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Tesla vient de choquer le secteur de l’énergie solaire et il est important de se méfier des nombreuses escroqueries dans le secteur de l’énergie solaire. Apprenez la psychologie…

There are so many scams in the solar industry and I cannot wait to go through all of them in this video we’ve also got breaking news from Tesla in regards to what they’re doing with solar how they’re eliminating some of these scams and then I’ll also talk about whether or

Not you should buy Tesla stock because after all this is news that makes you money what could be more American than spending a zero money saving money and being green well having solar panels has been the epitome of exactly this for at least the last ten years as companies

Like Sun run and Vivint run around knocking on your door closing a deals but there are some very important scams that you need to be aware of if you’re ever considering solar thinking about buying a property with solar or you just want to know whether or not you should

Buy Tesla stock just a heads up I’m really excited about making this video because I’ve been wanting to get all of this information out for years and the only place I’ve been talking about it which is the place I talked about invent almost all my feelings is in the real

Estate investing course which is linked below and remember you can get 20% off until August 20th using a coupon code short Redfin scam number one really sets the bar pretty dang low for how sleazy the solar industry can sometimes be see as with any good scam it usually starts

With something that involves zero money out of pocket and you simply signing a contract but don’t worry you have three days to cancel that contract except nobody ever does as a result we get into thirteen scams and you usually don’t find out until it’s too late solar companies will generally say we

Won’t put a lien against your property in fact here’s a quote from Vivint solar to be clear Vivint solar does not has not will not and cannot ever jeopardize its customers home ownership Vivint solar does not take a lien on a customer’s home under its agreements and

This is really just a bunch of Fugazi magical language because whether you call it a lien or you call it what it is you CC one that gets recorded against the property that you own when you take out these solar agreements when you go to sell title companies will not let you

Sell the property until you’ve cleared up your liens like loans or other debts or these contracts that the solar companies record against your house so they do the same thing they prevent you from selling the house without going through the terms of the contract so basically the solar companies do exactly

The same thing they say they’re not going to do they say we won’t put a lien on your house yet they literally basically put a lien on your house and that sets up the solar in the street for being quite a bit slimy but let’s get

Into the other scams scam number two is solar companies oftentimes sell these leases or power purchase agreements under the premise that oh well if you need to sell your house don’t worry we’ll just transfer it to the buyer well guess what I happen to be a real estate

Broker and I happen to have to deal with these crappy lease contracts and power purchase agreements all the time let me just make this very clear your buyer does not want to take your dumb contract for an improvement that was made to help you save money on energy here’s a

Perfect example I was selling a house in Ojai California where two home owners were living and working from home and had a spa they’re using about 250 dollars of power per month for their case Solar made sense they would have saved money if they stayed there and kept using the panel’s the contracts

Made sense they don’t always have to be bad even though yes I’m being a little bit negative towards them the reason though is when it came time to sell they were under the impression that it would be easy to transfer to a buyer but now we get to millennial buyers that work

For LinkedIn and all of a sudden wait a minute they’re barely home their electricity bills only like $30 a month they don’t want the contract and the buyers cancel the deal this happens more often than you would think it sounds easy to say oh we’ll just transfer the panels to the buyers the

Problem is most buyers don’t understand contracts that previous sellers have entered into and bottom line is anytime something gets complicated or normal buyers don’t want it buyers don’t want to inherit your crappy abnormal contracts hey what what’s normal keep in mind the solar contracts are based on your usage not necessarily the buyers

Usage scam number three is okay well if you know the buyers don’t want the panel’s no problem you could just prepay for the contract well don’t confuse prepaying the contract with buying the panel’s see usually early in the contract you’re not allowed to actually buy the panel’s you have to keep paying

The lease or power purchase agreement to like Vivint solar or Sun run and so what happens when they say is well you could prepay the contract all they’re actually saying is all of the money that you’re supposed to pay us over the next 20 years with the annual increases that

We’re going to be charging you and all of our future expectations of of credits and benefits that we’re going to get from having these solar panels if you want to prepay those 20 years of payments now we’re owed you could do that right now but after those 20 years

We’re gonna come pick up our panels because even though you prepaid the contract there’s still our panels in other words a lot of sellers end up getting cornered into the question of do I want to sell the house and pay $20,000 to remove the solar panels or do I just

Cancel the deal and try to find a different buyer who’s willing to take the panels but then end up selling for a lower price most often oh and if you decide to prepay the contract don’t think you’re getting any of the tax credits that come along with buying

Panels either scam number for the solar company say well you could just move the panels to another property that’s great but if you’re moving you better be moving to a property that has equal or greater sun exposure because if not the solar company will just flat-out deny

Your ability to move the panel’s to another property in another example I had homeowners considering moving the panel’s but they were moving to Washington which happens to have a little bit less sun exposure than Southern California needless to say they weren’t able to transfer the panel’s scam number five solar companies will

Oftentimes over size of the panels that you actually need the argument is oh hey your usage will probably go up in time right you might want to add an electric car or keep that spa running a little longer so they’ll usually sell you more panels than you actually need

When in reality it’s much much easier to just take a smaller system and if you need more in the future add panels at that time but signing up for a 20 year lease or a power purchase agreement with a larger system than you need eliminates a lot of the benefits of

Having solar in the first place the rule of thumb I use is if your power bill is more than $200 per month you’d probably benefit from having solar unfortunately a lot of people’s power bills are less than $200 per month and they’re not benefiting from having solar

Bring them in to the lower tiers of power but installing more solar than you need is totally dumb and that’s where scam number six comes in a lot of solar companies will say well hey if you generate more power than you need you can sell it back to the grid you can

Sell it back to the utility company because you’re generating electricity now well that’s wonderful except you’re paying usually around 17 cents per kilowatt hour for the power that you’re paying for from these solar panels and when you give those back to the utility company they’re usually only paying you two to

Four cents so you’re losing 13 to 15 cents per kilowatt hour that doesn’t make sense it never makes sense to oversize your system in fact you should never want to zero out your bill because the electricity from your local utility company is usually cheaper in the initial tiers than what your Solar can

Produce Solar makes a lot of sense when you’re going from expensive tiers like 30 40 cents a kilowatt hour down to your solar generation that makes a lot of sense well fine then we’ll just buy the solar panels and you know what we’ll take advantage of 0% for 18 months free

Financing on the solar panels well this tends to be a scam as well see when I bought my solar panels I paid about $21,000 for my solar panels my father-in-law bought a similar amount of solar panels and took advantage of no interest financing on the solar

Panels for one year they called it good as cash and it makes sense you look at it you go okay this is what the price is and if I can pay that in a year why wouldn’t I do that I could invest the money in the meantime

Make a profit and win that’s perfect it’s brilliant it makes sense of course why would you not do that well when I sat down with the solar sales rep to buy my panels I asked them and said oh okay so you got that free financing for a

Year that’s great hey question for you how much is it if I were to just write a check right now which a lot of you know I’m a big fan of the home equity line of credit so I just took it out of my home

I could you a line of credit but anyway I asked hey how much if I just pay cash for it now and originally he had a pricing sheet in his hand which had all the goodest cash prices and he goes oh well if you’re gonna pay cash hold on

Puts the paper away grabs out another piece of paper from a different folder these are our cash prices there was like a 1,500 to 2,000 dollar difference somewhere around eight to ten percent difference in the price if you paid cash instead of doing the good as cash

Financing like ah oh my gosh I feel so bad for my father-in-law he got screwed I don’t like 1500 to 2000 dollars now I mean it’s a good learning a lesson you know maybe he’ll leave a comment on this video and say hey you know what I’ll be

The guinea pig so everybody else can learn but it’s frustrating because it just seems like you get screwed no matter which way you go scam number eight when you lease a solar system or you do a power purchase agreement you don’t get any of the environmental benefits or credits usually and look

Into this but generally you’re not going to get the big one the 30 percent energy tax credit see when I spend twenty-one thousand dollars on solar panels for my property and I pay for them in cash to get the best pricing I got a lot of panels they really helped me out it

Makes sense now I get to write off 30% of that and basically the government gives me a big fat seven thousand dollar tax credit when I go to file my taxes that’s awesome but if I least or did a power purchase agreement on the same-sized system usually I don’t get

That 30% tax credit the company doing the lease or power purchase agreement does good for them oh well now I’ll do some lease versus buy scenarios at the end of the videos so stay tuned for those because that’s when we’re gonna be talking a lot about Tesla number 9 this

Is probably my favorite scam the solar companies that are leasing or doing Power Purchase Agreements will maintain your system for the life of the contract folks I’ve sold solar contracts before as a general contractor the systems are designed to be maintenance-free and when bits or pieces of them fail they’re

Usually under extremely long manufacturer warranties anyway like the micro inverters that I have have a 25-year warranty on them they’re designed to be maintenance-free if they fail the manufacturer should take care of it anyway so the whole maintenance included argument is pretty dumb I’m telling you the solar companies they’re

Not coming over to wash the dust off the top of your solar panels and quite frankly you probably don’t have to do that anyway Solar scam number 10 the bait and switch which is basically look how great our customer services when you’re interested in becoming a new customer and then they

Switch you on over to the existing customer side where you sit on the phone for hours on end and you really can’t get your questions answered or your problem solved and thus you have the wonderful reputation that companies like Vivint or Sun run hat and look they’re

Not all bad but the reviews are a lot more mix than you would expect them to be scam number 11 the value of your house will go up if you have solar panels let’s just be real here if you’re leasing the panels or you’re doing a power purchase agreement the value of

Your house will go down usually by the cost it takes to prepay the contract or remove the panel’s so if you have a Vivint solar contract and it costs 20 grand to repay that system you can bet the value of your house is actually going down by about $20,000 take it from

A real estate broker in Southern California who deals with this all the time when clients call me and they say Kevin should we install solar panels I say only if you’re buying them do not do a lease do not do a power purchase agreement scam number 12 a lot of

Homeowners plan to keep these solar panels forever and that’s why they justify putting solar panels on their house because they figure well if I live here for ten years they’re gonna pay for themselves they’re gonna start profiting me money and that’s true that’s great but the problem is when you move out and

You put tenants into the property if you don’t sell the property which is what I recommend I always recommend you rent out your properties the tenants aren’t going to pay you much more in rent if anything more in rent because you have solar panels it’s too complicated for the marketplace to understand anytime

Something is too complicated you won’t get your money’s worth for it no tenant is going to look at your house and say well yours is renting for $2,800 everybody else is renting for $2,600 oh but yours has solar panels so it’s worth the difference tenants don’t do that

Math I know it sounds like they should and I know there are a bunch of efficient market hypothesis people out there it don’t work in real estate okay the real estate market is not efficient that is why wedge deals exist which we talked about in the course link below

The last scam and then we’re going to talk about Tesla scam number thirteen is that solar contracts like leases and Power Purchase Agreements oftentimes include payment escalator clauses that say your payment will go up about 2.9 percent every single year to just keep up with inflation the problem is it’s

Not up to that number it’s always that number so it’s 2.9 percent all the time and yet when we look at what inflation is now or last year we look and go whoa inflation was like 1.4 to 1.6 percent now it’s 1.8 percent 2.9 that’s just more profit for the

Solar companies now let’s talk about Tesla well Tesla once again has completely changed the game rather than having a complicated sales process Tesla’s come out and made it very easy for you to buy or lease solar panels now you might be thinking wait a minute Kevin you just spent a long time

About how much of a scam leases are yeah I’m gonna touch on that don’t worry if you got to buy all you have to do is pick small medium or large my opinion if you’re going to buy panels and start smaller you can always add more and

Remember my rule of thumb is don’t buy the panels unless your electricity bill right now is already over $200 if your energy costs are not more than $200 per month just don’t even consider solar at this point my rule of thumb if you do consider buying remember that you get

That thirty percent off when you file your taxes you don’t get them right away so if you need to pay seven thousand five hundred for a small or 15k for medium or 22k for large you have to pay for that now and then you’ll get 30%

Back later now when it comes to leasing this is where Tesla is making me really giddy inside because guess what they just announced Tesla announced that you can lease the solar panels and cancel anytime they literally just eliminated so many of the scams of the solar industry they gave Vivint solar and Sun

Run the big middle finger and they will literally transform the industry with this cheap inexpensive lease this is absolutely incredible love it now they will charge fifteen hundred dollars if you cancel so that they can remove the solar panels but fifteen hundred dollars is a whole lot better than pre paying

For the system and bottom line and Tesla is transparent about this $1500 they’re probably losing money by sending a crew to install the panels and then remove them if you cancel and pay the $1,500 so $1,500 to me breakeven or loss for Tesla but very very smart because it

Eliminates so much of the scam that goes along with the solar industry now should you buy or lease the panel’s my opinion all this leasing crap and the like cancel your contract anytime stuff is not a good idea if you’re planning on staying in your property for the first seeable future I

Highly recommend that you buy the panel’s the reason is simple if we quickly Google the amount of the medium-sized solar panels that you’ll finance – the 30% tax credit that you’ll get will see that fifteen thousand one hundred sixty two dollars for the medium – the 30% is about ten thousand six

Hundred dollars let’s assume a 5% interest rate and say that you’ll pay them off over eight years that means with principal and interest payments you are paying a hundred thirty-four dollars and you own the panels that means after this period of time the panels will be yours and they will generate free

Electricity for you until they go kaput probably in another fifteen or twenty years after that solar panels seem to have somewhere around a twenty five to thirty five year lifespan and then their efficiency starts to climbing although some panels are still around after 40 to

50 years it’s crazy but then if we jump back over to see what it costs to rent the medium sized solar panel system we see it’s the same almost $130 so in my opinion if you can figure out a way to pay for the panels and take that 30% tax

Credit you will end up having panels paid for and be in a much better situation in the long run and actually have panels that increase the value of your property by paying for these solar panels and not doing the same as cash kind of financing crap you will actually

Benefit from having solar panels but again only if your electricity bill is more than two hundred dollars per month right now so stay away from all of the scams that we just talked about don’t get screwed on solar instead spend the two hundred sixty four dollars join me

In the real estate investing car and learn how to make some money because that is the goal of my channel teaching you not just basic textbook finance crap that anybody can Google but actual solid actionable advice thanks for watching oh and I almost forgot to mention it should

You buy a Tesla stock in my opinion absolutely this is a massive game-changer to the solar industry and the amount of profits that are available in solar that are now going to shift from these Emme companies to Tesla in my opinion will be massive I think this is a

Brilliant move by Tesla I’m very impressed and very excited and it’s mostly based on my experience with the solar industry that I feel like most people don’t have but now that you watch this video you have my experience as well

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