Originality AI : Détecter Gpt-3 ou ChatGPT dans le contenu (et comment le contourner)

Dans la vidéo d’aujourd’hui, je passe en revue un nouvel outil appelé originality.ai. Cet outil vous permet de détecter un contenu écrit en ligne et vous dira si …

Hey what’s going on guys and girls in today’s video I’ll be doing a review of originality.ai so originality.ai is a plagiarism Checker and an AI detection tool all in one essentially it allows you to check your content for plagiarized text but most importantly you can check and detect if your content

Was written by an AI writer so if you’re worried about your website being penalized by Google for having AI content you can scan it by using originality.ai to see if there’s AI content that’s being detected and then you can make those changes as needed or

If you would like to scan a piece of content that a writer may have written for you and you want to make sure that it’s actually written by a human you can use this tool to scan and detect any AI content within the writing that you get

Back so this is a pretty unique tool and the only tool that I’ve come across that actually allows you to detect AI in your content so not only can they detect gpt3 they can also detect gbt 3.5 and chat gbt within your content so if you wanted

To get started with this 2 it’s very very easy to use just head over to the sign up section and you’ll be able to make an account for completely free and once you make an account I believe you have some credits included on the free plan so let’s get started with the

Content scan if you remembered in my last video I generated a full length article using chat gbt so what I’m going to do for this example I’m going to copy that whole article and paste it into originality.ai and see how much or how much percentage of that content it’s

Able to detect as being AI so this was the 3000 word blog post in which I generated using chat GPT I’m just going to go ahead and copy this over and let’s check the percentage of plagiarized content and AI content within that article so the scan has been completed

And the AI detection score is 98 and the original percentage is 2 so that means ninety percent of that article was written by Ai and two percent was original in terms of plagiarized content only two percent of that content was plagiarized so at least we can be confident that the content which we

Create with chanted GBP you wouldn’t be flagged for plagiarized content as you can see here it’s only two percent but this tool is really good because it was able to pick up that most of that content was written using an AI now let’s give this another try with an

Article that I I wrote on my website uh some of the content was written using AI copywriter but some of it was written manually so let’s see if it’s able to pick up what is AI and what was written by a human so in terms of the AI detection score

This article was 98 original and two percent was written with the AI in terms of plagiarized content I got a score of 94 but that is skewed because it’s comparing it to my actual website in which I copied this content from so of course that is going to be showing a

High match in terms of plagiarized content because again I copy the content from this specific web page so in reality this web page is about six percent please rise which is not too bad I can live with that let’s do a little bit of an experiment to see if we can

Get past these AI detection um tools so this paragraph here has been deemed a 100 AI by originally.ai so let’s go ahead and give this a try to see if we can reduce the amount of AI content that’s being detected so in order to do this I’ll be using Jasper AI

I’ll be using their content improver template and I’ll be pasting in the content that we use on originality.ai and I’ll be trying to see if we can get past the AI detection by improving or rewriting the content using another AI so there is a limit of 800 characters so

I’ll just leave it at that and let’s generate the new output here okay so this is the new output in which we got back so I’m going to head back over to originality.ai and I’m going to paste that in here and I’m going to do the second paragraph

Okay so I’ve went ahead and read through these and this output seems to be the the best in terms of quality and relevancy so let’s copy that over again and we’re going to paste it in and let’s do one more paragraph boom copy that here paste it over here okay let’s copy that

And lastly we’re going to paste it into originality.ai so this is now the new and improved and Rewritten content um by Jasper AI so let’s see what percentage of AI content they’ll be able to detect once we’ve made those changes as we remembered before it was a hundred percent

Um detected now as you can see it’s a hundred percent original so that’s a huge huge difference from what we had before and as you saw it probably took me less than five minutes to um do those Corrections so so here’s your evidence that you can get past

These AI detection tools all you have to do is rewrite that content using another AI copywriter or improve their content or add your own manual um touch onto your articles and I guarantee you’ll be able to reduce the amount of AI words that will be detected

And Not only was there a reduction in the AI detection score the plagiarism score was also reduced from a hundred percent down to zero percent so you can not only maker content plagiarism free you can also make it AI detection free by using this method so the first type

Of scan allows you to paste your content within this text box and it’ll detect any AI content and also check for any plagiarized content the second type of scan will actually scan your full website so you can enter your full website URL and the scanner will go out

And check all of your web pages to check for AI content and also to check to see if there’s any plagiarized content on your website so I’ve already loaded up my own personal website and I can see the percentage of original content on that website the percentages of AI

Content and I can also see the number of words within that specific page and I can see when that page was scanned so just keep in mind that you need to have enough credits on your account so that this tool can go out and scan your whole

Website I think because I didn’t have enough credits it stopped after a couple of my URLs but I don’t really want to pay for this tool because I don’t really have a need for it at this time so just keep in mind one credit will be able to

Scan up to 100 words so if you have a big website then you may need to add some more credits you start with 500 credits on the free plan but if you run out then you may need to add some credits onto your account so those are

The two main ways that you can scan your content to see if it’s been rating by AI you can either Pace your content within this text box or you can enter your website within this website scanned section here and this tool will scan your whole website so this is a very

Very interesting tool because if a tool like this can actually find and detect AI written content within your blog post or articles or web pages then that means it’s just a matter of time until Google can actually also detect plagiarized content so what I recommend is if you’re

Writing content using AI I recommend always adding a manual touch into your content I don’t recommend just generating your content and pasting it onto your website or blog you always want to make sure that you’re proofreading your editing and you’re buffing up your content so that it’s

Much more valuable for for Google so for example I did a scan of this blog post that I actually wrote myself using an AI copywriter it was Jasper AI but I also added in my own um sort of content into that blog post to make it more real-like and as you can

See here the AI detection score is 97 original and only three percent using the AI and I’m pretty sure I used a lot more um of the AI content than has been detected within this scan by originality.ai so I do think that there’s ways in which you can get around

These AI detection tools because again in the first example I just copied a blog post that I generated from chat to GPT and pasted it in in here and we saw right away that the AI was able to pick up that that content was created by an

AI but when I um did a scan on a blog post in which I did using a AI copywriter but I also added in my own content it was less likely as you can see here to pick up that AI content to reduce the likeliness of getting a

Penalty by Google or losing any of your keyword rankings that I highly recommend that you do a scan of your website if you find any pages with high AI content just go ahead and add some manual content because I was able to do that

With some of my pages and I saw a quick decrease in the detected content so you definitely can get around any of these AI Checkers but it is nice to have this tool available because it allows you to just be a little bit ahead of the curb and to protect your websites

Originality.ai is still in its battle but if you want to give them a try I’ll leave a link in the description below this video as always I hope that you got some value from this video I hope that you learned something new if you did

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