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Hello and welcome to this video where i’m going to be going over jasper.ai and a plagiarism checker so i bring this up for a few reasons first and foremost jasper doesn’t have a specific plagiarism checker but there are some free tools that you can utilize just to

Check the content that you get second of all from what i’ve seen all the times i’ve checked their content it’s been fabulous every now and then you’ll get something that matches up and says it’s quote unquote plagiarized but this happens a lot with a lot of ai copywriting tools given the fact that

It’ll be a very broad sentence like thank you for reading my article feel free to leave a comment down below something like that is very generic is going to come up a lot of different you know urls and links like that either way if you haven’t gotten to test out jasper

You can follow along with me in case you want to create some content and check it out yourself the link for the free trial and bonus will be in the description so in one of the previous videos i did i created an outline i did an intro a

Conclusion i did some paragraphs and i came up with a very quick article this is not all of it but i just decided to get most of it and this is what i’m going to utilize in a couple of plagiarism checkers so first one is going to be plagiarism

Detector.net i’m going to paste this in here and of course i’m going to scroll down a little bit more uh check plagiarism should be good to go and this should take a good amount of time once this gets loading i believe so what i want to do is while that’s

Detecting i’m going to go to the other one this is just another one both of these you can use small seo tools if you google like free plagiarism checker something like this will come up if you have a premium one of course you can use that as well i’m gonna paste that in

There if i scroll down i am not a robot although you might think i am given the fact i talk about ai so much let’s click on check plagiarism and while this one loads as well once both of these are done i’m going to go back over and show you the results

All right and after a little bit of waiting as you can see we do have 100 percent unique here if there was anything wrong with it it would show it there and the same thing when we get to the other one we have 100 unique keep in

Mind this is just one example but the example that i used was taken directly from the video i did before this where i did a overview of jasper just to show you that so anytime you’re using jasper feel free to use some of these free plagiarism checkers if you want to be

More confident about the work that you get keep in mind i will reiterate this one more time not only with jasper but pretty much every ai content writing software has had great content in terms of the lack of plagiarism which is a good thing every now and then you will

Get that blip where you just get a very broad statement and it’s of course it’s going to come up if you say something like thank you for reading this article or golf is a fun sport you know just bland and very broad topics or statements that have been used just in

Thousands of different articles so if you want to change those around feel free to but just because you have something like that doesn’t mean your entire article is plagiarized you’re overall going to get fantastic quality especially when it comes to jasper so hope you enjoyed this video and my

Thoughts when it comes to jasper.ai and using plagiarism checkers if you have any questions feel free to leave a comment down below the link is in the description for your free trial and bonus in case you want to test them out and that’s about it my name is james

Thank you so much for watching and i’ll see you in my next video

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