Pleins feux sur les employés avec Emily Chaffee – Responsable presse chez Web20Ranker

Emily est responsable du service des communiqués de presse depuis cinq ans. Son travail acharné et sa détermination ont joué un …

Hey everyone it’s chaz with web 20 ranker and i’m excited today because today i’m sitting down for an employee spotlight with emily chafee who’s our press manager at web 20 ranker uh emily uh she has been the press release department manager for the last five years i believe

Her hard work and determination has played an important part of the growth of the press department services all right emily so five years at web 20 ranker tell me about that so when did you actually start back beginning in 2017 i think jesse recommended me for an editor

Position because you guys needed an editor and then from there it just i wasn’t an editor very long it was nikki was involved with the seo department and we web 20 was picking up fast so i remember i was getting more and more tasks it was like every other day they

Were like here you can do this and i did good so you guys kept giving me more and then before i knew it i was just managing everything yeah you you helped transform that department you you actually helped build that you actually built that department so and the team that you ended up

Building and managing and leading helped build it further than that as well too but like that was you um which was awesome right and did you have any experience in in uh public relations or press or no not really i mean other than my english skills from like high school and

College writing but other than that no i was just working in retail basically that’s awesome so just like that level of being able to go into a new position and master it and then excel is is astounding um and that’s awesome that web20 has you and has has a a manager of

Your caliber so that’s really amazing and you did a great job by the way oh thank you definitely did uh again i i’ve watched you grow and evolve over those five years tell me about the team early on tell me help help ship paint the picture of how that press release department evolved

Uh well when i first came on i mean the press department was really mainly just me i think nikki was doing some and um courtney was there at the time doing a little bit we had a couple writers back then we didn’t need a whole lot

Um but i ran most of everything while we were still like slow enough that i could handle it all and then as we picked up and i needed more help we brought in you know we had a couple assistants here and there but it was usually just me and

One or two other people max for a while um i brought my mom in she obviously works for us still now she does a lot but now we’re at a team of 12 i think somewhere around that including our writers so we’ve come a long way for sure

Absolutely very cool and your mom mary yes she’s an integral part of that growth and development as well that was you you came on board right shortly after we acquired lct press uh service from it from local client taker we acquired their their little press service they had built and then

You came in shortly after that i believe and and helped evolve it into what it is today so which is over 12 team members by the way and you know with goals to expand beyond that we have a lot of cool growth initiatives if you will going on right now with the press

Including our own newswire and again you’re instrumental in helping establish and build that i imagine that’s the first newswire you helped build yeah definitely it’s it’s been fun challenges here and there but it’s definitely been fun it’s exciting to see like where everything is going and how

Much it just every you know we’ve done the newswire we’ve revamped the targeted media service there’s just a lot going on for press so absolutely so i do want to talk about a little bit of that uh on this on this call our newswire we’ll dive into that a

Little bit because that’s really awesome and it’s a long we we’ve been building that for 16 or 18 months now i think yeah it’s been a while and then some of the future stuff that we’re going to be doing with press into 2022 and beyond uh for anybody that

Watches this we can give them kind of that that road map and the vision that we have so the newswire we started built like i said we’ve been working on that so about a year and a half maybe almost two years and you work right with the developer or our software

Engineer don’t you i mean you help create features and uh tell me a little bit about that how is that experience been for you i mean it’s been fun there’s definitely there’s always something to do and different stuff it’s not like i’m sitting around doing the same thing all the time like

You know but i mean the development behind it has been you know we’ve had things that we’ve had to overcome and definitely um i’m not that technical so you know i’m trying to explain what we should do and how we should do it and helping develop the features to make the

You know our app so much better and you know we’re eventually going to spin up the white label instances for our agencies and that’ll be really cool so so working on software when you’re not like a coder or an engineer is a little daunting because you’re right like

You’re trying to because i i i don’t have those skills either right and you’re trying to explain what you need the functionality to be and then hoping that they can take and run with it in the right direction so creating little briefs and little little things like that on the more complicated

Stuff is is always a learning learning experience but it’s it’s coming along great um so anybody watching our newswire um it syndicates out to over 450 news outlets including uh in our if in our top line one including over almost a hundred google news news sites google news approved news

Sites and we guarantee inclusion in google news um and you you were you helped build all those different feeds we we have feeds going out to the google news sites we have a lot of affiliate news networks like abc nbc partners those type um we have uh regional and local and even national

News that we syndicate to in in total over 450 and we’re just adding more we continue to add more and more uh syndication options what are some of the big ones we syndicate to that that i missed was there anything um digital journal yeah digital journal is a good one yeah

And then frankly frankly’s network of all their uh all their affiliates the big named affiliates yeah the top ones yeah um and we’re a little different so we build our newswire a little different than a lot of the competitors too whereas a lot of them they’re always going to know follow your

Links that they send through their rss feeds we actually have options to do follow over 300 of those links um and that’s growing as well so you can get uh do follow links with ours which is a pretty cool from an seo perspective right um let’s see what else and then so the

Future of that newswire uh we have some new feeds being developed for 2022 i think yeah we’re working on that right do you wait is it three or four of those or it might be yeah there’s i think there’s four of them right because you have two of the

The networks that we’re working on and then we’re affiliates i think we’re gonna do we’re going to uh into 2022 we’ll have we’ll be having an option for voice search um so we’ll be able to get this the press releases syndicated out to uh like siri and alexa and all that um

We’re going to have newsmax as an option another premium level uh syndication partner and then several more google news approved news networks uh some of those niche are going to be very niche specific as well so in the 2022 you’re going to have more premium options and also more niche options

And the ability you mentioned uh the ability to white label with their own dashboard so that’ll be cool yeah that’ll be really cool so can you kind of because you know what it’s going to happen can you kind of tell them a little bit about what that looks like

Uh so basically they’ll you’ll get to you’ll get your own dashboard your own logins and you’ll be able to submit the press releases on your end and on my end it’ll just be our team will have to just check real quickly that it everything’s within our standards and then it we it syndicates

Out but you guys will be in charge of you know putting that content in rather than us yeah i’m there so you have that and that opens up bulk pricing then form as well they’re going to open up pricing that way uh so if you want to you you

Will use your own writing team now we’ll still have our done for you and our writing team at web 20 but for agency partners that do volume and don’t just want to do one or two here or there you know you’ll have your own syndication platform

Your writers and editing team can go in load up your own press releases for all your clients under your own brand uh your own white label portal uh the only thing we’ll do is we’ll do a final review before we release that feed out to the syndication networks

And then you’ll get the reporting back in your brand um completely white label would add a price there is i think there’s one or two competitors out there that do it are prices as good if not better and our network syndicates to bigger better more authoritative news network

For a very similar same price so i’m excited for 2022 with press releases i definitely am too let’s see all right let’s see um good interview by the way this is this has turned into a good call tell me a little bit about uh about working at web 20 the culture the

Stuff like that um i mean it’s fun i do i honestly i love my job it’s nice i mean i work from home most of the time obviously and that’s convenient but it’s just i love the the job of being able to do a bunch of different stuff i hate doing just one

Thing over and over and over again like i love that there’s so much flexibility every day i’m doing something different or throughout the day you know i have million things to do so i’m always involved and it keeps me busy and occupied and um i’m learning i love learning too so there’s definitely

A lot i mean i didn’t know what seo was when i first started in 2017 so and now you can give very excellent by the way like seo because you do a lot of support for us as well and you’re answering questions and interacting with agencies and clients all all day

And like you know seo now like you you’ve developed not only did you build an awesome press and publicity department i know you know we go through like really busy busy spells and it gets sometimes stressful but i think you like navigate that tremendously well so the press yeah

I think i i think i work good under stress and pressure the press team’s better off because you’re you’re in charge there so um uh anything else for anybody watching uh a final a final word emily and then we’ll go ahead and close this up i just

I enjoy working with everybody and i’m really excited to continue to grow the department to even new measures and 2022 is really exciting so i hope everybody will stick around and see what we have in store awesome awesome i could have said it better myself emily chaffee thank you

For joining me the press release manager at web 20 ranker everybody watching uh you’ve you’ve i know you’ve interacted with emily before but here she is a great asset that we we all are thankful for so thanks emily great job

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