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You put your credit card in online, some random hacker isn’t gonna steal it. That’s EXPRESSVPN dot com slash BASEDZEUS Now let’s do it. #1 Don’t refer to it as a shit test, or even think of it like you’re taking a test.

A shit test, is a term that pick up artists use to describe a scenario in which a girl says or does something to test you and see whether or not you’re really a confident, and cool guy.

For example, if you’re at a party or a club with a girl that you just met, and she says “Oh wait for me right here, I’m gonna go check on my friend, I’ll be right back.” More often than not, she’s testing to see whether or not you’re a guy of abundance,

Or if you’re a clingy, needy loser who’s ACTUALLY gonna stand around there waiting for her in the exact spot. Newsflash, you’ll be waiting all night. When a girl does this you should immediately go and talk to other girls, regroup with your

Friends, or do whatever else you feel like doing, and if you see the girl again afterwards, then it’s appropriate to talk to her and continue the interaction but by no circumstances should you wait for her. Now this is the advice that most pickup artists would tell you, and it’s actually pretty

Good advice, BUT, it’s half-baked. The concept of shit tests is half-baked and quite honestly, a bad term because it makes it sound like you’re taking a test and if you pass the test then you win the girl. This is the opposite frame of mind you want to be in.

You want to be in an abundance frame of mind, and actually see interactions with girls as YOU screening HER to see if she’s cool enough to invest your time into. You don’t want to be running around focused on passing all these tests and jumping through hoops just so you can “win the girl.”

Pickup and dating are really a means to an end. The whole point is to find someone or a few someones you’re really into, and you enjoy spending time with because they’re a good added supplement to you’re already awesome life.

The ultimate goal is to become the ultimate and best version of yourself that you’re not trying to win any bitch, you’re trying to see if she is worthy enough to win another few minutes with YOU! The most common way a girl will shit test you is by teasing you.

So like if you mention to her that you like watching anime then she might say something like “Oh wow didn’t realize you were a nerd.” When girls pull these on me I don’t even see these as tests.

When I’m with a girl or anyone really, I’m just having fun so I react in a way that’s fun for me, I’m not focused on testing for anyone. But for those of you not on the godly level that I’m at yet, then here are some options.

Side note: once you are a truly confident guy these will just be second nature to you, but if you’re still young/learning you can just memorize some good responses and use them as needed. Option 1: Ignore it and talk about whatever you want.

You can tell a story, ask a totally unrelated question, or whatever. Option 2: Brush it off for a second and then lead the conversation into whatever other direction you want. Option 3: Ask her a related qualifying question.

So if she called you a nerd, you could say something like, “Oh that must mean you don’t think you can handle someone as intelligent as me.” Option 4: Look at her in a half-joking condescending way like it was a poor attempt on her part,

From there, she’ll usually switch directions and ask something else or start to explain herself. Option 5: Exaggerate it and tell her how you absolutely love dressing up and cosplaying as your favorite anime characters and how you go to conventions every weekend and exclusively watch hentai porn.

This works because she’ll see that you’re joking and it’ll show her that you’re not there to audition for a bitch. And if you are actually watching hentai porn or any porn for that matter then make sure you’re using our sponsor ExpressVPN to keep all your data and browsing private from hackers,

Your nosey mom banging on the door telling you to hurry up in the bathroom and asking why it’s taking so long, and everyone else who needs to mind their business about what porn you watch and why hahaa. Option 6: Joke about it.

You could say something like, “Yeah I’m actually having an anime marathon with all my friends this weekend, I’d invite you but no girls allowed.” And Option 7: If you’re in the moment and you forget all this shit like you probably do with most advice, just do whatever you want.

The only point to remember is to not let it affect you or make you uncomfortable, because you’re not a desperate loser auditioning for her, you’re a guy who’s just there having a good time. So just do whatever you want to do that isn’t « stand there looking uncomfortable » or being defensive about it.

Being defensive about it is another sign that you’re auditioning for her like you’re on American Idol. Saying shit like « i mean im not really that nerdy i usually only game on weekends and for like an hour or 2 at a time ». Holy fuck bro, grow a pair! And that my friends is it.

I know this was really just one tip with 7 options within that 1 tip BUT what’s more important than getting a bunch of short obvious tips like all the other channels do is understanding the philosophy and mindset that drives successful interactions with women.

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Zeus out.

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