Revue officielle 2023 est le meilleur vérificateur de plagiat et détecteur d’IA JAMAIS !!! il détecte si le contenu a été généré par un rédacteur IA. Essaie …

It’s called and they saw that I was talking about this kind of stuff and would I be interested in testing out their platform they were kind enough to give me 2 000 credits and in this video I’m going to share with you my results

I’m going to take content that I know is unique I know has been Rewritten by others and content that I know is 100 Ai and we’re going to see if this software can detect it so let’s have a look so here we are inside of the

Dashboard it’s very slick and clean I like the look and feel of it you can see I’ve got a brand new account I haven’t run any scans yet and I’m going to use the credits that I was lucky enough to receive to test out some different pieces of content so we’re going to

Click on new content scan now I’m not worried about plagiarism I just want to see if this can correctly detect AI so the first piece of text that we are going to test is this paragraph on Sushi this is from I got their chat AI to create this paragraph This is a

Hundred percent AI content we’re going to paste this in here and click scan now and let’s see this says 99 AI one percent original so that’s actually true well it’s almost true it’s actually 100 AI let’s do a new one and in this time we’ll use Jasper so I got Jasper to

Write a paragraph on the same topic let’s copy this and let’s come back and paste Jasper’s one in here and we’ll hit scan now and Jasper is a hundred percent AI zero percent original so that fared worse than open AI but to be fair it’s pretty

Much the same 99 and 100 is the same thing to me let’s click on new scan now this time I’m going to go over to one of my websites and I wrote this content myself so I know that this is a hundred percent me but let’s see what this

Software says we’re going to post it in here and we’ll hit scan now and we’ll see there you go 100 original and zero percent AI which again is true so this is proving to be a very accurate tool now I’m going to go and open up a

Word doc this is a piece of content that I know was written by an individual but it wasn’t written by me it was written by somebody that I hired to do research and write about it so let’s see how this fares let’s paste that in here and click on scan now

77 original 23 AI again I’m not really sure how it can determine this but that’s the result that it came back with and I’m going to take that exact piece of text and I’m going to run it through a quill bot which is a paraphraser so

I’m just going to paste that in there and we’ll leave it as simple we’ll hit paraphrase and quill bot is going to rewrite this we can see super quick now let’s copy the full text and let’s come back here so 77 original and 23 AI according to

This software for the original piece of content let’s do it again and let’s see what this says now this is using quill bot now again 99 AI a one percent original so just from these small tests this has been a very accurate tool and if you do use different AI tools to

Create your content or to help you create content and you’re worried that you may be detected and penalized in the future then may be something you would consider investing in and to me if originality.i can detect it then Google already has the technology to do so that does not mean

That you cannot or should not use AI tools to help you create content you just have to be a little bit clever about it and this is where too many people fall down and why you sometimes see the negativity online about these AI tools you still have to use them

Correctly a tool is only as good as the person using it you can’t just go to any of these softwares and say write me an article about how to grow organic raspberries and just copy and paste what it spits out everything needs a human touch you do need to do fact checking

Because sometimes these tools do provide things that are not factually accurate and many of them have limited knowledge of the world and events after 2021 so for certain industries and markets using these tools are not really going to be worth your while because you need to be

Right on top of the latest trends but for many other niches they’re really really good they do save you time they help you if you’re suffering from writer’s block they can take a piece of content and make it bigger and better but you still need that human touch to

Proofread it to fact check it and to add things manually as well and if you can do that then you should be good to go for the foreseeable future however running something through originality.i is going to be very very helpful I’m not sure personally whether there as a

Specific benchmark for example if it’s 50 original and 50 AI it’s going to be considered okay or whether it needs to be 60 40. I don’t think anyone truly knows yet but overall this has proved to be a very accurate test that I’ve run and it could detect AI from original

Content fairly well so again if you’d like to check out this tool there’ll be a link in the description