Originality.ai Noob vs Pro Producers : entendez-vous la différence ?

RENDEZ-VOUS ICI POUR TÉLÉCHARGER GRATUITEMENT LE PACK VOCAL INFINITY: https://cym.fm/3tqvnID Dans cette vidéo, nous prenons 3 musiques …

In this video we have three producers of three different skill levels and we’re all going to give them the exact same acapella first things first let’s meet the contestants our beginner goes by the name of raffy he’s 18. he’s been making beats for a year and he’s from france

Our intermediate producer is named trill he’s a 24 year old producer from phoenix and he’s been making music for one and a half years and our expert producer is me simon savita of house toronto son of kyle beats an air to the youtube throne unless you guys subscribe the vocal

We’re gonna be using is from the cymatics infinity vocal pack more about that later okay so there’s actually only two i’m gonna flip a coin heads first one tail second one heads and we all have 30 minutes okay three two one good luck so when i first heard the sample i

Really wanted to go with something i knew i wanted to be crap right away and the keys i just drew them The hi-hats i kept fairly simple i didn’t want it to be too overwhelming i guess you could say i did a analog base in the beginning and that was for the intro and i switched it up for the drop and put a hard fitting eight away with a hard kick as well Don’t be wasting my time Crazy Mhm The chord progression is nice i’m not the fastest as it is crazy [Applause] What i got from it um and i’ve kind of just i just kind of really mean no playbook i just audible all audible this was I don’t fun you baby crazy Very like west coastie kind of yeah that base really gives it that western life that was hard appreciate it When i listened to the acapella i definitely heard some dance hall so i decided to go with my first instinct I noticed in the acapella there’s kind of only lyrics at the beginning and the rest is kind of just these ad-libs and it felt like there needed to be a drop there so that’s kind of what i focused on the most i was just browsing through the vocal

One shots and kind of just stitching and piecing together this lead melody that’s kind of nice like a vocal choppy droppy and then for this first section the only thing i could think of was a guitar so i busted that out i’m going for it i don’t care And then it’s just a lot of ear candy so adding the ambience and the risers and the perks and just little noises on the side Don’t be wasting my time [Applause] Baby cause it makes me crazy Yo that was fire bro i thought i heard a reggaeton bouncing there man i thought i heard that that was stupid bro thank you thank you thank you guys so much for watching this video hope you enjoyed it if you want to see another video like this again i’m going to need

12 000 likes and i can give a big thank you to cymatics for sponsoring this video if you want to get the infinity vocal pack it’s going to be free to download in the description feel free to use the acapella we did and try out the challenge yourself and if you’re a fan

Of the pack make sure you look out for the infinity production suite it’s going to have tons of vocals inside but also drums guitars midis melodies and all more and every single sample inside is 100 royalty free and that’s about it for now love you guys and i’ll see you guys

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