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Hello friends welcome to today’s video so today I will show you about victory’s recent updates I will show you every tip and trick to be an expert in Victory also if you are still not subscribed subscribe now and hit the Bell icon to get immediate updates so without wasting time let’s get started Pick 3 has added three major things in this mid-november update the first update is the new text section this was added to the storyboard section let’s start a new project to see this update I will select text to video So once you go to the storyboard section you can see a new text section if you click this you can see three types of text here heading subheading and body text these are different from the story text story text belongs to your script and voiceover but through this text section you can

Add additional text to your video using this you can add a kinetic look into your video you can add additional text not included in your script otherwise you can hide text in the script and show only highlighted words with animation as you want once you add text into the video there

Are some customizations you can do when you double click on the text which you added you can see a text toolbar will appear here you can change font type size font color background color highlight color text Shadow color text width text position and text animation Foreign Once you customize that setting you can save it as time it will save in the Styles section down the text you can see three buttons the first one is duplicate the second one is apply to all scenes using this you can apply it to all scenes at one time next is delete

In the same way you can add and customize subheadings and body text let’s jump into the next update when you upload your video to the edit video using text section you can see a new pop-up box will appear foreign how many numbers of speakers are in the video

Once you select it AI will analyze and label the script accordingly in the transcript you can see AI automatically labels the dialog speaker 1 and 2. if you need to rename the speaker you can do it by clicking on it Earlier there were some buttons on this bar in this update victory has removed it now you can see those when you right click When you hover over or click on any word it will show the time stamps also the next update is in my subscription section your pick 3 allows you to change the number of videos in your plan imagine your subscription is a premium package so Victory allows you to create 60

Videos per month and the video length is 20 minutes each you might not create 20 minutes videos for example you are creating a maximum of 10 minutes videos so you can change your plan to 120 videos and 10 minutes in length each without any additional charges

Also you have a chance to change the number of videos and the length within your expected budget so these are the new features which they have added in this mid-november update if you have any questions please comment below and I will reply to you as soon as possible

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