my audience and over 30 percent of folks were making sales with affiliate marketing at least those who respond to

The poll um yeah would you have to see um what the hell is abu dhabi okay um dubai john you teach cpa marketing uh yes i teach cpa marketing but i’m teaching paid advertising it’s not about affiliate networks are easy to join it’s about traffic is the hard thing and

The biggest thing i teach in my training programs is traffic right and specifically paid advertising okay and let’s go a bit into that okay any questions let me just see more any questions okay no tax number how do you get around that you don’t it’s your social security your

Tax number in america is your social security number okay what’s the lowest budget for getting traffic 100 you can go less if you do mobile apps but mobile apps are a lot more difficult um you only need about ten dollars to get started in uh paid advertising if you’re promoting mobile applications but

You have to be very advanced to start with that little money it’s unbelievably advanced you have to be so advanced to start i mean if you but it doesn’t really make sense right if you were mentored by i i really don’t think it’s possible right but a hundred dollars is what we

Start with what we do campaigns with if i don’t make sales after a hundred dollars right i’m changing up something about my ad campaign and relaunching it so you don’t need a lot of money to get started um and the great thing is you spend a hundred dollars on ads

And if you make back 150 right you just bump it up you spend a thousand ten thousand dollars a day you spend ten to make fifteen thousand a day right that’s five thousand dollars profit um whereas if you aren’t profitable on a hundred dollars right just pause the ads

Right so the upside when you’re doing paid advertising is ginormous and very fast whereas the downside is about a hundred dollars okay okay no ques no more questions about this not going too fast i’m not going over paid advertising here this is for free traffic method does

Does do some digi store offers come with recurring commissions yes 100 um uh we see what should we call it so what you here let’s go on to my other screen so you’ll see here that we have billing types single payment okay now if you want to only promote products

With recurring revenue which is something i’m also a very big fan of recurring payments you could go up here and you sort by subscription okay and you do search and that well sorry we’re going to go back to marketplace so we want to look at all products we’d sort by billing type subscription

And we see there’s 27 products that offer recurring commissions right okay billing type subscription okay there aren’t as many products with recurring payments on digistore’s platform as there are in some other affiliate platforms but you see there’s some really good ones here that you can get paid a lot of money okay

Digi stores products i’d say digistore’s advantage is that digistore has some of the uh most the highest converting products and landing pages out there which also make it very good for a newbie and a beginner to affiliate marketing these pages convert these sales videos are aggressive these sales it just they’re

I mean the earnings per click which is a very big number in affiliate marketing are very high on a lot of these products and that’s really good for you it’s just because they have very aggressive products uh that are landing pages that help you make more money so it’s a great

Place to start out and it’s one of the reasons why i recommend it so much um and i’ve used it quite a bit okay um so we talked about getting high sales rank now what’s another tactic to get um you know to get sales well another way is going after brand

New products and folks if you want to join in live on this spreadsheet i have this sheet links clickbank doesn’t work for ethiopian you know i don’t know try digi store right digi store is digi store is much digi store allows more folks from more around the world to join

But again if you’re from ethiopia right you got to do you got to have fast internet you to do to work on the internet you just need to have fast internet and all this other stuff man like you know a lot of people from africa i see are just like

They i don’t know man like so many people have a hard time getting started and whatever i i just i don’t spend a lot of time with that okay so let’s go over here so what’s so i said creation date so how do we sort by creation date

Well we want to go back to the marketplace here and what we can do which is something that you don’t you aren’t able to do in almost every other affiliate network is you can actually see you’d sort by publication date they kind of change the words around but it’s the same thing

And what we can find is that we can find new products that have never been um that are just brand new to the marketplace right we have immune food solutions and created check this out one day ago okay one day ago we have wordpress bible membership right learn build and sell websites and

We have created four days ago and what’s great about this sort of stuff is that we can take these keywords and let’s check it out let’s actually search this in google there is literally nobody advertising on this keyword wordpress bible membership okay there’s nobody advertising on the keyword wordpress bible membership review

How many of you folks look up product the pro if you’re considering buying a product how many of you look at the reviews of the product before you buy it right how many folks here do that right you don’t want to make a mistake right you’re like ah got to look at the

Reviews right well guess what it’s not uncommon it’s actually more common for people to look at the reviews of a product before they buy it than not and that’s why going after keywords such as this wordpress bible membership review it’s very easy nobody’s actually ranking for this specific keyword and

You i mean just an easy way to get traffic just showing right off the bat is we set up a free blo you know we get a we go to we set up a blog post immediately right it says share your ideas with millions of readers write on medium and

We just go wordpress bible membership review right and then you say you know in you know and then you start writing oopsies in this post i will be reviewing the wordpress bible membership on the following right and you just review it right you just review it based on a couple different factors

And you publish it right here and you can all you can have something that is already starting to get ranked for that keyword that’s one example of free traffic another example of free traffic is folks take your phone review this and just talk about reviewing this product okay does that make sense

That folks as this product starts gaining prominence and people start searching for a review on it they’re going to see your blog po they’re going to look for a review and they’re going to find your blog post or your video reviewing these products does that make sense

And just to give you an example when folks look up my my training program the super affiliate system they look up super affiliate system review okay and they might say okay let me read a review before i spend a thousand dollars on john’s training program right because

Who wants to make a thousand dollar purchase and then be like oh man you know it sucks i should have known right nobody wants to do that nobody wants to do that with even 30 dollars right if you’re in africa nobody wants to do that with even five dollars i’m sure so

What folks do is they search a review and the folks that have been reviewing the super affiliate system right do very well and they get lots of sales okay because people want to see you know what is included in my training program what is he teaching what are the alternatives all the

Alternatives worthy you know he’s teaching native ads facebook ads google ads right they people want to know exactly what’s in it they don’t want to just go by like my word oh john’s a good marketer all this makes sense right all this makes sense okay any questions going to chat great i

Don’t know i don’t i don’t read russian bro you have to translate it to in my keyboard is so loud yeah it is through these types of services anyone looking to make fast money no such thing locally keep the economy up these types of systems obviously look for cheaper

Work what what are you talking about bro teddy bonzo there i i there a lot affiliate marketers the thing is it’s a power dynamic so you have to understand when entrepreneurship and anything where you’re working for yourself is is a power is a power dynamic meaning that let’s do this here

Right in the normal economy you have people earning ten dollars an hour right you have you know maybe 20 it’s it’s it’s like a line right you have some people earning 20 10 some people earning 20 some people earning 30 some people earning 40. in anything entrepreneurship related

The power law is that you have a lot of people not making money right and the problem with working for yourself is that there’s no game plan and then you have some people making millions of dollars hundreds of thousands of dollars a month or millions of dollars a year or what have you

Right so that is entrepreneurship that is sales baby right if you’re working for a wage yeah you’re you know you’re you’re going to get a steady income but you’re never going to grow you’re going to be earning ten dollars an hour one year and 12 dollars an hour

The next year i’m not going to talk about jobs here bro this is a waste of my time and everybody else’s time here okay let’s go further into uh so i talked about creation date sorting by creation date and we see what other products are on

Digi store we see health products we see a youtube a business opportunity product by matt parr very smart guy talking about how to how to get on youtube um we have wesley virgin how many folks here follow wesley virgin how many folks here follow wesley billion dollar virgin

Right this guy is a beast and his product is on digi store and actually his product is a um is how to make money right it’s a product about how to make money and as you see here his product is the fourth prop it’s the number four top

Selling product on clickbank who here watches wesley virgin come on come on come on put in billion dollar virgin in the in the chat because this guy is on fire bro and this guy is a crazy marketer he’s a very good salesperson marketer everything he’s got a good mindset about

Things a lot of respect for this guy and his product is one of the top products on digistore highly recommend you sell his product you see it’s uh it makes a lot of money he offers 80 percent commission he’s given 80 of whatever he earns away to

You for selling his product and um yeah you know there’s there’s there’s a lot of money there so another thing you’ll notice about digistore is there’s a lot of business opportunity products here right this is a crypto trading course which you can earn uh if you sell this you earn 285 dollars on

Okay we have another health product called steel bite pro we have another health product called sonus complete we have how to become a drummer right fat loss you know how to pick up chicks right or how to oh this is how to pick up men yeah this

Is a how to how to get a boyfriend product okay because there’s a lot of single ladies out there that are there’s a lot of who’s single in the house who has no girlfriend no boyfriend and is not dating and you know no girlfriend no boyfriend no husband no wife right

There’s a lot of single people out there folks and a lot of people are trying to figure out how to get in relationships because folks don’t know how and you can make money off of that how do you do that right start a youtube channel an instagram a

Twitter a pinterest uh uh a blog about how you can find a girlfriend or a boyfriend talk about relationships and then recommend that product we just looked at called his secret obsession okay or something like that people are single because you know people have all these crazy expectations

Or whatever i won’t go into it i’m single right but i’m not even dating okay um i just think the whole society is like so brainwashed right now by the media and you know it’s it’s it’s i won’t go in all my weird conspiracy you don’t want to hear it um okay

So let’s move on to um we’re gonna go back here we’re gonna go to the math to ten thousand dollars a month so what what product should we workshop for this would you like to should we choose a a a business a wealth building product or what i call biz op

Or should we find a health product which product should we talk about promoting here okay what product should we talk about promoting here wesley virgin’s product let’s do wesley virgin’s product wesley is my boy okay very smart marketer he’s very very kind of hypey sales approach but he’s a good marketer okay

He’s a good guy dude is like i don’t know dude has like 15 20 kids with like dude dude has like 15 to 20 kids all i’m saying okay okay so here we go we have 39.95 so we’re earning about 40 dollars commission from his product okay let’s see this let’s see this

Landing page neural mind hacks that make a thousand dollars per day jesus christ i just received another large payment of forty four thousand nine hundred nine that’s awesome okay so let’s check this out remove my character so here we have an earnings per sale of 39.95 we’ll enter that in

So in order to reach ten thousand dollars a month and this is how i do things in all of the marketing i do okay i backwards engineer and this is what we do in my training programs as well we backwards engineer from our target income okay we do we do marketing in reverse

In my programs right we backwards engineer from where we want to be and it’s there it’s it actually makes sense and i’ll i’ll go over you’ll see why okay because if we know that the earnings per sale is 39.50 and we want to earn 10 000 a month we need 250

Sales of wesley virgin’s product per month okay making sense so far now in order to get 253 sales per month of his product what we will need is we will need let’s let’s let’s grow this here a little bit we will need 2 500 people

Roughly to view a blog post we put out about his product or somehow recommending his product or we need two thousand five hundred people watching a video about his product okay again if we’re trying to sell his product we need about 10 times the amount of people watching it

Now it goes a little further if we’re going to send messages okay if we’re going to send messages and i have all the math kind of figured out behind the scenes here right you can you can check out my maths if you need to but what this if you want to do the

Messaging approach which is what i teach in my free traffic methods okay i have a lot of free traffic methods who here has watched my free traffic methods video if you have type in me if you haven’t type in i haven’t or no and i’m going to share the link with you okay

I have a ton of free traffic methods that i’ve talked about and that many millions of people have watched at this point you can reach targeted audiences a hundred dollars messaging people okay and if you want to watch those videos check them out i’m going to put the playlist link here free

Traffic methods okay now a number of these techniques are messaging methods right for example one of the methods we might do if we are trying to sell wesley virgin’s product is we might go to instagram and we might just message people who follow wesley virgin he has 1.2 million 1.2

Billion people following sorry not billion million and we can go here and we can find folks who have interacted with his videos and we can say you know i can say yo wait follow and we can message this guy okay tim henderson and we can say yo have you checked out wes virgin’s

Product yet it’s fire right it’s fire you see this you see this folks okay and then we go in here and we get our link and we copy it and we just post it into instagram or something like that right now again i change up the link a little

Bit there’s a lot of other stuff i like to do to make it a little bit better and i go over that in these free traffic method videos which you can watch okay does that make sense right somebody’s following wes virgin and they might want to buy his product okay very targeted approach

Very targeted approach so let’s get back here but again his product is a bit lower ticket but you would have to send 84 messages a day copy paste copy paste copy paste copy paste copy paste who here thinks they could manage copying and pasting 84 times a day

And i’ll just tell you the math on that it’ll take you about two to three hours okay that’s two to three hours of work okay two to three hours of work okay affiliate marketing is so easy it’s so accessible it’s unbelievable okay whether you are and it works in any

Niche and you can do it around the world and if you’re looking to make money if you’re in ethiopia and you’re broke if you don’t got a job if you got free time again i’m gonna say this do not be a freaking consumer do not be scrolling through tick tocks your brains are

Turning into putty okay you’re wasting your life just looking at other people’s lives okay you’re wasting your life living vicariously through somebody else okay post produce produce don’t consume produce messages produce ads produce blog posts produce videos produce instagrams whatever you do make money right don’t be the consumer here because

You’re the one getting tricked by tick tock you’re the one getting tricked by youtube by instagram by pinterest okay go out there and make some money let’s go further into this so that i talked about the message method right and add clicks and add audiences right if we were selling wes virgin’s

Product right another way we could target ads let’s say we wanted to put up an ad about his product right well it’s really easy right where can we find where can we find an audience size of 500 000 people where can we find that well one easy way

Is you can mark it on my channel you can buy ads on my channel okay 500 000 subscribers right and i’m not again things go more in depth here but you could advertise wes virgin’s product as an affiliate on his own channel right his 000 subscribers 500 did his channel go down

Why isn’t his picture there it’s weird right again affiliate marketing is about finding a targeted audience selling them the right product and the right messaging and you need to have all three things correct right the right product the right marketing message and the right audience and you’re in and

You make a lot of money you get one of those three things wrong and you don’t make anything get those things right you make a lot okay um okay does all of that make sense do i need to dive any deeper into this spreadsheet folks you understand how if

You want to make money and and frankly this applies to anything you’re doing in his entrepreneurship you should be backwards engineering yourself from the goal which is ten thousand dollars or whatever your target income goal is okay now if we do this for another product we could say let’s say we wanted to

Promote crypto okay oh and we want to promote crypto which pays us 285 dollars per sale a lot of people are interested in trading crypto right now i’d get my link right we have our link how to get rich with bitcoin if even if you have no clue about technology how

Many folks think they can find people that this message would ring very true with right there’s a lot of crypto there’s a lot of people looking to like just hop on the bandwagon of crypto right we could sell this we could sell this product here we could sell this product here

And we could be making 285 dollars okay folks now how many sales would we need let’s 285 dollars to get to that we would only need 35 sales per month okay how many blog views would we need 351 how would we promote this right well once again just going over

Traffic method this program is named crypto quantum leap and too many tabs open right how many other folks suffer from too many tabs um we would go here we might type in people that are considering buying this program just like they consider buying mine right they might type in something along the

Lines of crypto quantum leap review and we see here there’s literally nobody advertising on this people are asking already does crypto quantum leap work and what is this hey guys what’s up my name is elaine and today i’m here to tell you guys everything you

Need to know did this person have to buy the product before you actually buy this course so stick around until the end do you have to buy a product to have an opinion on it so many i get that question so many times from folks who have like so many

Mindset blocks they’re like well how could i sell something that you know i haven’t bought yet it’s like well look at your job dude you go to your job every day and you’re you’re involved in a company that’s selling stuff and maybe you haven’t bought every product a

Lot of people hate their job yet they still work there okay how does that make sense right you’re talking about selling a product that you’ve never bought yet you’re working a job where you hate the people working there and you think your company is crap right does that make sense

Why are you accepting money from a company that you don’t believe in why are you selling products at your store the company store you work at that you don’t believe in it’s not about whether you like it or not it’s a job we’re doing work here folks stop stop getting all emotional

Okay and you see this person here has done a review on this product and they have 325 views here okay on their video and they have a link an affiliate link to the program so anytime somebody buys right they make 325 now we can backwards engineer what this person is making

Right this is one of the first reviews on this product they posted it this month they already have 325 views okay they’re getting to their target income because the only and the and the psychology behind this okay this person is getting to their target income okay because they just went out there

And did a review look at this is this person showing their face is this person uh did this person necessarily buy the product they’re just talking about the sales page and they have an opinion and they happen to be the only person who made a video about this product

And they just did it crypto quantum leap review very targeted keyword on the product the only people searching for this keyword crypto quantum leap review are folks that are considering buying this product does the psychology of how this turns into money does the method of how to make money

Here is this all is it clicking for any of you of how easy this is but again the hard work is getting over your your fear of failure your fear of you know social you know people making fun of you and shaming you and just get off of this damn device scrolling

Through tick tocks and actually do the work okay okay i’m gonna check some questions here folks i’m gonna check some questions here um and let’s go into things okay let me see some questions yes making sense how do you calculate the numbers in excel i’m using google sheets which is free um uh

Yeah i just i showed that you know you can like stop the you can like pause pause that part and like check out the i double clicked it john love your content what’s up dubai yala yala let’s go um no need yes makes sense i can find

People they offer 700 who will buy it well obviously a lot of people are considering buying it it’s one of the top products i mean you have no idea how much money people are spending in crypto right now you have no idea how much money people are losing in crypto right now especially

Because people don’t talk about how much money they’re losing you target these high ticket sales i’m assuming you’re in a foreign country a lot of people there’s a lot of money in other countries dude i mean people in other countries have a ton of money and especially people

Working jobs are fun trying to find ways to get out of their jobs because there’s no growth and especially in america it’s like a slow boiling frog inflation is going crazy everybody’s earning less i mean they might be earning more dollars but the dollars are worth way less so folks are

Trying to find ways that they can earn money for themselves and the only way to do that is i mean a lot did you know that people spend forty thousand dollars a year to go to college yeah twenty thousand thirty forty thousand a year where do people get that sort of money

Ryan you’re asking me how can people afford five hundred dollars to get and call university is a scam colleges are a complete scam for 97 percent of the population that aren’t going into legal engineering or um yeah basically legal engineering or doctor degrees university is a scam yet people are paying

Tens of thousands hundreds of thousands of dollars to go to college and you have the audacity to ask me how do people afford 500 for a training product and how to make money in crypto which is the biggest booming industry i mean get your go out in the world get your what look

At the news dude like jeez these are bad questions does texting on insta work yeah it does how do you do the calculations yep he lost chant access to the channel the other day that’s sad oh man yes wasting more time watching more reels okay cool any other questions great i’m absolutely

Addicted to the dopamine i could spend producing yeah and you can get used to producing and just being a producer in general okay so we went over the math to ten thousand dollars a month now we’re going to go over oocys now we’re going to go over

Affiliate pages and how to use them okay so let’s go over here and we’re looking at um looking at let’s look at wes virgin’s product guys guys we gotta we gotta help west virgin out man he’s probably struggling with his youtube channel down we gotta make him

Some more money let’s make wes virgin some more money guys okay let’s go let’s go okay so he has a you know you can see a sales page he has so this little link right here is your best friend especially if you’re starting out in affiliate marketing and

Don’t have all of the ideas and don’t see the angles and you don’t have me right by your side you’re not in my training program for me to like help you and be like yo buddy like this is what you do right i don’t actually help people really one-on-one but uh

Well only whatever uh i do like some webinars with my students um the affiliate support page right here this is your best friend okay right here okay and we see here let me make my guy a little bit lower right you know best virgin’s the man right we got him right

There he’s sitting on his freaking bugatti or whatever he’s uh phantom rolls-royce ten thousand people click the green button to earn easy cash with the script right if this script doesn’t work i will pay 300 this guy is a salesman bro okay um let’s see what he has to offer okay

And so what he’s doing is here is information to promoting his program okay he shows you to sign up he gives you email swipes so if you have an email list right you have all of the emails to send out you don’t even need to think of what to write an email again

Why why would it give you all the email swipes right or all this stuff what isn’t doesn’t this make it super easy you just have to collect email addresses and send this and you’ll make money it is that easy but most of the world is so they don’t do anything most people just

Don’t do anything i don’t know how to explain it 99 of people or 95 percent of people that watch this video won’t do anything okay these emails are copy paste right he’s got youtube and facebook and youtube ad creatives remember folks i said we we already know we already have an

Idea of where we target right you could target my channel you could target west’s channel with ads oh you know what these are not there was an error there uh oh i think what well wes’s account went down yesterday so that’s probably what’s going on

Okay but he gives you a lot of this stuff and they give he gives you a lot of resources i showed off my um my my affiliate page the other day i i have i give more information on how to promote my affiliate program than anybody else in the entire industry

Right i have tons of facebook ads that you can use i give folks the exact demographics of where to target i give folks the best countries to target your ads to i give folks email swipes i give folks message scripts i give folks everything give folks banner ads right free traffic methods etc

Right so it’s about producing not consuming and a lot of these products have a lot of these products have affiliate pages that we can see here for instance if we wanted to pro promote this keto meal plan we can go to the affiliate support page and also they will give us

They show what other affiliates are earning from selling their product you see here’s here’s some earnings of other affiliates right this is showing i think this is their own account right here that they’re showing how much money they make every single month they make you know six hundred

Thousand three hundred three hundred to six hundred thousand a month with this product okay and they give you a lot of information here okay click here to access our affiliate materials and we would type in our name here john And you’ll see they give you let’s let’s see here they show you the funnel and they just give you additional information of what to do you know what what to write your free keto recipes they give you downloads that you can use to promote it you can offer a free ebook right how

Many folks think offering free keto recipes would help sell a keto meal plan product right how many folks think that well they give it to you right and you can use this you don’t even need to create your own recipe book they give it to you right

They allow you to get their landing page okay let’s see what landing page they give you right i’m let’s go in um let’s check out the landing page they give us add funnel okay so you see we’re downloading the landing page right away right they give us a landing page they

Give us a free ebook they give you facebook ads to run right they have the docs they have the creatives they give you everything to promote this okay they give you the ads copy paste right they give you videos you can download okay when you know where to look

Life is a lot easier right when you know where to look how many folks knew that this this much information was out there to help you in affiliate marketing how much folks knew there was this much support but they just you just didn’t know where to look

And all of these products have affiliate support pages okay all of these products have affiliate support pages to help you sell except crypto quantum leap sorry guys but that’s such a hot niche right now they don’t they don’t even care because crypto’s just selling like insane okay

Is that all making sense is that helpful does that help you do you think this will help you more in affiliate marketing yeah how many folks here didn’t know right type in me type in me how many folks had no idea all this stuff was out there all this stuff to help you

Okay because again the thing with affiliate marketing that’s really cool is that you know and i i teach affiliate marketing and for you know a lot of these free traffic methods right folks i’ve paid out over five million dollars to my affiliates five million dollars

Or if i was wesley virgin i’d say five billion dollars right no but i’ve paid out five million dollars to affiliates because affiliates have you know and i’m incentivized to help my affiliates sell you know it’s just it’s it’s as easy as that because we’re both earning money

Right and that’s why i came out with so many of these free traffic videos because when i teach when i just open my kimono and i teach all these methods right to make money my affiliate’s earning money and i’m earning money okay makes sense so it’s it’s and that’s the great thing

About affiliate marketing you’re in business with people right you’re in business with people i talk with my top affiliates we get to know each other right like hang out at conferences and like have beers together and stuff okay like email people we text whatever you know all that stuff

Right and as you start getting into affiliate marketing and start earning sales for companies you’ll have companies or product owners or people like west virgin reach out to you and say yo man you’re crushing it what’s going on let’s talk i want to help you out right because you’re both making money

It’s like a partnership okay um let’s go we talked about affiliate page and how to use them uh now we are um what the hell um we talked about some traffic methods okay we talked about a number of um we haven’t gone over a ton of traffic

Methods we went over num we went over a couple but what we saw here is that there’s you know even the affiliate programs themselves they give you a lot of information on how to actually uh on how to promote okay and we see here they give us facebook

Ads right they give us facebook materials and we can also kind of backwards engineer what works to sell these products based on what is on the affiliate pages okay and from looking at this affiliate page what we from the affiliate portal here what we can learn about this is that they’re making money

People sending out emails with email lists but we can also assume that facebook ads is a great way to make money with this product we can also assume that youtube ads and that google search ads are great ways to make pro money with these selling these products okay

And email lists so we can tell the the top affiliates for this program are probably doing these traffic methods does that logic make sense right i mean we’re not a hundred percent sure here but would you say that’s a pretty safe bet and we can do this for anything we’re doing

And when you actually do the math and you backwards and you reverse engineer some of these uh where were we when you reverse engineer the product from how expensive the product is or how much you earn per sale and you go backwards from that point right 140 dollars

And you figure out how many sales you need to make and you figure out how many video views or how many ad clicks or what audience size you need to get to reach to get to your target income it’s a lot easier okay and that’s what we go over in my mentorship program

Um on this channel we talk about free traffic methods in my mentorship program it’s my video course and you work one-on-one with one of our one of my former students we have a couple of them who are earning uh five figures a month if you want to apply for that you can and

Paid advertising is not something that can really be covered in a even a two hour video okay my team helps you set up your ads your targeting your landing pages and what we do in my program because a lot of big things with paid advertising if you don’t want to be using

Your own youtube channel if you don’t want to be using your own youtube channel your own social media accounts the way you have to do that is advertising and to do advertising basically you know it’s it’s it’s a it’s a whole different setup right and it’s a bit more advanced and

You have to work with ad networks and there’s a lot of ways you can lose money doing that um to do advertising you need to have your own landing page that’s what i was going to say and what we’ve done is we’ve built our own software i know a number of people

Have asked about does my software have a standalone uh uh does it have a standalone version no it doesn’t but we have a lot of landing pages in here built to sell and this is how we are so successful and as you notice we have a lot of focus on

Health health and wellness because those markets are so big this is a landing page for people interested in a hip flexor product right this is one for a keto product right this is another one for a keto diet plan this is a different offer right and then we’ve built sales videos

To better sell these products so that you don’t even have to do your own youtube videos or whatnot and that’s how our program works and we test all this stuff in-house um okay questions questions questions let’s go over questions let’s go over um my uh

I’m going to end this not too long okay we’re going to talk about how to track sales um advanced tracking next but i’m going to check the questions i want to make sure everybody’s on point and we’re all everything’s making sense um okay solomon i don’t know what to say

Um if we share the link on digistore of the best niches you suggest and want to share in a blog how can i best seo for rank please suggest seo is its own thing bro i mean the bet what i showed was let’s find this guys i have too many tabs open

How many tabs do you have open on your computer right now i’m just wondering how many tabs do each of you all have open on your computer or on your phone okay i suffer from too many tab itis there’s our advanced stuff um where is this okay so we searched crypto quantum leap

Review right so 70 oh this is really fun guys everybody post how many times you have open so how to best seo is one thing is to actually be the only one ranking for the keyword okay as uh oh wait let me get my obs studio over so as we see here

This keyword is a powerful keyword right there are already people ranked for this keyword wordpress bible plugin review but as we see for this keyword nobody is ranked and that’s why i was talking about finding products that were recently created because if a product was recently created literally you have zero

Saturation so it’s easy to seo for this keyword because nobody’s ranking for this specific keyword right this is something on wordpress about bible reading but it’s not wordpress bible plug-in review okay let’s zoom in on this right this is not exactly this whereas if we were to look at crypto quantum leap review

Right there are already people on this keyword okay crypto quantum leap work right see we have crypto quantum leap reviews and is ranked number one but there’s a number of people that are at that are already putting up blog posts on this keyword right crypto quantum leap review

Because this is it’s just it it’s it’s a big money keyword right you can make a lot of money i showed you this person making you know this person based on our maths is at that ten thousand dollar a month level okay because they’re the number one ranked thing for this

So if there is competition how do you get ranked in this mix of all these people searching for crypto you know for this keyword crypto quantum link review it takes a lot more work dude yeah you have to search you know just search how to seo but it’s a whole art and science

There’s a lot of people searching on google and it’s it’s uh and it takes a long time okay it takes a long time it’s a whole it’s a whole thing because there’s millions their keywords worth millions of dollars a year if you can rank for them literally there are keywords worth

Millions of dollars of affiliate commissions per year if you can rank for them so there’s a lot of competition i don’t i’m impatient i don’t like slow ways of making money so that’s why i have always focused on advertising and being up here because why

In my mind why learn to be a specialist and try to get free traffic when i can just instantaneously scale and get to the top okay that’s why i like advertising and when you can figure out when you know a little bit of math second grade math second grade arithmetic and multiplication

And you can find those pockets where before you even start advertising you know you can spend a dollar to make two it’s a good situation right and i’m not saying every single advertising campaign i do wins but i start from i start i start from the finish line

Because i already have all the math figured out very simply and this is what we do we have a lot of worksheets in my program we have a lot of kind of like excel spreadsheets we work with our students on so we can figure out those situations where we could spend one dollar

To make two or at least have a chance of a good chance of doing so okay does that make sense i’m going at a completely different approach whereas the typical person getting into entrepreneurship and marketing they’re typically going about it and they’re just kind of like

They have zero plan right they have zero plan they have zero idea they have zero understanding of anything they say i’m gonna write a blog post right or i’m gonna but they don’t know what keyword they’re going for they don’t know how many people search for that keyword and there’s easy stuff

To reverse engineer all this stuff uh all these things if you know where to start right start at the finish line it’s unfair and i like unfair advantages okay let’s keep going um affiliate pages are your friend oh wait this is uh okay let’s go into the tracking

John why can’t i pay for your super chat what do you what do you want to say dude just say it i don’t want people oh the reason you can’t pay for my super chat is because uh i got like competitors like or just like basically i got like

People that are like competitors like posting on there right and i’m just like i i don’t need the money right i like youtube is not like a thing that makes me money so it’s just uh i don’t know i guess it’s like interaction we’re in lockdown like crazy

In california dude it sucks everybody’s all scared of one another it’s so annoying california is so annoying right now okay so advanced tracking and this is exciting so here is the area for advanced tracking now what is so exciting about digistore is digistore this is a huge advantage above and beyond

Most affiliate networks is they allow postback pixels and they make it really easy to do post back pixels now post back pixels are an advanced marketing thing and this is i just love this okay so you go over here to account and you’d click post back hold on um sorry folks technical air

Let’s let’s re-log in let’s get in here getting old i’m having these technical errors here folks what’s going on so we have postback integration now this allows us to track natively in facebook right you could put our facebook pixel here and we would copy and paste our facebook pixel id

Into these areas there’s help guides for how to do all of this stuff you can test the connection which is great one of the things that i’ve that’s important when you’re doing affiliate marketing is to know that your tracking is working between not just tracking sales on the affiliate network

But that you are sending that information back to facebook or instagram or youtube or your click track or if you’re very advanced because what you can do especially with advertising this doesn’t really apply to free traffic methods but what you can do is you can train google youtube facebook instagram

By sending them sales data back you can train them to understand who the customers are who the people are that are buying your product as opposed to just clicking and their artificial intelligence machine learning their algorithms as you feed them more data usually it takes about 50 to 100 sales

They need about 50 to 100 data points right that’s what they call it data points facebook and google start learning who the customers are that actually buy a product and that’s what’s amazing is once you pack them with 50 to 100 data points of who you want

They’ll start to give you more of those people and it’s insane their algorithms their machine learning are absolutely amazing um so that’s what digistore allows you to do with these different postback pixels okay and you can plug in with your click tracker this is a more advanced thing so you can

Take your post back pixel if you’re using volume and if you’re interested in using a click track or like volume right i take this it’s what i do um let’s do us postback we would click add postback connection volume poke back this is some advanced stuff folks

We put our postback url in here we pre replace click id you’d have to know how to do you have to know what to put in here and then you you go okay and this is where you go like this right see we did sorry we replace this

And then we’d go in here and we do the payout amount okay product name and then we do whatever and we replace these in here okay or whatever the currency is and then we have our post back in place and we make money okay and we have the data going between all

Of the different systems and we can train these computers we can train these advertising networks to feed us back more customers automatically and that’s the beauty of paid advertising that’s sort of an advanced thing i’m i’m did this go over everyone’s head right is this a little too advanced right

But this this this is the stuff where we can train the computers right we can use digistore with all their integrations to train our advertising networks to actually give us more customers right and you get to that level and you know that that that’s i mean you just make a ton of money

Right this is what the advanced marketers are doing so let’s go over there is that cool right let me know if you want to see more advanced stuff let me say let me know if it’s like that’s too much right just say that’s too much or if you have any questions or

Clarifications let me know okay folks feels great let me see what’s going on in the chat i’m going to look at some last questions um you tend to start okay great thanks rahul sin for the question i tend to start promoting one offer but end up focusing on multiple products which

Results in me getting no sales any tips for newbies do you recommend sticking with a single product yes and yes a tip for a newbie is i mean discipline is something i can’t force right i can’t force you to be disciplined i would encourage you to start assets

Right start a blog post start a facebook group okay if you’re going to move around in different uh if you’re going to move if you lose focus fast keep at least one thing focused okay maybe you’re focused on a particular product like you are focused on maybe the top product on digistore which

Is um this metacore right this product or whatever okay maybe you’re focused on this but instead of trying out a bunch of different products try out a bunch of different traffic sources start a facebook group start a linkedin group you know one day you set up a facebook

Group and you set up automations for posts for the next 30 days next day you start a linkedin group and you can use some of the same automation some of the same messages for that facebook group on the linkedin group so now you have groups that are running in the keto diet niche

Put up a youtube video put up put up another youtube video put up a pinterest video and the thing is if you are producing content consistently even if that content is you know maybe a facebook page with a bunch of automated posts again the next day you’re doing a

Linkedin page with a bunch of automated posts for the next month or two the next day it’s your you know it’s a blog post the next day’s a video next date’s a pinterest with a bunch of automated posts for the next 30 days right you’re building your building and

You’re producing content and that content it’s still there even after even as you keep jumping around on traffic sources okay but you need to be focused on something okay whether that’s a product or whether that’s a traffic source the other way you can go about things is you can say i’m only

Marketing products on facebook okay and you just focus on facebook so one day you set up a facebook group around this product metacore and you set up automated posts to go out the next 30 days the next day you set up a facebook group about the ultimate keto plan and you set

Automated posts to go out the next 30 days the next day you set up a facebook group about tube mastery and monetization and you set up automated posts the next 30 days right so either way you’re stacking and that content is going to live forever and your affiliate links will be there forever

And slowly after 30 days of putting up facebook groups and marketplace listings and what have you for 30 different products what you’re going to end up with at the end of 30 days is you’re gonna you’re you’re gonna have some you’re gonna have stuff out there

And all that stuff that’s out there all that content it’s still producing because you set automations you scheduled posts does that make sense and does that help but again you have to decide right you have to decide not to jump around okay how many products are you allowed to

Promote you can promote any number of products you want you can earn any number of money you want okay you can earn any money it doesn’t it’s not like you can’t post links right it’s a link right it’s copy paste how could they control you copy and paste in the link okay

Okay thank you rahul good good great great by the way i just want to congratulate rahul on asking a specific question that is not googleable okay rahul asks a very good question right if you say what are free traffic methods right or or how you know i have videos on that

Right you say how do i do seo that’s not a good question right because there’s videos on that but rahul asks a very good question because it’s something he couldn’t find anywhere else okay and that’s the sort of stuff you want to get into that level and when you’re at

That when you’re at that point when you’re starting to ask really good questions it means you’re close it means you’re very close okay how can i get more detail can you give me more detailed video on your channel right that’s not a specific question yes i can give you more detail

This is a spider jacket right you don’t know it’s not a specific question do you mind looking at the questions i ask i have to go in a minute but i will try to find how do you keep motivation when you don’t have sales that’s your problem right it’s emotional

Right uh how do you keep motivation when you’re making ten dollars an hour right and you have no hope you know you just do it yourself right drink coffee or something right i don’t know whatever go to the gym i mean going to the gym is really good a

Lot of people here are depressed because you don’t work out enough right go to the gym an hour a day you know or an hour every other day right a couple times a week you know go to the gym guys i mean gals you know

You know you do cardio or the gym or whatever you want but guys go to the gym right we’re not meant to just sit around all day get out there go to the gym for an hour a day that’s motivation your whole mentality changes if you’re just working out moving your body okay

Um how can you go detail blah blah blah blah blah um how many products are you allowed to promote on digi store i said anything um okay sorry i want to put blah blah blah call your bank why can’t i pay for super chat i already addressed that okay

Cool will this video be available afterwards yes the replay is available how to find the really successful funnels that convert you look at the top products you and and you literally find i mean what i do is i literally find affiliates that are already promoting

The product so what i might do is i might already find affiliates that are promoting west virgin’s product i’d already find affiliates that are promoting metacore and i’d copy them and maybe so i’d instantly be making sales right that’s and that’s the really big

Trick is i j i don’t even i don’t even you know they get a lot of information i literally find affiliates that are promoting this i find what keywords they’re on what audience they’re they’re targeting what their ad copy is and i copy them because even if i’m paying a penny more

Per click or a penny more to reach the audience or penny more per view i know i’m already getting sales so no matter what this is why i’m almost always successful right because no matter what i’m starting from what already works and i backwards engineer from the affiliate but i’m not

Going to go too deep in that that’s a much longer discussion folks it was great seeing you today we have a lot more to go over a lot of exciting stuff um i’m going to be doing more live streams make sure you subscribe make sure you like this video make sure you

Go hoorah if you’re excited let’s go um and any folks if you’re interested in uh joining the mentorship program or whatever if you want more information on that i didn’t really have time to go over that um here’s a link in the description if you want to get the click

Track or i used check out volume there’s a link in that in the description if you want to join digi store right uh i will put a link to that in the description and let’s go let’s have a good weekend great seeing you all see you on future

Live streams let’s keep this up i’m going to be looking for some moderators soon uh we’re going to start a really cool we have a discord channel with uh 15 000 members but i definitely want to work a little bit closer oh wait this isn’t even oh wait did you

I put in the wrong digi store link folks sorry um but i am going to be looking for some moderators soon i want to kind of grow you know focus a little bit more on the community uh here and um remove there we go and yeah you know just help people out

We’re gonna we’re gonna i have some cool stuff coming up we have some cool new sheets you saw the new sheet we had today the income worksheet we’re gonna be expanding on these resources just to help folks uh get to their get to their goals and i’m you know i’m excited about

Education i’m excited about helping people so i look forward to you guys going out there and succeeding produce don’t consume go outside work out get active get strong look good clean your room your room is a reflection of your life your house or your apartment is a

Reflection of your life go clean that stuff folks it’s a reflection of your mind if you’re living in a messy spot your mind’s going to be messy if you want to be more focused go clean everything make everything nice come home to some place you could be proud of dress nice smell

Nice put on some cologne each day and smell good look good go talk to a stranger give a compliment to somebody you’ve never met before go go you know pray you know recite everything you’re thankful for talk to your god enjoy enjoy your family this weekend do whatever

Go and go make a ton of money dude and live your best life okay i’ll talk to you again all again soon we’ll have more live streams we’ll have another live stream next uh next week i’ll talk to you guys soon have a good one all the best bye

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