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Today I’m going to compare and explain to you about the Pick 3 subscription and its features when you go to pick 3 AI pricing you can see there are three subscription plans let’s move to the features in the standard subscription you can create 30 videos per month and in the premium it’s double

To video an article to video length in standard 10 minutes and premium 20 minutes in the standard subscription video transcription Aza 10 and premium subscription it will be 20 hours branded templates you can customize and Save in the standard 3 and in premium 10 the ratio of script to video and article to

Video will be 16 into 9 in the standard subscription and the premium subscription allows multiple ratios such as 16 into 9 9 into 16 and 1 into 1 video resolution will be 720p in the standard and in the premium allows 720p and 1080p HD 5000 royalty free music

Tracks are included in the standard subscription and the premium subscription includes 15 000 tracks 25 realistic text-to-speech AI voiceovers include in the standard and 42 in the premium also you can go through this chart before selecting a sub description in order to identify which subscription match your requirements

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