Originality.ai Chat-GPT ‘AI text identifier’ est FAUX !!

La société mère de Chat-GPT, « OPEN AI », a récemment présenté son nouvel outil de détection de texte généré par l’IA, « AI TEXT CLASSIFIER ».

Open AI the creator of chantubility just launched an AI text detection tools like calls it AI text classifier it might sound exciting but it is not it is totally insulating let me show you how so I’ve written a 250 word essay here in chat Jeopardy I didn’t made any change

I’m gonna copy all of it and I’m gonna paste it here in text classifier I’m gonna submit it and look at that it says that it is the classifier considers the text to be very unlikely AI generated but it is completely generated by Ai and it is generated by changing pretty that is

Also created by openai so let’s check if we put same content in another AI detection tool and it says 99 Ai and one person original so the difference is missing

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