Originality.ai Professeur AI VS : ChatGPT peut-il réussir le contrôle du plagiat ?

Comment les professeurs vérifient les travaux des étudiants sur la base des nouveaux outils de triche de l’IA : ChatGPT et Quillbot ? Ceci est un petit tutoriel sur comment…

What’s up guys, it’s Vlad from Paper24, and in this video we’re going to be answering a very interesting question: How do college professors actually check students’ papers for plagiarism? Now, we understand that college students are pretty lazy and want to do

The least amount of work possible and get the highest grade as possible. We also understand that college professors want students to put in the actual work and get the grade that they deserve. So, we are going to be putting ourselves in the shoes of a college student

That will use multiple tools such as ChatGPT and Quillbot to write an essay quickly and beat the system. Conversely, we will be putting ourselves into the shoes of a college professor who understands how a student thinks. and we will be checking the work of a college student through multiple plagiarism detection tools.

We hope that you, guys, find this video insightful and resourceful. So, sit back, grab a notebook, and let’s get right into it! So, let’s pretend that I am a college student and my professor has assigned a paper for me to write on a following topic

Should a college education be free for students in the USA? As a clever college student, the first thing that I might do is going to ChatGPT and ask it to write me an essay on this very topic. Let’s go ahead and do that.

So, we’ve received an analytical essay where the AI talked about the pros and the cons of making college education free in the US. After reading a text, it is pretty hard to tell whether or not this was written by a human or whether it was written by an AI.

Now, we need to put it through a multiple detection tools to actually see what they have to say. The first tool that we gonna put it through is TurnItIn. Which is a plagiarism detection tool, that is usually used by all college, universities.

So, we have received our originality report from Turnitin, and after scrolling down, we have found that there is a 13% similarity index. Now, anything under 13% is considered acceptable for a student submitted paper. And in this case you would pass the originality test. But ask yourself a following question:

Don’t you think college professors have alternative tools besides plagiarism detectors to see whether or not a student has cheated? Well, in this case, we will be using GPTZero, which is a tool developed by the same founders as ChatGPT, with a contrasting purpose of  detecting AI writing. Let’s see what it has to say.

So, after putting in our essay in GPTZero we have received the following outputs: we have a text perplexity of five, and a burstiness of 17. And, conclusively, it is telling us that our text is most likely to be AI generated. So, we have passed the originality test,

But when it comes to the AI writing test – we failed. So, as a college student, I know that this practice won’t work. However, I am very clever, and I have a second idea. What I gonna do is take the content written by ChatGPT,

I’m gonna copy and paste it into QuillBot, which is an AI rephrasing tool. And I’m going to rephrase the entire essay. After giving it a quick read, we can tell, that by putting it through a paraphraser, the quality has dropped a little bit.

Because it hasn’t maintained that same idea that the initial essay had. Nevertheless, we have a new essay, so, we should run it through the same test. First, we gonna put it in through Turnitin, and see what originality it receives. So, we have received our originality report for the paraphrased essay,

And after scrolling down we’ve found a 4% similarity index, which is better than our original similarity index of 13%. Meaning, that the paraphrased essay also passes the originality test. After putting in text through GPTZero, we have received the following outputs: a text perplexity of 11 and burstiness of 32.

Within overall conclusion telling us that our text is most likely to be generated by AI. So, consider this: you wrote AI generated paper, you cited, you referenced. But you know that you still need to edit it. How much time do you think it will take you?

To edit the entire paper, so that it passes AI detection. Maybe it will just be easier to write the paper by yourself? We aren’t telling you guys not to use ChatGPT. It is a great resource that will help you in your school, or work processes.

But if you attempt to copy and paste text written by ChatGPT or other AI writing tools, and pass it off as your own work, just know that you will most likely get caught with plagiarism. If you are struggling with an essay or a research paper,

Than consider using Paper24, where you’ll receive an original and human written paper that passes all plagiarism detection tools. We hope that you guys found this video insightful and resourceful, Thank you for watching. Have a nice day! I’ll see you later.

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