Présentation de Originality.AI – Pourquoi nous avons créé Originality.AI et qu’est-ce que c’est

Présentation d’Originality.AI Dans cette vidéo, je partage ce qu’est Originality.AI, pourquoi nous l’avons construit et comment il aide les éditeurs Web.

Hi uh today I’m going to share the story of why it needed to be built the problem that’s looking to solve um and and some a little bit about the team behind it um so my name is John Gillum I’m the founder of uh we built it

Uh uh plagiarism Checker and AI detector for serious content Publishers so not for Academia but for people that are out actively publishing content on the web with the sort of Rise of proliferation of AI content especially with chat GPT um you know we are very much Pro AI

Content however that decision should be made um by by Publishers um so if a writer wants to use an AI tool that’s great but I think that you know our belief had a regional originality AI is that the decision on whether or not to publish AI generated content should sit with the publisher

And not not the writer um so a little bit of a background um so I’m myself uh before originality uh I was the owner of a couple content marketing agencies that we sold uh when we were publishing sort of a mail you know millions of words a month

Um we ran into some limitations um on some of the tools that we were using specifically on the plagiarism checking um you know plagiarism Checkers have been around for a lot of years have had very small Evolutions um and most of the evolution was very much focused on the world of Academia um

You know which makes sense that’s the heaviest users of plagium checkers is Academia but we felt um that there was a hole that was missing for the the web Publishers so those of us that are that are publishing content on the web um you know we know

We know there’s a need that is currently being being unaddressed you know there’s no no Team Management uh a lot of the existing tools there’s no scan history so you you sort of trust that an editor hadn’t had scanned it versus being able to go back and and now you know trust

But but verify um and you know not being able to Auto renew credits was it was always a frustration that we we had so um that’s what that’s what uh originality the AI was built to solve um what where where it came from was was yeah our need for for a improved

Enterprise level plagiarism checker for Publishers that were pushing out a lot of content and then an AI detector to allow Publishers to make a their decision on whether or not AI content should be published on their web on their websites um so let’s get into a little bit of

Demo and some of the features um so we’ve built um just a little bit of the accuracy to where 94 accurate on chat GPT gpt3 uh three point and GPC 3.5 um able to enter URL so one of the features that we’re rolling out shortly is that

You’re able to enter URL and it will scan the entire site and then provide a table showing the the results we have a an API for AI detection and a Chrome extension to make detecting AI content extremely easy so let’s show sort of the base use case here of uh so here’s chat

TPT which you know everyone’s probably played with so here’s a piece of content and then come over to run a Content scan and so this was chat GPT generated content and then we’ll see it uh it detect it as Ai and that it was uniquely created so there will be no no

Plagiarism um so that showing you know confirmed 99 AI um and so that that and no plagiarism so that that’s the originality the AI web-based tool um the API um is also available and then there it’s smoothly integrated in with the Chrome extension so it’s the same account on

The Chrome extension as the web so you can use credits across across both and I’ll give you an example of how the Chrome extension works so here’s a Washington Post article that was generated by their own internal Ai and so in just a couple clicks you can then

Click to scan it for originality um and so this is now doing the scanning process so it confirmed it 98 98 AI you can also paste it into this editor so if you’re working in a a website where um right clicking is disabled or gives

You other options so Google Docs is a is one where that’s the case where it has its own custom custom um right-click options and so the same same result um confirming confirming it’s AI so that’s that’s originality to AI the team behind it um it’s myself and then there’s uh one

Support three developers um Spencer Hawes is a strategic investor and advisor in the business um and yeah it’s been a month since we sort of first release the beta version and then yeah excited to be sort of sharing it sharing it with a broader audience now and we’re always got a lot

Planned for 2023 and Beyond um the bulk site scans coming highlighting AI content is coming and yeah we’ve got a lot a lot more in the pipeline that we’re really excited about so if you have any feedback please test it out and let us know thanks

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