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No one has any originality in the FIFA Community they all just copy Pro this is ah this is a cheater this has got to be a cheater there’s no way this isn’t a cheater to contribute 40 months okay so let me try this tab so I tabbed out let’s see uh let’s see

Why not just leave before they get a goal so they don’t get the win because I’m trying to get a goal and then cause them to disconnect so it doesn’t work on uh windows borderless I gotta figure out how get on uh full screen that sucks and and and look at how many

Red picks he has and stuff and the team he has bro is every single game a cheater every single game is a cheater now legitimately every single game is a cheater oh my god dude I hate this wait he’s also playing the ultimate AI glitch I think

He’s playing the ultimate AI glitch as well bro invisibility glitch and ultimate AI cheese dude I’m playing via the small window dude that’s why I’m playing I’m trying to get a goal against these losers first man but so here we go full screen right now I don’t this is amazing though

I mean I hope that I bring a big light to how much cheating is going on right now wait very similar to the other team we played just a few different this guy’s doing the ultimate AI glitch bro what every game is a cheater every game now on PC is a cheater

Wait no way okay there’s one there’s one okay okay hold on yes Yes three cheaters in a row dude the only good thing about this is that this works against only cheaters look at that guy’s username man look at his username bro using the ultimate AI glitch in v523 Ultimate Team playoffs and him how did you do it you just Tab out for

Some reason EA has some coding in the game when someone’s cheating they just disconnect When You tab out it only works against cheaters it’s all over Reddit unreal God bless Reddit dude I will say that God bless Reddit

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