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Go into it with the fresh mind okay yeah and then you’ll you’ll love it will it make me cry too I think it’ll make you cry it’s crazy I don’t I don’t cry that much for when I watch movies are you sure yeah you cry like after every

Single get real episode that’s true but like What’s up everybody welcome back to our show where we get real with our thoughts on all things concerning life we’re your host Junie Ashley and Pinella B2B and we have a very very very very special guest today but before that make sure to follow and review our podcast on Spotify

Apple and Google podcasts five stars only yeah all right everybody drumroll [Applause] Yeah do you guys know each other yes second time oh from the oil yeah we weren’t here cool I don’t know why I wasn’t here but yeah how do you feel coming around second time um still feels very new yeah was it the same format no it was like we had a desk

A table over there yeah yeah we still have the table there’s Just Pizza on it now yeah you have to say that right why not um say hi to our listeners they missed you oh hello everybody um I’m very happy that I’m back here and

To be able to speak and see you guys again I hope you enjoy yes yeah so she was here um June 2021 2021 Oh shoot that’s been a while it’s like a year and a half ago what have you been up to oh not much to be honest I didn’t do so

Much musically but yeah um I have two more cats now how many did you have before Oh I just had a doggie and now I went to cats do they get along okay that’s good usually if you have a cat first it’s bad to

Bring in a dog yeah but then if you have a dog first and then the cat is like the new new part of the family they get they can’t get yeah it’s all good that’s what I heard because cats are very like territorial they’re right right oh yeah

They’re not gonna like the dog coming up but anyways for those I mean everyone knows Katie but Korean American singer songwriter right grew up in Korea grew up in New Jersey East Coast are you not no I’m just kidding yeah she’s like Korean oh yeah I live there

For a little bit I vacationed there yeah okay we’ll say you are yes what’s it like in Jersey nothing to do people always go out to the city New York City because we don’t have much to do is it pretty much kind of like New York’s like City and then

Jersey is kind of like suburbs yeah I grew up in the suburbs too yeah I got that Chicago oh but I’m not from the city either suburbs around Chicago how long has it been since you were in Jersey I I moved my whole family moved there

When I was 10 and they’re still there and I kind of moved out and lived by myself here and then you just go back and forth sometimes sometimes sometimes nice are your dog and cats in New Jersey I have one dog with my family in Jersey

And uh three the doggy and two cats with me oh what what breed yeah it’s the dog and the cats oh all mixed oh okay okay okay how old how old is the dog because wait do you guys want you guys don’t own dogs right I did and then my dog’s in America

Now my dogs in heaven hmm awkward silence all right you recently believed we never heard how old her dog okay okay I I recently uh got a dog yeah and he’s eight months now yeah he’s a maltipoo yeah really oh is he uh he or she it’s a girl

He’s a girl is she uh closer to a Maltese or is she close to a poodle I think Maltese by the size right because she has short legs and oh she’s kind of small oh and the hair is is it like a little curlier or like or curly in the

In the back but like straight with the knee oh she got more of that Maltese features oh so cute yeah he’s a he’s just oh are they always like that he’s like all over the place he’s so energetic right because he’s a baby yeah but I am both actually why is that

Dude was that a dumb question for you oh you just seem like you know one of those parents you know they’re all waiting for their kids after school and they’re like yeah what about your kids I apologize that’s when my life like taking care of this dog it’s like the

Biggest responsibility I’ve ever had so um everything it’s all related to him he’s recently he was recently sick too so I was taking care of him over the holidays but enough of the time um you recently released the Christmas track called Christmas last a while featuring Paul kite tell us a little bit

More about that song I’m a song like written like three years ago maybe with this guy with this guy um and I’ve been wanting to release it for a long time but didn’t really get a chance to but company said go ahead and then I got two and I was very happy that

I was able to do so it was the perfect cozy Vibe for the Christmas holidays yeah I really like Paul kite too how did you guys get to collaborate was it did you guys collaborate on the song like the three years ago when you made

It did you guys make it together or we made it we wrote it together wow yeah so he must have been like yeah it’s finally coming yeah finally yeah nice nice how did how did the collab like begin though did you reach out to him first well I’ve been working with

Him a lot like we have more songs that we’ve written together and um from three years ago and more recently too yeah I’m still working oh nice nice okay okay so you move back and forth a lot right from Chris like you in Korea and then you go

Back to Jersey do you move back I don’t like live in Jersey anymore but I was in new um LA right before the pandemic started oh okay I was there for like two years and then I came back here oh we’re Drew in London recently didn’t you

Perform in London I was yeah it was my first time in London I mean in Europe actually wow what was the show called like Yamaha it was like a private event from Yamaha wow that was really nice did they give you like a piano like they said they would

They said they would yeah they said like headphones not all things did they give you a piano it suits her perfectly one of like the hardest things to probably share wait so who are the audiences or are they like people affiliated with Yamaha I think so I’m not really sure piano players

Oh cool yeah but yeah uh it was your first time in Europe did you get any time to like explore anything or was it kind of just go there perform and come back I had two two days afterwards to ride bike a Yamaha bike City bike like

In London yeah and just went around eating stuff how was the food I missed Korean food so much like so badly there wasn’t really like a Korean town oh so I just went to Chinese town but it was still greasy for me so I really miss

Korean food yeah when you came back what was the first thing you had oh remember sorry just had to like go for Korean food huh some things the first thing you had you when you come a hamburger Korean hamburger I don’t I don’t think I

Got good food like I don’t think I got like a lot of good food in England but when I went to Paris though like it was good yeah just even like the pastry it’s different like just in the morning yeah we’re going to Paris soon yeah yeah can

You bring me back up again literally just you want me to bring like a yes it’s possible yeah I know where he had like 13 baguettes or whatever yeah he sent someone the guy with the skateboard I saw that yeah yeah do that for me what the heck

Probably gonna be like super scary but all right it’d be more of a weapon than bread by the time well I wanted to ask though like as a fan of your music like when I first came to Korea um it was during When You released uh a song um remember yes yes

Um that music video was crazy especially the people like in this the r b hip-hop r b scene they really you know like really like that music video and like the music was crazy and all I will I always wanted to ask you like what are your like true influences in terms of

Your sound and like who do you listen to who’s your top like Spotify like this year Spotify wrapped yeah last year’s um Spotify top artist was Jasmine Sullivan for me and like Anderson pack Mac Miller I really love like Thundercat music and some real r b people as well nice Thundercat I

Don’t know what Thundercat is it’s a bassist oh okay I literally like he or his songs literally just like base records he usually works with like he used to work with Mac Miller a lot you could like hear it in his musical yeah that’s cool that’s cool yeah I didn’t

Know that I mean do you you work with like some of the big names in uh in the states too like Ty Dolla Sign oh yeah yeah really that’s crazy you got a feature yes is it that is he that expensive for a feature I think so I’ll be sure

I remember I like recently saw like a list of like um like hip like American hip-hop artists like features and their prices were crazy like I was like really well yeah it was like okay it was like 100 like 200k like a few bars yeah for like a few bars I was like

What the I think it was like I think J Cole was like the most expensive he was like really for every like four words it’s like two thousand dollars or something like that I was like where do you see that I never it was uh I forgot who it was somewhere on

Twitter and it was like a article I forgot what what I was following that like I saw it but it was an article and it was like wait when you do a featuring for someone do you still get royalties from their music it depends it depends on the

Contract so you could get like just a straight up like fee you could get fee and royalty or you could get like just royalty it depends on or you could just be like oh just buy me food if you’re chilling just like yeah it depends yeah lunch are there any like

More artists you want to collaborate with like anywhere around the world definitely you want to work with Anders pack but he’s become way too huge no you can give him a shout out right now where’s the camera this one right I mean I don’t know if he watches this but

Yeah hey you never know yeah never know they might make a YouTube shorts out of it yeah they might watch it yeah hi Anderson love you and would love to work with you [Laughter] thank you have you ever seen him live like have you ever seen him in person nope

He comes to Korea often I heard oh really because his wife is crazy South Korean yeah well then you never know maybe no no no no no no never know if you saw him on the streets do you think you could go up to him and say hi yes oh

Yeah you think he would go up and be like can you feature oh really yeah why not I think he’d do it if you’d ask him in that kind of voice like yeah yeah I understand you do it for sure but yeah he like recently blew up

Um with the uh what was the thing he did with Bruno Mars the group called so Sonic oh yeah so you you’ve been working on music a lot for a while and just kind of always doing like sessions and stuff like that right I usually work with people that I

Know the producers that I like and are like my go-to’s but I do have some camps sometimes do you get do you get involved in the the production side like the track side as well I tried to more and more but hasn’t really happened too much yet

But I hope too nice nice more on the top lining side for now yeah yeah and then slowly yeah production what’s your what’s your creative like process like dude just kind of listen or just create a Vibe and just kind of take your time with it or are you kind of like straight

To the point and you want to get things done quick what do you think your style is like I’m I’m not that quick when writing stuff but when I get Inspirations I could write like a whole no like feels with like lyrics that I wanna right but like Inspirations don’t really come like

Thing and like I’ll be like I want this in the base or something like that yeah it’s kind of slow for me but when it comes I kind of yeah to the point yeah like when you when you catch that fire it’s like right yeah yeah is writing the lyrics the easiest part

Um it depends sometimes when I write the melody first and I try to fit in the words it it does become difficult but if I have a lyric first and if I’m humming with the lyrics I think it’s easier sometimes too I see interest so cool wait

Um you know how they recently released the um the list of the artists at Coachella this year right right um wait have you guys been to Coachella nope ever been me neither but if you could make your own like set list or like have open your own music festival

Which artists would you want to have Anderson Peck yes this is my dream list I would love Mac Miller as well and Franco Shania yeah he’s performing this year and um who else cause I love her you guys know sir sir sir like sir yeah I’ve heard I love

His music as well he’s he’s a r b Artist as well oh yeah those r b made people like lucky day or yeah you know do you listen to more male artists um not really like these days like Opera like like Rising artists or like usually

Female RMB artists so I do listen to a lot of female ones too but male ones have just always been there so I listened to a lot of them too I see I see yeah if you oh who would you want to invite to your Festival me yeah anyone that’s willing to come

Hey if they pay enough it’s all about that money if they pay enough they’re on the list wait do you have to pay to perform I don’t know I’m sure some people do pay but I’m sure most people get paid but I’m sure like some people like upcoming they might ah

I see I don’t know I don’t know how that’s how it works like that but yeah do you know no idea I mean the really famous people they get paid right they get paid yeah the tickets are like expensive yeah yeah yeah yeah they make them I don’t know who would who would

You want Rihanna okay if I could have it then like Rihanna Beyonce Kendrick Lamar Korea America fade like cross that would be awesome she’s like yes and she say she like didn’t like doing this stuff [Laughter] imagine like a collab of Rihanna and Yodi wow

Yeah I mean I I could I could see it it would be very interesting I feel like but I could I could see it I guess yeah can you see it Yes actually I can’t really I’m not trying to see it but it is it would be interesting though I think it

Would be interesting oh yeah definitely there’s something here that’s interesting um remakes that you enjoyed more than the original in terms of music like movies or TV shows because there’s a lot of remix happening these days yeah like especially TV shows and um and movies even music there’s just constantly

There’s they’re doing remix right so yeah what do you guys think about that I don’t know how I feel about like the live action remakes of like the Disney movies like some of them I’m like like it’s cool that they like you know like Lion King and stuff is cool that they get

Like actual like Lion looking like I don’t know what they call CG or whatever but then like I don’t know I feel like it kind of takes away from like the facial expressions from the cartoons and stuff and like that like childhood like Nostalgia yeah I think that there’s a big factor there

The whole childhood thing when you’re when you’re a kid you enjoy it so yeah I don’t I don’t really know how much I like uh the live like remakes um I do like I do like the um the webtoon remix though because like oh like they make them into like the drama

Because I I never I’m not much of a webtoon person I mean like I mean these TV shows and movies that are coming out it’s like oh these stories are super interesting and then I later find out oh it’s based on a webtoon yeah so yeah

Those kind of things I think that helps a lot in the industry but you you did you watch you didn’t read the webtoons right no so you wouldn’t be able to compare right webtoons yeah but I think for people like me I’m saying like who

Are new to this stuff it’s more like a gateway to show that oh webtoons are dope as hell too right and so it’s like oh maybe I should try reading records I feel like webtoons itself isn’t like a thing in America is it I don’t think there’s a yeah I don’t think there’s

Such things not as big as Korea they don’t have like I don’t know actually right yeah I mean comic books maybe maybe these days but like when we were in the states there wasn’t like webtoon or stuff so yeah right yes I don’t know yeah but like yeah like is um what do

You call it golden Golden Spoon yeah yeah I didn’t know that it was originally a webtoon like I just watched it because he was on the show but then it was fun so I just I kept watching it yeah but I found out later from my

Member I was like oh I had like the original storyline it’s like blah blah blah I was just like oh it was a webtoon yeah I don’t know they switch it up even the endings too um there’s a really uh famous TV show right now um

Based on a novel and then they switched up the ending a lot of people to get like angry right yeah did you watch it no oh do you watch like TV shows do you watch like TV shows at all like I do oh it does not like Korean dramas though yeah

Just stop at episode 15 you don’t need to watch episode 16. no it’s gonna ruin the whole drama for you because I started late but then I only got to like episode like four or five but then everyone was like bashing on the ending so I stopped watching it oh

No it’s still fun like up until like episode 15. I just don’t watch the last episode okay okay what’s your recent like favorite movie or TV show um I recently watched the gold velvet mine yeah it’s actually an old movie oh where I watched it like last week and it

Was really nice cold velvet mine I think that’s what it’s called at home just like yeah yeah did you watch Avatar 2 yet no I I live right in front of IMAX but yeah oh my God we live so close oh my God real quick I know all the 3D tickets are

Like sold out until like next it’s impossible to get the ticket I heard if you want to watch I’m actually have to go either like the first show like in the morning even the first show only the front row seats are left yeah I heard I heard you can’t watch it

IMAX these days did you guys watch um everything everywhere all at once it’s a great movie it’s really nice movies I don’t think if they have it right now oh they have the Extended Cut too I haven’t watched the Extended Cut did you hear about that there’s like an eight

Minute longer version that they re-released in Korea really I’m thinking of watching like in the theater yeah oh I didn’t even I don’t know still I heard it was airing like last month but I don’t know if it’s still airing I love it like it’s a great movie I want to

Watch it yeah I okay so my my process of watching this movie was I didn’t know anything about it I didn’t watch trailers nothing right I just watched I just saw the poster and I sat down and watched it and I was like this movie’s weird man and it’s like

This movie’s interesting and then at the end you’re crying like your eyes out you’re like like it talks about everything that you feel like like living life itself so every all the like emotional everything that’s emotion especially for people like us who live lived overseas right yeah with parents who you know worked

Like you know is it kind of like fantasy um it’s hard to give a genre to this movie it’s just it’s just magical it’s yeah yeah it’s insane okay Harry Potter magic and don’t watch any reviews or anything go into it with the fresh mind okay yeah

And then you’ll you’ll love it will it make me cry too I think it’ll make you cry it’s crazy I don’t I don’t cry that much for when I watch movies are you sure yeah you cry like after every single get real episode that’s true but like

Win a few like Golden Globes yeah yeah and I think like one other guy got something to like yeah he is yeah Mr Jones that guy I saw that on Instagram but then I was just like oh shoot like I forgot about the movie like I wanted to watch it but

Then I completely forgot about it and the and the guy he it’s like his comeback it’s his comeback movie so he well obviously he tried but being this is from his interview but like being an Asian American it was hard to get into get proper roles right right so

He did back backstage stuff so he would write and he would like do like production right right and then he came back as an actor and this movie Just and he won like best supporting actor dang especially for um the the lead actress I I apologize I don’t I forgot her name

Um she’s like the Jackie Chan like female Jackie Chan right so she’s a stunt she’s a stunt actress but um she was talking about how when she got the script she was so happy because she was finally able to show her acting capabilities I’m not just like stunts

Not just doing stuff stunt stuff or like being a Bond girl or something like that you know right not like just like a typical like crazy movie or something like that so yeah it’s crazy it’s interesting so I watched a bunch of interviews and stuff after watching this movie and it’s just

Do you have any close artist friends that you work with a lot like um aside from Paul Klein any anyone else I’m kind of like a loner in this industry like I don’t know musician friends oh well PM when I became friends though after this this thing first time

Like yeah we had a few like DMS saying hey what’s up and all that what does does he know you guys are just friends oh definitely yeah I hope so why are you sure he wasn’t like trying to slide into it he’s like hey yo what’s up hey what’s up

Um do you have do you have any um than anyone that you look up to in terms of music and stuff like that or just life itself anyone you look up to in Korea there’s this um producers there really want to work with but he kind of

Blew up to the like recently is oh yeah the producer or new jeans yeah yeah but I I was like in love with his own album before yeah crazy insane so this dude is if you listen to his own music it’s completely different it’s not what you’d expect as a new

Jeans producer but it just shows his like range right and he’s super talented right and um yeah he’s killing it now he’s hoping to work with him I should think that would happen anymore I don’t know never it could it’s probably just a lot more expensive to order But yeah no but I feel like there’s so many like producers like musicians who would want to work with you yeah your voice is just like it’s one of a kind yeah but I I don’t know I would never know I don’t know I don’t know you have

To reach out be more like BM and just slide into it yeah [Laughter] yo what’s up it’s so going back to um the artificial intelligence how did we get from AI to I don’t know the movies there was this and then right below it there’s a big debate on AI nowadays but um like remix in terms of anything that’s remade I mean there’s

Just so many people putting their heart and soul into the project there’s just so much effort into it so you gotta see it as its own and um but it we do as consumers we would want something more original sometimes but I wouldn’t mind I mean there are occasions

Where like the Remake is better but I feel like this is like a personal opinion I feel like the original is usually better but there are I feel like there are definitely cases where the remakes are better though it’s like most songs let’s say like in terms of Music

Most songs that do get remade it’s because they’re like Classics and they’re that popular right right and there must be a reason why they’re popular because it’s freaking good right so um it’s not that like it’s and like the Remake is worse or like not as good it’s just completely different you know

Like just different yeah yeah it’s just you can’t really replace original like a classic or like better version and it depends on the age too I mean like when you talk about Lion King I’m sure there are like 10 year olds who think that live action version yeah yeah they think

That’s the original yeah like uh like Jordans like a lot of people don’t know that Jesus Michael Jordan is like an amazing best like the goat of basketball some people are just like yeah the shoe brand yeah it’s crazy I I was so shocked to know that there are people who thought

Michael Jordan like Jordan brand was just like his name just like like just shoes so yeah they don’t know Michael Jordan yeah you knew right of course okay but yeah okay I was like wait how old are you wait did you guys see that thing on Instagram everyone’s been posting like

That AI picture thing yeah what was it called like how does that work there’s like a bunch of different there’s like three different like main ones you said right something my friend showed me one it just you just put in keywords and then it just creates you an in an art

Piece but how do you get the ones where it’s like the self-portraits yeah let’s talk about like the South Point do you like upload like a picture of yourself and then it just like makes a bunch or oh you just upload a picture of yourself maybe you put like your your picture of

Your face and then you put like keywords and then it’ll draw it’ll create stuff but like yeah so that’s the topic like what do you think of like how do you think about that like do you think I mean like I think some of it’s like pretty cool

Like I recently saw the one where I was like um make like a essay it was like make like they said with each country make like a villain or whatever and then oh you know what I’m talking about right and then like with each country the AI created Like a Villain for each

Country or whatever like that one looks pretty cool but like um I’m sure there are like artists that could do that as well but it’s yeah I don’t know I it’s like it’s so new that it’s just like I don’t I don’t know what to think about it

Really I’m just scared what I’m talking about the AI villain no you look so lost right now yes they’re just doing art like okay so you’re gonna do it with music like that’s scary it’s a scary thought do you think the AI could make good music

Yeah I mean like there’s like a software where I saw on Instagram it’s like if you want let’s say a Pharrell to sing like a rap Like lyrics that you wrote you can literally just type stuff and then they like algorithmically have Pharrell’s Voice by saying these words so it’s like

So this dude was like oh like just jokingly oh I want a feature from Pharrell and he’s just like wrote some lyrics on his beat and it’s like it sounds like Pharrell rapping I was like so I can like actually mimic yeah artists because there’s just so much

There’s so much music that he’s put out so the computer like brings in all these syllables and all these like you know accents that he has like virtually like it just like scans through like all of his recordings I’m like yeah it’s like interviews and stuff

Huh crazy it’s scary it’s so scary did you guys see the the Morgan Freeman video so it’s like someone else it’s not actually Morgan Freeman but then it’s like that like the Deep fake [ __ ] and like it’s a video of Morgan Freeman Tom Cruise one too okay that’s really

Dangerous that’s creepy it’s creepy and it sounds like him kind of but then like I think like if you like really know the person you’ll be able to tell that it’s fake and like from time to time there’s like glitches or something like with the eye or something yeah but like yeah like

It’s like speech pattern like where he pauses and stuff so like if you like really know them I think you’ll be able to tell like it’s fake or whatever but like if it’s at this point now like 10 years later I’m like will we be able to tell

The difference oh it’s scary It’s Gonna Get Dangerous people use it for like evil reasons you know yeah yeah I mean they have they like sexually exploited like they put paper another person’s face like on like nude bodies and stuff and people thought it was real yeah like that isn’t that photoshop I

Mean like it was like moving it was like deep fake it was like oh like porn deep fake yeah yeah so that’s like criminal level so like these little these things can seem cool and very interesting but it can be used as something I I don’t know why they made that in the

First place like what was the reason behind making I don’t know man humans are weird they’re messed up yeah oh it’s creeping me out and then if they could add like actual voice to that now too um what if like they put like it’s like a ransom video it actually

Looks like someone got kidnapped and stuff like or they can make a video of like the president saying something yeah something really terrible like we’re gonna like invade some country or something like it’s like yeah but let’s not think about let’s think all the bright stuff because we’re just gonna

Get super impressive just thinking about this [ __ ] this is the villain stuff that I was talking about oh cool they made the yeah can you zoom in I don’t get what you mean by make a villain like and this dude has like the anti-privacy like [ __ ] [Laughter]

So there’s Costa Rica I’m sorry there’s Costa Rica there’s North Korea just search up aivillon no but this past is down yeah just that looks so it would look like it’s like a villain in like a movie or something but then they based it off of like each like

Country like it has like a certain like thing for the countries an AI did this yeah yeah like an actual graphic artist made it oh wow this is sick we’re all doomed everybody do you get it now we have to go to they look like characters from some like video games

Exactly like a villain from a video that’s what he’s been saying this whole time no but like people spend hours trying to make Here video games but AI just makes this in seconds yeah yeah so I don’t know how long it takes because I haven’t used it

But I think it takes like an hour or something wow but here this is what I’m guessing like they’re they’re using actual artwork that’s been created already but obviously right because it’s the freaking internet yeah so I’m sure it’s gonna be it’s gonna be similar to something

Right no but there’s so much artwork out there so it’s probably not similar oh it probably literally like takes a little bit from everything are you interested in like the AI like artificial gold or not stuff AI I’m I’m very scared to be honest I feel like

What if they take over my my career especially with like the they shoot your music video and everything for you too but I think it’ll take them at least 100 Years it’ll take them 100 years to make to have your voice though so we’re good thank you what would it um

She’s already released Songs and stuff she has interviews so no but that the way a human like can sing you know the whole soul and just the the little little imperfections you can’t mimic that right so because they have like AI influencers now too what all right oh

Yeah they have oh yo I heard oh what’s called like the first I don’t want to live in this world the first K-pop girl group that’s debuting in 2023 is a AI girl group what so you can it’s like a metaverse go group yeah so you can’t see them in person

I mean how can you they’re they’re not real so where do you meet exactly that’s what that’s what like the debate was like with like a lot of people it’s like but so like if and even if you go to a concert you’re just gonna be staring at

Like a LED billboard no maybe they give you like the VR thing and you always listen they’re not real they’re called eternity what is that but even in Japan though they got like anime boy girl groups already yeah and they they like watch the performance at a theater you hear about that

So there was a guest uh Sean Sean name came last time animations yeah but like they still go and like cheer and like you know sing along to their damn songs it’s not like AI it’s just animation yeah but for them it’s like oh my God

It’s even viewers in 3D I guess yeah so like what what would stop them from supporting but do you think that would work in Korea I don’t think I mean I feel like they will there there are like core fans they will have I don’t think it’ll become like a general like

Mainstream thing mainstream yeah I don’t know but that’s what I heard it was like the first girl group to debut in 2023 you guys play like games online games yeah online games like there’s like this boy boy band boy I Thor group that like Israel I I forgot what group it was but

They also perform as AIS in the game world too whoa so the the players are actually the viewers and they go crazy about that and I think Travis Scott did that with them too with fortnite right I don’t know Justin Bieber did that fortnite I think yeah is it just

Happening already yeah so they’re doing online concerts so do they actually sing into the mic and it’s just our avatars but they’re avatars and people are like cheering or maybe they like pre-recorded or something yeah like pre-recording and then they get as I don’t know how it

Yeah they put it they put Justin Bieber on like the the suit and then he just did his whole set and then they had it on a like a platform which is like virtual reality dude I feel like that would be so awkward yeah that would have been that would be

Awkward I was like do you did you guys like did you perform during covid so okay it’s from the camera yeah yeah exactly like there’s no like 100 yeah there’s no reaction or anything you know it’s literally just like you’re in front of a camera and you’re like yeah but there’s

No reaction you’re like yeah no you’re done you said and it’s like because we had like an online concert right sounds like you know like during the like between a few songs there’s like the meant time that’s like yeah and then we have to wait for like the

The comments to go out Cricket it’s like oh like I feel like it would be like that though for like if you’re doing that stuff yeah it’s I think this all happened because of the pandemic right this like kind of got bigger maybe because we couldn’t go out but now we’re

Back so like can we not scary scary as hell I don’t like it at all yeah if you had like you know it’s like a robot next to you that could help you write music think of lyrics think it’s like chords Melodies I actually heard about this thing called chat

It’s like this new Google but like in a different level like you could ask it anything and it would just give you the whole fact or truth and I heard like this student like recently wrote like an essay but of the chat GPT to like write an essay for him and then

The professor found out but he didn’t like say it’s wrong but he actually asked the chat GPT to grade this essay that it actually wrote and what did he give I forgot what did it give I don’t know it was very scary I’m gonna give it like

A hundred because it’s like oh wait this is my own work right I mean it’s like cool gray suit and like who studies what because AI is going to do all the work and all the searches for us like I think we’re just gonna get dumber and dumber

Man I’m already dumb enough wait so this AR when they when they make the essay they pull from origin like already existing stuff right like facts factual stuff but they actually make it actually wrote the essay with the factual facts okay but if it’s if it’s like an essay

That doesn’t have anything to do with facts what if it’s trying to like okay there’s not just like no because I remember in like when I was in like sixth or seventh grade we had to write our own like fantasy like three page like um like essay or whatever like novel

Like what if you have to do that stuff like it’s like fantasy so it’s like there’s no fact so they would do this you can do oh creep create me like a creature that is part horse and like gorilla and then they would like take all these facts and

Like create this character right so they just have all this information that’s just creepy it’s so creepy I’m curious I want to try I’m lazy so I’m pretty sure I would probably use it but like if I asked it to if I asked Jarvis to like hey give me like a sick

Like be four four bar progression um that sounds like John Mayer’s like greatest work and you can do it it can my friend was actually using capture PT to ask like he’s making the song without drums so like when the guitar and bass yeah and he was asking cha chippy to

Like send me a list of songs that doesn’t have drums in it and it’s like this kind of BPM and all that and then it gives you a list of the so that’s actually helpful it is helpful what is the creativity in it like where’s the no

But like when you need a research when you need inspiration like you you can listen to songs like you can listen to songs it’s not like they’re gonna plagiarize right no but I feel yeah if you could all right let’s say you had writer’s block right but then

Deadlines tomorrow you have to turn in your title song but you got writer’s block would you use GPT for like inspiration I guess I could yeah but I wouldn’t I I think I would ask it to kind of like give me aspirations but not for an

Answer but what if it’s so good you’re like oh you’re like tempted you’re like oh my God this is sick you guys are so you’re like this is what I’ve been looking for perfect not so evil though stop you’re wearing like the darkest clothes yeah I’m I’m I am actually so against

This it’s scary especially for people who create right like we’re gonna lose like like what Katie said what if what if it takes our jobs like what if we have nothing to vote for yeah I think it’s all about perspective though because it’s like it’s like hey you have

This good resource I’m yeah I’m sure it’s helpful why not use it but I want to use it to as a product yeah I want to say I’m just trying to get under your skin no no no but it’s not really it’s scary yeah no like it’s kind of like um

Like you know like splice there’s like a big debate on splice too right yeah like producing right like some producers are like not like splices whack like whoever uses spices in a real producer blah blah blah but some people are like yo like why do you not use spices oh um

It’s like a bunch of samples yeah so if you want it’s it’s kind of similar if you want like uh an r b shot like any genre if you want to let’s say an r b genre you want to four bar whatever you can just search any instrument and

People upload their version of it yeah so you could like type in BPM like what how fast you want it to be or yeah like what instrument you want or like whatever and like it gives you like a list and then you just go down the list

If there’s something that you like you could use it as a sample in a song that you’re making license free so everybody yeah so if you just go on the home screen and if you click on some of the famous ones you’ve you’ve recognize it sometimes like oh shoot I’ve heard this

Before but they’re made by people right yeah yeah but it’s all license free so you could use it and yeah but then like a lot of people probably like get like a sound that they like but then they’ll like change the tempo or like they’ll change like the pitch or something and

Like so it’s not like the original but like some people just use like straight up the original and stuff but it’s like yeah but I feel like it’s like this it’s like do you use splice yeah so how I would use it is I would take an idea

Like the something like a guitar lick and then I mean a short answer you would use GPT but that’s totally different because I would take this and I’d create something I’ll try and create something more more dope in in my in my point of view like I wouldn’t straight up use it

Just as like but when it feels perfect I don’t I’ve never found anything that’s perfect no but GPT when it feels perfect it’s tough but I don’t know I’m just kidding I’m just kidding yeah not really kind of come on man um anything you want to promote

Can we can we give her some positive energy before we let her go like we just talked about the world she’s laughing right now how is it coming back to the show it was very nice and you guys are super welcoming so I had a nice time thank you

Guys I feel like we barely let her talk I learned a lot though about chai chips and the extended version of um the movie everything yeah everything is there anything you wanted we barely got to hear a taco yeah oh I was actually worried about that

Like to to come here because I don’t talk too much that much usually so I was worried about that fight that’s all good it’s okay I [ __ ] a lot thank you your fans are gonna hate me probably I’m sorry Katie um do you have anything you want to let

The fans know or anything coming up I think I have some music coming out too so if you guys could you know follow up I will let you guys hear new stuff okay oh what’s your Instagram then because I’m sure if you release your poster on your Instagram right right my Instagram

Is Katie e s h e e s h k a t i e e s h k r kdish kadish can you say that one more time I’m super confused it’s Katie and then yeah e-i-s-h-e-ish okay okay all right make sure to follow her on Instagram guys to keep up with

The latest stuff um yeah thank you for coming to the show and if you wish to watch the video version of this episode for free um check out youtube.com dive pots and once again follow and review this podcast five stars only and thank you guys and thank you Katie see you all soon

Bye happy New Year happy New Year Lunar New Year all right guys if you enjoyed this episode make sure to like comment and subscribe and check out the other videos somewhere

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