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Today I’m going to show you that how you can check the plagiarism of your project papers research papers of your campaign MS NLM and PhD theses using Turnitin this is a very simple and elegant way to check the similarity report of your project and edit your project according

To the report generated through Turnitin please follow my step by step procedure so that you can be free from an interval before starting this video I just want you to subscribe this channel and also press the bell icon so that we will find the notification of all the infinitive

Videos so let’s roll the intro I will suggest you that don’t skip any part of this short video till the end so that you can find all the steps and information what I am giving you through this video ok first open this Turnitin website second you have to log into this

Website by giving your email ID and password and if you don’t have any account then sign up on this website and make your own account after logging in that dashboard will show up for checking your plagiarism report you have to enroll in a class by clicking here for

Enrolling the class you have to provide a class ID and enrollment key given to you by your Institute or your teacher and if you don’t have to US ID please don’t enter any random number here and contact your instructor for this reason after logging in you will find yourself in your class homepage

From here you have to submit your project for plagiarism report click on the submit button now they will ask you for your project uploading options first enter the name of the student who is checking its plagiarism in this section I’m just entering a demo and now choose

The right options to upload your file I’m clicking this option and this is my demo report just open it and upload it now it will take some time to analyze your file see it is analyzing your project now the software is showing that this is your file and you have to confirm it

And before pressing this confirm button first check that this is the same file that you have uploaded after checking this the simply confirmed button see your file has been uploaded now if you want to see the report then click on the return to assignment list now click on this view button a new

Window will open like this and then it will show you that how much plagiarism your report have here on the right upper hand side you will find that my report has 0% plagiarism here you will find what percentage of your plagiarism in your project you have it

Maybe 10 20 or 30 so this is the simplest way to check your plagiarism and now if you want to download this simply press this icon here and press current view see the report is now downloading see this is the simplest way to check your plagiarism without any problem inshallah

I see you in the next video with a new topic till then Allah Hafiz

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