Quand dire à quelqu’un que tu es transgenre

Hé, je suppose que j’ai l’air de me sentir en ce moment, alors excusez-moi pour mon manque de maquillage – je viens de me lever. Je viens de me faire larguer pour la deuxième fois…

Thirty-two hi guys yo I got a video for a while and something has happened this prompted me to make a video and it’s all about something something I’ve kind of touched on for and it’s really about when do you tell someone don’t you transsexual and it’s really just killing everybody today

Because I’ve just been dumped for the second time this year by somebody that I really liked who isn’t cool with me being trans and it’s just kind of it’s only the second time but it’s just sort of making me feel a bit like this is gonna keep happening or quite Wow no

Really I really like this guy like any man week ago and yeah sure like okay what’s the week but we’ve been on like a few dates yeah I just I don’t know maybe I expected things to kind of maybe I expected him to just say yeah that kind of really have

And it’s just tonight it’s just yeah it’s just like it’s such a thing to have to put up with you know you to meet somebody and they’re like really into you and you’re really into them you tell them when do you tell someone personally I think you should tell them before you

Have sex for myself I think you know if you meet somebody one-night stand then okay maybe something just happens quickly and I think then it’s kind of okay but I think for me I think I’m dating somebody very sitting because I want to happen before we I think you

Have to sell them before you sleep with them because even if they would have a good reaction then I think the fact that you tell them after that then they’re gonna be upset because it’s like well I can call it that but why did you not

Told me that you know so kind of depends how things going against you know if you go on quite a few dates before you get to that point you think maybe a little bit more time and you think things are going very quickly like it’s time I was

Like yeah I think things are going pretty quickly we really like each other this person I don’t so I guess it’s kind of like I wanted that I would have feel like that person’s have got to know me enough that they’re not just gonna make a quick decision judgment like they’re

Gonna think wow you know like right now I just feel like this is just gonna happen like every time and I’m sure I will meet someone he’s cool but I just really found with this guy

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