Originality.ai Wordplay 3.0 Review: Pour le meilleur ou pour le pire

Dans cette vidéo, je vais passer en revue Wordplay 3.0 et comparer ses sorties à la version précédente pour voir s’il y a des améliorations.

Hey guys and welcome to where’s the scale so this is kind of a reaction video of the world play 3.0 announcement so it was announced earlier today that the new version is up and you can see it here on the site whereplay 3.0 is officially live and when we go to the dashboard

We do see a newer version so the two things that the developers say are different is that the algorithm has been widely refurbished and updated to make it more accurate factually accurate in fact and just give better content overall but the biggest I guess difference aside from the algorithm is that when

You go on and create a piece of content you now have this option let’s go to the title mode just for the demonstration purposes so if I go to create content and I’ll choose title modes and I go how to manifest a car for example I can now choose the

Ore account so there are five options available I could have sworn ISO 500 Words but we have the 1500 2500 3500 and 4500 and it’s under maintenance today but I was able to create content close to 5 000 words earlier today so that’s the biggest Innovation apart from again the algo update

So me being me I just wanted to double check whether the quality has really improved and you know that I have these dashboards with plenty of information and wordplay included so what I did I went ahead and chose three keywords that I generated via the title modes using the previous version of wordplay

And I selected the keywords that showed quite I won’t say poor but subpar results compared to the other keywords so we have how to start a hair business which resulted in a 4.9 score then how to start a seal coding business and how to start a business without money so I

Have chosen these three keywords to run them again generate the outputs again and compare the two and for those who don’t know me and my channel I use these parameters here to evaluate outputs that AI copywriters generate so I look at word counts at Ico score one which is server SEO at SEO

Score 2 which is neuronizer visibility and plagiarism as measured by grammarly output quality this is me evaluating the contents relevancy based on a scale from 0 to 10 then we have our original analysis core which is measured by originality Ai and the overall score which is the weighted average of those ones

So again I have selected the three underperformers and I ran them again and this time I didn’t look at the word count because I could manually select the word counts and this is what happens so the overall score went up from five to five point six originally score unfortunately

Dropped quite drastically so it was around 21 on average now it’s four the output quality improved the plagiarism decreased readability score remains around the same SEO score both SEO scores went up so basically everything became better and significantly so however were play 3.0 is still it is

Still within the top tier of a copywriters with 5.6 and this is a weighted average of everything that has been generated by wordplay previously so the overall score for wordplay as a whole was 5.5 now it’s 5.6 so not a big difference but will play this score here includes the

Gadget mode which is the most accurate one and yeah basically if you are a current role play clients you enjoy the new and improved outputs if the wordplay 3.0 is something that you are using to decide whether to choose wordplay or copy AI or Jasper think again it is not a drastic

Difference but then again wordplay is a very unique copywriter in the regard that it can generate hundreds of Articles at once and yeah that’s it a very short video for you hope you have a nice day like share and subscribe if you haven’t already and I will see you next time

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