Originality.ai Comment vérifier les sorties AI pour le plagiat

Avec le vérificateur de plagiat AI de Simplified, vous pouvez être assuré que votre contenu est exempt de plagiat ! Simplified est le premier moteur alimenté par l’IA …

Simplified long-form ai writer has a built-in plagiarism checker to give you peace of mind to make sure that all of your outputs are 100 original for example let’s tell the ai to write an article about photography We’ll just highlight the text and click continue from our shortcut bar and now that we have an output we’ll highlight some of the text of that output and then from the shortcut bar we’re going to select plagiarism check simplified plagiarism checker scans the entire internet for similar text to

Ensure that your outputs are original if similar text is found on the internet you’ll see it in this side menu here you’ll be able to see the number of words that are matching in a text and you’ll also be able to view the report or the source where this copy is also

Showing up You then can use the ai to rewrite or rephrase this exact same sentiment and the ai can rewrite your copy to be similar but different and original now let’s go ahead and run our plagiarism checker again and we can see that this side menu is empty which means that there’s no

Similar text found on the internet anywhere else plagiarism check is an essential tool for professional copywriters and bloggers to ensure that you’re getting original content for more tips and tricks on how to make the most out of simplified’s long-form ai rider check out our other videos see you there

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