Originality.ai Tutoriel Ahrefs 2020 (Guide complet sur l’utilisation d’Ahrefs)

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What is up there SEO pros today I’m gonna be showing you how to use a tres I’m gonna give you pretty much all of the tips and tricks I know of for 8 reps and this is really actually for a spreadsheet that I’ve made that you can

Download I’ll leave the link at the description and I’m gonna be doing tutorials for all the different tools that I use I use about 30 plus tools for a month give or take when I do SEO so if you’d like to download those again I will leave the link in the description

So let’s just get right into it first thing we got to do is head over to a troughs alright so there’s a couple different pricings for HS the one I use is hundred sixty seven dollars per year and I think that’s really the one that’s worth getting if you’re gonna be doing

The $99 per year subscription you don’t actually get or Sarris $179 per month if you’re gonna be doing the $99 per month you don’t actually get to really see that great of competitive research which is sort of annoying so I probably wouldn’t recommend getting that one unless you really can’t afford a truss

And in that case if you can’t if you can’t afford a hundred city $9.00 per month I would probably just get SEMRush instead which I’m not really a big fan of SEMRush but it’s probably better if you do that then the alternative so yeah once you open up a truss once you sign

Up you can’t get a free 7-day trial believe woops sorry about that you can’t get a free 7-day trial believe I believe on their homepage and you can just check it out but this is where most people start you can add your domains in here to track the keywords and the progress

And how they’re doing but generally I don’t even really use this because for the most part I enter the domain that I want to look at so really the biggest benefit about a tres is the ability to um mm do a competitive research so if you want to like say française if i

Wanted to rank for something that like brian dean or neil patel or somebody that I’m competing with its ranking for I can use href to go see sort of what they’re doing and that’s really where the most value comes in from this tool in my opinion there are a couple other

Things that I want to show you obviously that I think are also really really cool that the tool does but that’s really the biggest part of it so we’re just gonna go into my own website so just you like chase Raycom and here it’s gonna show

You you’re you RDR and the yardie ARS basically the assigned rating based off links that Atrios gives you so you’re you are is your individual page and your dr is your entire domain so here you can see says domain rating shows the relative backlink popularity of the target

Website compared to all other websites in our database we calculate dr based on the number of websites looking to the domain urls and their backlink profile strengths so here’s you can click on the backlinks to see what links are pointing to this domain and generally how you

Want to do it is you want to look at like one link per domain because you don’t usually want to see all of them it’s kind of hard to look at if you got thousands so now we have 258 backlinks from unique domains and what you can do

Is if you want to see sort of what the links are you can see them right here so this is the anchor text and the link that it’s pointing to and then this is the page that’s pointing so if i click into this looks like that websites down

Maybe this one will let us see it okay uh see this one so you click into there see the anchor text is owner at chase finder SEO and there it is cool cool so if we keep scroll down we can keep going through all these links um

You know you don’t have to do that like a lot really the only time we’re gonna be doing this is if you want to like go through and see if there’s a bunch of spammy links pointing to your site and if you want to disavow those links now

In terms of whether or not you need to be disavow links in 2019 you know that’s sort of up to you I don’t I don’t ever really do it I know some people still do disavowing apparently Google’s created updates where they just completely give devalue links that don’t matter anymore

So unless you’re getting like a manual penalty from Google probably I probably wouldn’t do the disavow but that’s sort of up to you guys let me know in the comments what you guys think about disavowing as I’m interested and knowing okay so also kind of a cool ability in

ATF’s is the broken tab so you can actually see if there’s links that are going to your website that are actually broken or go on your competitors website so if you can see that you know Neil Patel is a bunch of broken links coming in from sites you can actually try to

Grab those let me show you so if I went to like Neil Patel and I looked at all this broken links I could I could download all these links and then use some sort of outreach tool likes great pitch box or scrape box depending on what you want to use probably use both

And you could outreach them and say hey look there’s a broken link on your site pointing to you know this post Neil Patel we have a similar post that’s how you do broken link building but either way let me go back to what we’re looking

At over here so we got a truss rank we don’t really look at that too much backlinks referring domains so these are the I should have just actually clicked on that to see all the referring domains instead of all the backlinks total this is their organic keyword so this is

Where a lot of people spend most their time and a traps clicking in and seeing what other competitors have for their organic keywords and here you could see the different positions for these keywords the volume for keyword the keyword difficulty and the keyword difficulty let me just read this

Off to you here difficulty estimates how hard it is it will be too sir I’m putting on my glasses so I can read how hard it will be to rank in the top 10 organic search results for a given keyword in a given country it’s calculated by taking a weighted average

Of the number of linking domains to the current top ranking page pages the result is then plotted on a logarithmic scale from 0 to 100 low difficulty too high so again you know this is from 0 to 100 scale and this kind of gives you an idea on how difficult the keywords are

That your competitors are ranking for and how how difficult they are for for you so and what I mean by that is if you’re gonna be trying to target keyword difficulty like let’s say 50 or 60 you’re probably gonna want to have higher metrics here around like 60s vs.

If you were to be like trying to write for something that’s like you know keyword difficulty – when you have higher metrics for your dr and hopefully or you are so and obviously the you are would be on an individual page or you are on your home page wouldn’t be the

Same as the new page that you’d be making but the point is is that if you have a fair amount of pages with high urs you can internally link them to these other pages and get these other pages to rank higher as well so either

Way if we keeps going down we can see all the different keywords we can see if we click on the this tab we can actually see the history of where they’ve been ranking and obviously I need upgraded to get even more data apparently but here

We can see you know when the page is actually ranking at certain points and certain dates the thing is is that you know you don’t really need to be able to see all this it’s kind of annoying that I don’t get to see all this because of

The stupid like you have to pay like I think it’s like the 300 or 400 dollars a month just to be able to see certain things like this but it’s not super necessary if you click on syrup it will show you all the different ways it’s ranking or all the different pages that

Are ranking and I’ll tell you the types of things that are ranking in the search results like videos image pack thumbnails that kind of thing which is kind of interesting I’ll explain a little bit more how to use that later so yeah so the next thing that I you know I like to

Do is I like to go into top pages and top pages is really nice because you can actually see where most of the where the websites getting most of its traffic so you can see here like the top key the top pages the the estimated traffic for

Each of these pages the estimated CPC value the amount of keywords that these pages are ranking for so on and so on and then you can actually see the type of keyword that the page is ranking for so like rank and rent make money spamming their kind of thing

So if I click on rank and rent it’ll show me the keyword difficulty and if it’s a low key or difficulty then it you know kind of gives you the idea like oh well that’s probably something that I could eventually rank for if it’s within

Sort of my range so here you can see like rank entrants 1 2 for keyword difficulty for most that you know things that this page is ranking for so it’s generally a little bit easier to rank for than if you were to be going for like something like you know something

With higher keyword difficulty like let’s say this one you can see here Y hat SEO these are all like super hard difficulty keywords which makes sense that I’m not ranking as high because obviously I don’t have as much of authority as probably some of the sites that are currently ranking for this

Keyword and the way we could find that out is to take the keyword here let’s say this one with the 47 keyword difficulty look at the pages ranking I think in here my pages and these are all the different pages ranking apparently for it for some reason it’s not showing

Me the authority for these oh I think I could just click on this Saudi r88 you are 41 which is way higher than what I’m rocking for white hat SEO for that Dr 86 you are 45 dr 88 you are 37 so you kind of get what I’m saying here

You know dr 86 so they’re all like in their 80s and then when I’m when I’m trying to go and rank this my post is like dr 33 you are 20 right so it’s a lot lower authority lets going back to the main competitor research tab

Whatever you want to call it we have the amount of traffic value if you click it at that it’ll show you basically the same tab showing you the value of the pages or the top page is based on the value how much money they’re apparently supposedly bringing in backlink profile

This just shows you the amount of links that you’ve been accumulating over the last three months and then all time over here you can also sort by one year 30 days this will show you organic treats the organic rankings that you’ve been having over the all time last 30 days

One year sort up so on and so on and then down here oh sure they’re getting keywords and then same thing over here this is paid search but we don’t have any paid ads running for this domain so that’s not gonna show us anything on the

Side we have the countries so this is where I’m getting most of my traffic from and then my top competitors based on the keyword share so you can see here these are all domains that are ranking for similar keywords so yeah if we keep going like through this you know show

You some of the most important things that I’ll just show you like what these other tabs mean content explore is a really cool tool it’s something that Atrus not recently but sort of recently spent some time making pretty cool and what it does is it gives you the ability

To take any keyword really like let’s just say we want to go for Rincon red and it’ll give us all the different pages that are ranking for these keywords now this is something that I don’t really want to look up just because it’s a little bit too specific

If I were to look up this you in general I’m gonna get a lot of more ideas so you can see four million pages ranking for SEO and more specifically let’s just do search engine optimization because because there’s a lot of posts about some guy in Asia or

Something named SEO and so it kind of confuses the keyword research sometimes so what you can do is you can add these different filters like referring domains so if you wanted to go for let’s say you wanted to go for a post that you think you could only get like zero to three

Links to and you want it to at least have more than 400 organic traffic so now we have 253 pages with those metrics and what we can do is we can sort by the domain rating and then look through things look through results that have domain ratings around sort of what we

Have that way we kind of have like a more of a fair fair you know place to fight on in a sense so here you can see how to monetize a web site 14 ways to make money online the DR for this is 30 which is within our range there’s only

One domain pointing to this post and the post has 775 organic traffic with a traffic value of 7,000 so that’s pretty good it’s bad and it’s basically within you know our metrics so if I click into details it’ll actually show me all the different organic keywords at this post

Is ranking for and where it’s receiving most of his traffic so how to monetize a website you can see 1200 volume outward position for and keyword difficulty 5 sorry I don’t know why I told you how to position 1200 volume key or difficulty 5 and if we look through all these

Different keyword difficulties you can see a lot of them are you know anywhere between 5 to like 30 which is a is sort of probably doable for us versus like you know the white hat SEO post that we were trying to rank which is like you

Know 50 to 80 and if we look at who’s ranking for this we can actually go see with the same sort of thing go over to the keyword explorer plug the keyword in go try to find the pages that are ranking and here we go so this page is dr 64 you are

20 dr 79 you are 40:1 dr 30 you are 10 so that’s pretty good sign you know not a lot of authority and it’s still ranking dr 82 you are 16 so even though these are some hired ers the you are individual pages are isn’t very high

Meaning that you know there’s not a lot of links built to these pages and you know dr 33 you are dead and so because some of these are popping up with you know metrics within our range we could probably end up ranking for something like that

You see what I’m getting out here so if we go over to keyword explorer this is another tool that I use a lot this is sort of just a great way to get ideas for like different pieces of content that you’re gonna want to use I do it a

Couple different ways first of all when I’m doing keyword research I want to figure out sort of like a theme that I want to go for based on what’s working for my competitors so if I go into dashboard and I go into let’s say you know let’s go back into here and see

What my talked you know overlapping competitors ARBs by clicking into here wherever they were so SEO for beginners click into that and I guess that just went away let me just type it in okay so 815 organic keywords if I go to top pages alright so now we have landing

Page SEO link earning SEO certification so if this is the most general keyword that I want to go for and again these top keywords are usually the most general there’s usually long tail variations around the keyword you want to rank for so after finding some keywords that I see my competitors are

Going for that I want to go for what I’ll do is I’ll usually put the keyword in and then I’ll try to find longtail variations of that keyword and try to rank for that first because generally when I’m going for these more general keywords like let me see so you can see

Here they have a little bit higher metrics then probably what I’m gonna be able to get it we don’t know yet though we’ll see so yeah I mean it’s sort of within our range but it’s definitely higher than that other post we just looked at so if that’s the case what

I’ll do is I’ll try to find longer tail variations of these keywords and then one of the ways I can do that is I can go into you know keyword ideas also rank for and I can see keywords that people are also ranking for around this more general topic so what I could

Specifically do is I can filter by a keyword difficulty metric that I want to go for us like let’s say 0 to 30 and I can start building out these pages first and then slowly and totally linking them to the page that I want to rank so for

Instance you know we could do free online certifications that could be a post that we try to go for you know that might be too high for us for us to start out with maybe we could do something like you know free training programs make a post out of that and then

Obviously we could put our own program in there and try link it back to our own page try to start building that that page up to rank for SEO certification or we could try to start out reaching the people who are ranking for this trying to get a guest post whatever and then

Get back to the SEO certification be able to build up the authority of that page so yeah that’s one of the ways that I do keyword research obviously other way is just go to all keyword ideas see everything that’s around this keywords that’s 2,000 keywords and then we could

Start applying modifier or different filters to do this to sort of get an idea on what we want to go for like for instance you can just sort by parent topic in general and just start going for different keywords around this but I like to go for more like clustering

Verse versus just building up random blogs on the website like for instance Yoast wouldn’t really be applicable to me because if I’m trying to rank for certification because it’s not really directly related it’s not really a shoulder niche and so Brian Dean talks a lot about this as well when

You’re trying to target you know different things on your website you want to go for either the main target which is like SEO certification or you want to go for the shoulder in each of that which would be whatever this would be a part of an overall solution which

Would be like you know top online training programs or something that way you can go for easier keywords that aren’t completely directly related first of all because they’re gonna those are gonna be really hard to rank for when you first start out but you’re still gonna be able to go for keywords that

Are things that you can eventually build up to that like more competitive thing so if we go into some other parts parts of hrs I don’t really use rank tracker site audit I use screaming frog for my site audits which by the way I’m going to be updating this template very soon

So that you can see the screaming frog tutorial if you’d like just leave a comment and I’ll I’ll leave the screaming frog tutorial that I’ve done in the description of this video but I don’t use the HR of site audit just because I don’t really find it that

Valuable for me one of the other things that I use is the batch analysis tool which I could just put a bunch of domains in here and then get an idea of how they’re how they’re doing so like for instance if I wanted to go and take you know all

My competitors and see sort of what they’re doing or what their pages are like or if I wanted to see a bunch of my own pages which is also important because like say for instance I ran a screaming frog crawl on my own website and then exported it I could plug all of

My domains into here and then start getting ideas on what all the individual you R’s of the pages are the traffic that kind of thing alternatively you can just go in screaming frog and hook up the API to a truss and you can do that as well that’s

Sort of up to you so alert site Explorer set Explorer is the one I already showed you earlier alerts I don’t really use this is if you wanted to like you know somebody’s mentioning your brand or something or you know there’s new keywords related to your domain it’ll

Alert you I don’t really use that I know some people do so that’s really the biggest things that I use let me go back into here whoops sorry into site Explorer so this other tools kind of cool content gap what it’ll do is it will show you keywords that your

Competitors are ranking for that you’re not ranking for so if I put in like backlinko com Neil Patel com Gaucho SEO com what it’ll do is it’ll show me all the keywords that they’re they’re all ranking for but I’m not so like for instance you can see let’s see if we can

Find a place where they’re all ranking for three targets together so you can see here all of them are ranking for what is SEO and I’m not all of them are making for backlinks and I’m not all of them are ranking for SEO audit and I’m

Not so these are all ideas of like if I wanted to be sort of like these these domains it might be a good idea to be cutting recognition and ranking for things similar to what they’re raking for because if these are all direct competition and I don’t even have a page

For these things then it probably would help me by creating pages around these different topics so it’s kind of a cool thing to look at you can even add more targets so I could do like okay you know eight reps com just anybody who does you know SEO tutorials I don’t know we’ll

Just do that for now so the show keywords and now we can see four targets intersect at four targets so here we go all of these websites are ranking for you know same sort of thing right competing pages and community domains this is again where you can get more

Data around competitors and pages that are competing for similar keywords that you are so that kind of gives you an idea on pages that you can build out that might be helpful for you or just domains that you could start looking at based on the keyword overlap and then

Organic keywords this just shows you where you’re raking we already kind of look to that this movements will show you where your traffic’s coming where you’re losing keyword traffic or where you’re gaining keyword traffic or positions and internal backlinks I think this is something that I haven’t seen

Yet just kind of cool so I guess this shows you where these pages are internally linking to which is kind of interesting but yeah there’s some more stuff on here as well but that’s really the biggest sort of the biggest thing so I look at some top sub folders I’ve looked at this

Before it’s kind of cool to show you like what the biggest you know categories are sort of ranking but yeah that’s pretty much the main part of a tres I mean there’s more stuff you can do in here and a tres obviously has a bunch of tutorials you can go check out

I like watching their videos they got some good stuff in here so I do recommend if you already using this tool go over and check out some of their videos because they’ve got a lot of good stuff in here and get ideas for how you

Can use their tool to sort of up your SEO but that’s really the main parts of it the tool that I use if I miss anything please let me know and again if you want to get the template that I set up with all the different tools I use

Head to the link in the description so you can check that out and that’s it for today so until I see you next time I have BS Ewing

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