Originality.ai Article Forge AI Review – Exposé – Ne pas utiliser Article Forge

Ceci est une revue d’Article Forge utilisant l’outil de détection d’IA Originality.AI Bien que la promesse d’Article Forge soit excellente, je suis très …

So this is a video about uh why not to use article Forge so this was going to be a video um where I’ve been going through some of the tools that I’ve used and haven’t used to look at what’s the ability of this to of originality AI to identify

The content as AI generated but through that process and doing a bit of testing it’s pretty clear and I don’t see it talks about anywhere else online but article Forge is doing some stuff that is certainly not going to help the content rank for the for the long term

So yeah a bit of a bit of a negative um very negative um impression of from on article Forge I think it’s pretty clear on how they’re producing the result that they’re producing and the systems that they’re trying to game I mean I guess we’re all

Trying to game some systems if we’re in this world of sort of content marketing but um this isn’t a sustainable way to to do it um so let’s talk through it I mean the the basis the sort of the simplest explanation is that article Forge is

Using not gpd3 but probably a gbq2 j Neo and are grabbing some of the top results for a given keyword and then rewriting it to the point where it’s capable of passing a keyword plagiarism check however the result is you end up with a highly unoriginal rewrite of a top

Performing article that Google will see as completely unoriginal compared to what’s already ranking and will will not rank the content so I’ll talk through kind of what I’m seeing to show that you know again this could totally be wrong and if it is um you know please somebody from from

The team or an existing user that has had a different experience um please let me know I’ll be happy to to fix this but I’ll just share what I’m seeing and then you can kind of draw your draw your own conclusions so article Forge is AI rewrite’s been

Around for for a long time since 2016. um it it’s one of the only tools that specifies that it is not using uh gbt3 most tools just kind of don’t mention it but article Forge goes out of the way to say that we are not using uh gpt3 it

Kind of raises the question then what what are they using originality.ai is the is our tool it’s a AI built to detect and understand what um what AI tool has created content as well as it’s a plagiarism Checker so it’s ultimately to give content web Publishers content managers the ability to to publish

Original content so let’s talk through a couple of the issues um so first issue is uh yeah Article 4 states that do not use gpt3 um but since our model is trained on gpd2 GPS Neo so all the popular um natural language processing apis and they state they’re not using gp3 yet the

Tool is able to easily identify the content um it raised the question of if they’re not using gpd3 then they’re based on our tool picking it up are using one of these other natural language processing um models so it you know article Forge it’s really cool Concept in terms of the

Simplicity of producing producing AI content execution of it um isn’t there yet um so let let’s I’ll show you an example so we’ll run through um so here’s here’s article Forge and we’ll run through um best SEO tips and create no article it it does take a little bit longer

Um I think because there’s a little bit of more iterative process occurring here uh it would be my my guess where what’s getting gets Rewritten but then it also needs to get created reworded it Rewritten enough to to pass um some some plagiarism Checkers uh so um while that’s running

Um we’ll we’ll move on to kind of the next the next issue um and then we’ll be able to kind of test this Theory out based on the output of this sort of original original article light just fell tobacco we’ll keep going uh that article Forge creates

Um so the theory is that article Forge looks at uh top what’s top performing article on Google and then for that given keyword and then rewrites it using one of those gpt2 neojs and then make rewrites enough to be able to pass a keyword plagiarism Checker But

Ultimately the end result is a highly unoriginal uh Rewritten piece and we’re going to be able to test that by looking at running it through keyword plagiarism Checker like copyscape or or a portion of originality.ai and if it passes that’s part of the information but then we’re

Going to grab long paragraphs of this new article that is currently being created and run it through Google and if the same if it has passed plagiarism so it’s been Rewritten but it’s always hitting the Google is always returning the same the same article with a lot of

Matching words and it’s clearly been an un an unoriginal and likely a rewrite of that of that one article it’ll be more make more sense if that didn’t if you can follow that when uh when we have the article and go through it um all right so results is done

All right so let’s run it through let’s run it through originality.ai and while that’s happening but we can test out that other Theory so I’m going to cut grab this um and I’m going to search that long paragraph and so what we’re seeing is at least in this case a significant number of

Keywords even if we grab let’s say we grab foreign so a lot of the same words a lot of the same structure um you know just been a reworded version of this result um and here’s kind of the so this one doesn’t isn’t as obvious um as some of the others

But let’s see so it passed plagiarism but the AI detector area detector said that we I don’t even have a question that was so obvious AI that I can give 100 a certainty um which is which is not common usually like you it’ll hit 99 but it doesn’t always hit 100

Um so clearly if it’s not if they’re stating it’s not gpt3 then no is one of these others it is past and plagiarism but as you can see foreign section of the article is has a lot of overlapping keywords with uh with a result um in in Google the this this one was

Certainly the the most obvious of the sort of newly created um article um so that’s that’s what we’re seeing this sort of like very oh and he’s a very unoriginal segments of text um that pass keyword plagiarism so that it does pass plagiarism but does not

Pass is not original in that it’s been generated by Ai and then also been heavily um heavily influenced by rewriting portions of of top ranking top-ranking articles the other so that’s that’s sort of the first two issues that that I saw with when I was looking through article forage the other sort of

Related issue is if we look at some of the samples that they have um what we’ll see let’s look at the see sample articles what we’ll see is that this is searchable and I’ll show you how I can how I can see that in a second but this

Is searchable content that if it was original and you went and searched three or the two sentences um not many people are targeting that exact content however HubSpot Surfer backlinko all show up before article 40 shows up down here even though it is an exact match so

Either this is like a unique penalty that’s being applied um but certainly it is being indexed and when you look at the page Source there’s nothing that’s showing telling Google to not Index this content is is relevant content to to this type of page but Google has either

Done some form of sort of partial manual punishment of just this group of content um but yeah nothing out of a forge doesn’t show up until way way down here even though we searched uh you know what would be two two paragraphs of a as a as a keyword

Um so I think it’s pretty clear that um one the content is easily to tell that it was generated by AI two it looks like article Forge um focuses its strategy around rewriting content which results in content that is viewed as an original and then three it seems that Google

You know I think there’s a question on gpt3 content continue to rank well but it seems like Google has had implemented strategies that um don’t allow article Forge content to rank um so that’s sort of what I’ve seen from the current version of article Forge and why I would strongly recommend people

Not to to use it um again that’s just what I’m seeing if somebody either from the team or or that uh that’s a user has different sort of examples that I’d be able to dig into I’d be happy to kind of update this and make this video more accurate um one

Interesting thing that sort of also shows that I think this is like I think we’re thinking about this correctly is if you look at archive.org so article Forge only kind of modern AI writing tool that does not that’s that explicitly states that they do not use gpt3

And then also the the oldest AI writing tool kind of modern AI writing tool in the game going back to to 2016. and then what’s what I found super fascinating is again the model that we have is trained on gbt2 which was the first version of these accessible natural language processing

Um apis for people to build build um apps off of and it came out in uh 2020. this is 2016. so well before that and so uh let me uh let me grab and so our tool should not be able to detect um oh it’s not working let’s see

So I ran this this sample because this sample was created um before all right this sample output was created before GPT 2 was available this was created in 20 2018. and when I run it this might be a different sample so we’ll see what we’ll see what it says

But what I was looking at is is the confidence that this is AI lower which although it’s sort of counterintuitive would make a lot of sense because the models that Rai has been trained on was not available in in 2018. and so this was Rewritten content from 2017 that 20 2018 um

And did not use AI or did not use one of these natural language processing models because these weren’t available at that time so what appears to have happened is again could be wrong but article forage got started in 2016 they built their own AI or rewriter or some version of that around

2020 when when gpd2 came out GPT 3 in 20 to 21 it looks like they at that point switched from their own internal um AI to a GPT um natural language process and model and API to create the content um but stuck with sort of the same structure of

Um identifying content and rewriting that content which then results in our what we found of a sort of Fairly unoriginal piece of content that Google chooses to to not rank um yeah it you know not not don’t don’t love sort of uh negative videos but I thought this was was pretty clear that

Um we had an interesting insight into why we would strongly recommend people to not to not use article Forge I would be very happy to to fix this if I am wrong but um I don’t see how I would be but please uh please share any information you can that would uh help

Help me be be wrong with this but yeah if you’re watching this and think about signing up for article Forge I would uh I would recommend against it um all right hope you have a good day hope this helps take care

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