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Hi there you already know how important having a lot of content is but content is a pain to make whether you’re writing for yourself your clients or for google it is expensive and time consuming to create high quality content at scale but it doesn’t have to be that way with word

Ai all you have to do is enter a piece of content click a button and in seconds your content will be improved and multiplied taking you from one article to 2 5 10 or even hundreds of high quality and unique versions so how does word ai do this let’s take a look

Here i have a sentence and i’ll click the rewrite button you can see that word ai rewrote the sentence entirely from scratch everything is different it’s crazy was it the beginning of the sentence and is now being expressed as almost unbelievable at the end of the sentence

What word ai can do was change to word ai is capable of which completely changed the grammatical structure of the sentence and the clause talking about rewriting was moved from the end to the beginning in short everything about the sentence got changed while remaining high quality unique and true to the

Original meaning in one click you just multiplied your content as word ai is rewriting it will fix mistakes and improve your text as well here spelling was spelled wrong and got automatically fixed it also helped make the sentence simpler and easier to read so you can enter a first draft and word

Ai will help you refine and improve it if you want to rapidly scale your content production you can create up to 1 000 different variations from a single source article here we’ll have word ai create four unique variations each version is completely unique some are longer some are shorter and the

Different versions even have different numbers of sentences so whether you’re trying to get past writer’s block sell content to your clients or rank higher on google word ai will multiply your productivity but don’t take our word for it try word ai for yourself using our completely

Risk-free trial if you don’t like it you won’t have to pay us a single cent

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