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Hi again this is Greg Hughes from DotComClassroom.  Well if you haven’t heard of artificial   intelligence or AI then you have probably been  on another planet somewhere in the last 12 months   because it’s absolutely the talk of the internet.  With the Advent of artificial intelligence over  

The course of the Year – especially in 2022  – things have changed online so significantly   that just about every YouTube video you watch  is about AI or every blog post is about AI how   to use it in creating content for your blogs  and your websites and your marketing materials  

And your research and all of that’s exciting and  wonderful like we’re on the precipice of something   new and great and in November of 22 which is  just a couple of months before this recording,   Open AI of course introduced ChatGPT and they  released it to the public and everybody got  

Excited millions of people have jumped on board  and you can go in there and I’m sure you’ve heard   this you can type a prompt and it will create  content for you write blog posts and essays ebooks   if you want can be created now with artificial  intelligence you’ve probably heard all of that  

And maybe you’ve even gone to chat GPT through the  openai.com website or maybe you’ve used the dolly   to image generator of unbelievable artificial  intelligence creating art from nothing seemingly   pretty exciting stuff there’s just  one problem with this whole AI thing  

And that is Google hates it I’ll show you what  I mean search engine Journal saying the Google   AI generated contents against guidelines  search engine lands reporting that content   created primarily for search engine rankings  however it’s done is against our guidance what  

About uh Google AdSense websites with AI  generated content not eligible for AdSense   what is going on everybody wants to use artificial  intelligence and I don’t blame them and I do too   but the problem is when the technology that’s used  to generate content is implemented unfortunately  

It’s not human enough and it can be detected by  Google’s algorithm so that can be a problem but   of course for every problem there’s a solution and  I’m going to show you that solution in this video  

So you may have gone to chat GPT and created  some content maybe you’ve played with it one of   the problems with it right now is it is so busy  it’s actually hard to get in I’m recording this  

In January of 23 and although I’ve done a lot of  work in chat GPT for the last three days I haven’t   even been able to get in because so many people  are using AI but fortunately there are a lot of  

Other programs using the same technology there’s  a lot of artificial intelligent content creators   probably the most famous one right now is Jasper  and that’s a good one to look into check it out  

If you want to I’m going to show you the one that  I like it’s called writer r-y-t-r dot m a is the   domain it’s a great tool what I love about it  is it it works good I’ve created several pieces  

Of content with it and it’s really inexpensive  very fair pricing probably going to be dozens   or hundreds more as time goes on because we’re  just at the infancy of this whole thing but I   I like this one I’m going to be showing you how  to use artificial intelligence to create content  

Specifically a blog post and then how to humanize  it it’s much simpler than you may think I went in   and I went into my writer account and I created  a real simple couple of paragraphs I just had  

Writer artificially generate a section of a blog  post for me okay this is what the interface looks   like here it’s really great interface too because  I can choose the tone I want it to be written in I  

Usually use convincing at this point but there’s  all kinds of things you can use and I just typed   out the name of the topic I wanted to write a  couple of paragraphs on how to do keyword research  

For my blog I gave it some key words that it can  use in this little snippet and I can ask for how   many variants I want I’ll just choose one and I  want the creativity level to be optimal so that’s  

Just the way writer works not all of them have  these settings but that’s the way right it works   I click the button and this is what it generated  so this is a very sensible couple of paragraphs on   the topic of doing keyword research for blogging  and for search engine optimization makes perfect  

Big sense and you might think you could just  take this copy and paste it right into your   blog or wherever you want but if you do Google’s  not going to like it for all the reasons we just  

Talked about Google wants human written content  and I’m glad it does we don’t all want to end   up just reading robotic content for the rest of  our lives on the internet and so this is a good  

Thing but let me show you how to make this human  first of all we need to see what how Google’s   going to see it and so you actually need to use  another piece of software that can detect content  

That has been written artificially now the most  popular one is this one called originality.ai and   it’s great it does a lot of really cool things but  again I’m looking at pricing and while it doesn’t  

Seem too expensive and I’m sure a lot of people  are going to be using this there you know it’s   only one cent per credit and a credit allows  you to scan 100 words that’s all great stuff  

Probably a good one to use I found another way to  do it so I found a an AI content detector that’s   free at least for now and it’s really a great  website and so while I’m using writer roitr.me   to generate this content I’m using another  website called writer I know it’s confusing  

But it’s a different spelling writer.com with a  W they have an AI content detector and so this is   really really cool I’m gonna show you what’s going  to happen so while I take this content that is  

100 artificial and I copy this and I put it into  this website writer.com it’s going to analyze this   text it’s going to tell me how AI or how human it  actually is so let’s analyze it Watch What Happens  

Okay not good what it’s saying is this is only  three percent human we don’t want three percent   we want like 91 or better and that’s the problem  with AI content is this is what’s going to happen  

So there’s a couple of things you can do some  of them are pretty obvious one of the things I   could do is I could just rewrite this I could  use AI generation just to give me ideas and I  

Could restructure these sentences or I could go  find a site spinner uh the tech spinner article   spinner they’re called where it just kind  of rephrases these things for us and then   try it that way I found there’s two things I  like to do and this software writer with an  

R makes it really easy first of all it will do  some rephrasing for me so let’s let’s try that   I think you can only go so many words but let’s  uh let’s just take this paragraph and see if it  

Will rephrase it for us so I’ve selected the first  paragraph I’m going to click rephrase there it’s   done okay so we just rephrased it a little bit  and we’re gonna go take this and test it again   so let’s copy it remember I just rephrased  that top paragraph let’s see what happens

Paste it in there analyze it again look  at that just rephrasing that first section   totally changed my score from three percent all  the way up to sixty percent which by the way still   not good enough but that was a huge jump and we  have to thank writer with an R for that because  

That rephrasing was really really realistic what  that means is when we use this program to rephrase   any text we put in here it’s going to do a good  job especially since I have all these choices  

Like what tone I want it in all that kind of stuff  so let’s so let’s rephrase this section too and I   think you can only select up to 300 characters and  I’ve got 459 here but rephrase I have to have yeah  

About 30 to 300 so let’s do this in  chunks so we’ll just select from here   to the end of the sentence let’s just  rephrase this part there we go rephrase that’s done and then let’s take this  part and go like this and rephrase

And done okay now we’ve got this fully  generated content this is fully artificial   simply spun or rephrased artificially  again and let’s see how human   it actually looks so we’re going to take it  into this detector paste the whole thing in  

Here analyze it see what happens see if we  can get a better score than 60 this time   unbelievable just by simply rephrasing it we’ve  got human generated content I haven’t even read   this by the way I’ve never read this all I did was  generate it rephrase it and now here I’ve got an  

Article I wouldn’t recommend you do that I’m just  doing this for demonstration purposes and by the   way I’ve done this with a lot of Articles and a  lot of text and it doesn’t always come out at a  

Hundred percent and one of the things I’ve done  of course is gone through and done some editing   myself so for example I go in here I see this I  really don’t want this Ampersand thing in here  

I want to change it to the word and and I might  go through and rephrase this stuff anyway because   it’s going to go on my blog and I want it to sound  right and so you want to make sure you read it and  

You edit it a little bit and then run it through  the content detector AI content detector and just   make sure it stays above 91 percent and you have  got yourself a phenomenal content creation system   okay so let’s try another little test here I just  asked writer to generate some content for me on  

This topic tools to see what your competitors  are doing now this is a very vague explanation   it would be better for me to put in more input  give it some more ideas you’ve got 150 characters  

To do that with which is more than enough and  it would come out even better if I had given   it some keywords but again I’m leaving it simple  just for the sake of this demonstration because  

I want you to see what it does sort of in its  raw form and it generated this paragraph about   competitions research so if I take this copy  this and put it into my detector at writer.com   we’re going to see that it probably doesn’t come  out very hot yeah it’s only seven percent human  

And so again like I just did we want to rephrase  this right well let me see what happens I’m not   sure what’s going to happen because I haven’t  done this ahead of time I’m just going to see  

How well it rephrases it it may just do enough  that we don’t need to fix anything but we’re   going to rephrase that we’re going to rephrase  down to here I’m selecting up to 300 characters   at a time and then let’s rephrase this  last one here and again that may be enough  

So let’s go like this copy that let’s go  see if we can get this above seven percent   Analyze That oh really good 94 that’s incredible  that just speaks well of writer.me and how good  

It does but if it’s still not perfect one of the  things you can do is you can just take sections   of this so if this got let’s say we only scored a  you know 60 percent what we can do is we can break  

This up and change you know rewrite a little  bit rather than rephrase it artificially and   just do it yourself you know rewrite this sentence  because you want to read it and you want it to fit  

Your tone you want it to fit your blog and what  will happen is you can just take a section of it   and say well let’s see how well this sentence  does if this is not a hundred percent is this  

Sentence the problem so I can go in here and  just test this sentence and see what it’s doing   so I go like this it’s going to tell me that  sentence is horrible that sentence is only 35  

Percent human so that’s why we didn’t get 100  oh we got 94 which is pretty good but still   um sometimes you you know you’re only going  to get 50 or 60 and that’s not good so this  

Is how you fix it you go well let’s take this  sentence and let’s just work with that because   that is what Google’s going to find when  you put this content on your website you   want to make sure that it passes the test  of not getting punished by Google in your  

Rankings it’s just way faster than writing from  scratch these AI tools are still phenomenal but   you got to make sure that you make your content  human and readable and Google friendly foreign

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