Phantombuster Review 2022 – Exemples après avoir utilisé PB pendant un an

Dans la revue Phantombuster 2022, je parle de mon expérience avec l’outil pour l’année où je l’utilise. J’ai trouvé le …

G’Day guys ron here from osborne digital marketing  today, i’m doing a phantom buster review for   2022., let’s jump into it so, as you can see over  here, here’s the website.   So what phantom buster is? Is it’s  essentially a code free automation,  

Tool so you’re able to like scrape things like  websites, try and go on to google? My business   find leads. You can automate linkedin, you  can automate facebook, you can automate   instagram, so you can get followers on  instagram. You can get likes on instagram  

All of these types of cool cool things. You can go  on to twitter and do a ton of tools with that and   that’s what we’re going to discuss today. I’Ll walk you through everything it offers  

And then i’ll show you some results that i’ve  used and then we’ll just jump into the pricing of   it and yeah. Tell you the pros and cons, let’s  jump into it, guys all right. So this is the  

Back end of fan and buster. All you need to do is go on to the all categories   and basically check out everything that  they have to offer now, like. I was saying   before they have a ton of information. So  if you look in the left hand column here,  

You can see that they have linkedin the sales  navigator, which is uh linkedin offset.   Essentially, that’s how you find leads  on linkedin instagram, twitter, email,   facebook, google, quora, medium pinterest, reddit,  yellow pages youtube. It just keeps going on and  

On and on and on so there’s a lot of options.  There’S a lot of cool things you can do here.   So we’ll look at the main things we used  phantom buster as a lead generation.  

So when i got my agency started uh i was looking  for leads. I was honestly looking for leads. I had   no way to really sure you’d have the occasional,  organic and referral, but i wanted more. I wanted  

To be trying to land at five new clients. Every single month and the way we were able   to achieve a lot of a lot of our current work  was through phantom buster. So what we would  

Do is we’d go on a google business profiles with  it. We would scrape we’d set up automations.   It would scrape the information look for faults  in in those details. We scrape the information   and then reach out to the individual, all with  phantom buster saying hey this is this problem  

Uh we’re happy to fix it for you and there the  rest is history. I guess so that’s where this   tool is very, very powerful, so you’re able to  do a ton of cool things on it. So here’s some  

Older things that we used to run so basically  dashboards where you can see older tools.   So facebook message sender. So that’s where  you can automate facebook messages. So if   you want to send let’s say you want to scrape  a group, you can get everybody who posted in  

A group or anything like that. You can get their information.   You can then have a list. You can then reach out  to those individuals with customized messages,   very, very, very cool stuff. When it comes to data scraping again,  

You can scrape any any type of information on a  website. You can look at specific information.   You might want to find out who’s  running it. Who’S, the webmaster,   if you want to find out anything such as  emails and phones, very, very cool tool,  

So there’s a ton of stuff that you can do. You can look for, like i said, if you’re looking   for specific businesses, so we’re reaching out  to vets. So veteran organizations so actual,   not veterinarians, but vets, so military  vets so reaching out to organisation to  

Offer our service to military veterans. So  i’m an ex-military veteran and i love being   able to give back to that community whenever  i can so that’s something that we used.   It for not too long ago, we scraped and  and offered those services, because that’s  

A great way of finding the individuals that  are connected and that’s what you can do with   the tools. So let me jump back into basically  everything it offers we’ll cover the main one.   So we’ll cover linkedin what it offers there  we’ll cover the twitter facebook instagram and  

You can have a look at it. You can review it and  see if it’s for you, so you can grow your linkedin   network, that’s basically where you’re, finding  individuals and then reaching out to them.   We did try out this feature, it’s good,  but then the problem is you can’t build  

A a really long string. So, if you’re, looking  at engaging individuals for a longer period,   when you’re going on just an fyi with linkedin  marketing, uh, don’t just smash people saying   i sell this service, i it’s terrible like nobody  gets anything out of that and you’re never going  

To get any responses Off of value, so a big  thing that we try to utilize is we connect with   individuals. We identify, we scrape what’s wrong  with their website and then we say: hey mate.  

You’Ve got these problems with your website go and  do this to fix these issues or here’s a youtube,   video that i’ve created to help fix these  issues, check it out and that’s very powerful.   I’M we’re not pushing sales on that person, we’re  genuinely trying to help them and that’s what we  

Really like. So it’s quite cool that you could do  that, but you couldn’t continuously follow up.   That’S the only thing that i would criticize about  this, but other than that. It’S very very good.   You can scrape, as you can see, guys, there’s  a ton of stuff here. You can do so.  

You can actually try and find individuals. You can  scrape their emails, so you can scrape emails from   from the linkedin profiles, which is very,  very cool. You can extract details as well,   so let’s say sometimes what an automation we used  to have was, when individuals reached out to us  

For our contact form, we would scrape utilizing  that email to see if they had a linkedin profile   and then scrape that linkedin profile.  So then, that way, you’re able to get   their information and you’re able to sit  there and go this is their business.  

This is the problems that they’re probably  facing. You can have a bit more of an overview.   If you want to connect with your clients, you  need to go the next level, there’s people all   over the world hitting up everyone nowadays.  So if you want to stand out from the crowd,  

You need to provide a bit more value, and that  is something that we utilize phantom buster for   very, very cool, so instagram, so instagram you’re  able to collect the hashtags, collect followers   you’re able to automate uh comments Likes it’s  very, very cool you’re able to try and get  

More followers, so you can go on a profile, scrape  that check out who’s following it then maybe reach   out to those individuals and say hey. I notice you’re following this guy. I   also create content around that. So  if you are an influencer and you’re  

Looking at trying to build up the profile  of your instagram, this is a great tool.   We don’t run this on our clients unless they  specifically ask for it, and the reason is   that utilizing these tools are considered a no-no  by the organizations themselves. You’Re not meant  

To be utilizing automation, tools, okay, so  just an fyi and a bit of a caveat. If you do   go on to utilize these tools, guys just  be aware of the issues you don’t want   to just mass spam. People do not do that. It’S no value for you! It’S no value for the  

People, you’re reaching out! Think about value.  I’M making this video for value for you guys   to help. Give you an insight same thing. You need to do for everyone you reach out to   so don’t mass spam them. You want to look  at the information here that they provide  

So much stuff for instagram. Just be careful  when you’re using it start off slow guys,   don’t go out there and go okay. I’M gon na try and do an auto locker   of a hundred posts a day. If you go on instagram  two times a day and you like maybe three posts,  

Start with three posts, then after a week or  two move up to maybe five and then ten and   then you just continue that process. Please  take it slow, so twitter you’re able to do   a lot of the same features that you have on. Instagram are over on twitter as well, so auto  

Lockers, auto posters, auto retweeters. So a lot  of a lot of cool stuff you can do with twitter   reddit as well. I think phantom buster is the best  automation tool when it comes to scraping data   from reddit right. It’S incredibly challenging  to get data from, and i really like that.  

You’Re able to extract – and like yes, there’s  one phantom here, but i like that you’re able to   extract the posts from a subreddit a lot  of the time. Now you can’t do that anymore.   It’S real i’m finding that only phantom bus  is the only thing that can actually do that  

When it comes to google you’re able to do  like, i said mainly on the map searches.   I find that’s quite powerful when you interlink  it so you’re actually able to build a chain of   automations and that’s what i like about this  tool. So you can have data what we would do,  

As you would scrape the data, and this is honestly  before they made this uh workflow, that’s called   so you would have to set up the google maps and  then you’d have to auto. Do it all yourself? So  

We had to then set up like an email, extractor and  a contact, extractor and scraper, and all of that,   but now they’ve bottled it all into one over  the last few months, which is excellent. Just   makes it super simple for you to use. So when you can, if you want to look at  

Specific workflows, you’re able to just click  on workflows – and you can come through and   start to get some ideas so again, if you’re  looking at anything, mainly the google maps,   it’s very, very cool. So, let’s click on  this and i’ll give you a bit of an example  

Of how it looks so you will need to utilize.  Phantom buster relies heavily on google sheet,   so you basically copy the information in here. They have a video for setting everything up,   that you can very easily watch, but it’s  very straightforward to go through and just  

Set everything up. So it’s not it’s not too  challenging. You know you can say how many   numbers you want to scrape you if you want to  extract the emails phones, facebook profiles,   instagram profiles, all of that and then  settings you can go into even more detail,  

Something i would suggest just an fyi guys make  sure you Click on these three buttons here when   you’re in settings – if you do choose this tool,  make sure that you’re utilizing your proxies.   Okay, so use your proxies, don’t don’t go out  mass spam people and not have proxies on. I don’t  

Recommend uh mass spamming you’re not going to  give anyone value you’re, actually taking it away,   so just focus on that. So if we uh come  down – and we have a look – let’s say   at the let’s say this is where you can go  through and you can have a look. This is  

What a finished automation might look like. So we were looking um again for the veterans, so   we can have a look at the information that  this has been able to find through google maps   okay. So this is just a preview of how it  looks. I’M not going to show you the google doc,  

Because that’s kind of pointless, but this  is how it looks so it’s very, very cool   you’re able to see all of that information. What i really like about phantom buster is the   fact that you can create a ton of workflows,  so you can have the facebook something that i  

Think is very beneficial. You can scrape a  facebook group you can find out who posted   in that facebook group and then you can reach out  to the individuals that posted about something in   that group. So that’s an automation that i really  really adore. Let’S jump across to the pricing and  

I’ll show you the pricing, so the pricing now they  used to have a free model, but they don’t anymore,   so you have 20 hours each month. Now, when it comes to hours, is you’ll   see that my profile is a little bit different,  and this is because i’ve had it for a long time,  

So i have three hours every single day of  automation. So that means that what happens? If,   let’s say i run the google scraper, so if  i’m running the google scraper time spent,   as you can see here, uh the time spent, so  this was 17 seconds 19 seconds that eats away  

At this three hours. So if you go back over to the  pricing that eats away at the 20 hours a month,   that’s 59 and you have five  slots. So what a slot is is  

Let me come back over here to the dashboard. So, as you can see, it says 10 out of 10, which   means that i have 10 automation tools sitting  here. Okay, that’s what that information is  

So when it comes to, if you want a bit more. So  if you want the heavier end like what i have it’s   a 140 a month, so for 80 hours of execution and  15 slots, so you get to have more sites for more  

Automations, like i said, if you’re considering  this tool guys take it so do not Rush into it,   please don’t try and send 10 facebook messages a  day, don’t try and like a thousand instagram posts   and then try and retweet everyone else’s tweets.  You will get kicked off those platforms.  

Take it very, very slow if you do want the  annual option. So you know for sure your   heart set on this, and you know that this is the  right tool for you. You will will be able to get  

A bit of a discount on it. If you go with the  annual option, as you can see, you save 16.   So it’s pretty cool, it’s a very, very cool tool.  My final thoughts on the review of phantom buster  

For 2022. I think, if you are trying to grow your  business, i use this tool to grow my business,   so i know it works. I can sit here  and say to you that it works.  

I can hand on heart, say that it is a very  good tool. It helped me grow my business and,   if you’re looking for a new way that isn’t do not  use this with the intention of spam. Use this with  

The focus on providing value like i said we would  use this find individuals, scrape their websites,   identify the problems and then send out valuable  information if you’re doing that type of stuff.   With this, you will grow your client list, because  it’s valuable make sure that you’re utilizing  

Proxies if you are scraping and just take it slow  guys, i’ve really hoped you’ve enjoyed this video.   Let me know if you want to know anything  else about fan and buster like i said,  

I’ve been using it for a long time, i’m still  on the old pricing model. Just hit me up in the   comments below i’d be happy to answer. If you found this valuable and   if you would like phantom buster, i’ve  got a link down in the description below  

Make sure you hit. That like button means a  lot, i hope you have a lovely day cheers guys.

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