Originality.ai 7 jeux d’arnaque que vous pensiez originaux

De temps en temps, un jeu nous émerveille par son éclat et son originalité. Parfois, cependant, ces jeux sont …

Coming up with original ideas is hard which is why this channel is going to be pivoting to FIFA Ultimate Team pack opening videos wait they cost how much all right forget it we’re going back to listing things as I say coming up with original ideas can

Be hard which is why it can be tempting to just take an existing idea and improve on it and if no one has ever heard of the original thing you’re ripping off even better because then it looks like you came up with it in the first place it’s a Flawless plan here

Then are seven famous original games that might not be as original as you thought enjoy Africa the Super Smash Brothers series of fighting games is famous for a few things most notably having an incredible lineup of fighters from across some of Gaming’s most beloved franchises and also somehow still not having Waluigi as a playable fighter what the hell you can KO assist Trophies by inflicting

Damage and now you get points for it too but a big part of Smash Bros appeal is its gameplay in which your chosen Fighters Chase each other down across large multi-level stages that the level zooms to give you a good look at while you avoid environmental hazards and use

Weaponry that you find lying around to do extra damage to your foes Which it must be said is a pretty spot-on description of nanko arcade game the out foxies which came out in 1994 a full five years before Super Smash Bros debut on the n64. in the Outfox easy you play as one of seven assassins who have been hired to

Kill the other six by a shadowy figure named Mr Acme the Assassins include formerly conjoined twins a washed up movie Starlet and her pet lizard and a chimp in a top hat named dweeb Cowards like Smash Bros combat in the outfoxies takes place across expansive levels with plenty of platforming needed to get around stages as diverse as a cargo plane in Flight a speeding train and a circus mid show and each stage is littered with environmental hazards and

Weapons for you to pick up and use on your opponent s oh there you go one sadly the outfoxies was largely ignored on release due to the rise of 3D Fighters at the time and the fact that the market was dominated by Capcom and SNK but there’s no denying that it

Invented many of the features that would go on to be the cornerstones of platform Fighters such as Smash Bros and the recent multiverses and how many of those games feature a chimp in a top hat firing a mountain machine gunner people exactly [Applause] here we go Rocket League it’s football but with cars and flips and explosions and it has many times more exciting than actual football as that makes it sound [Applause] in rocket League two teams of cars do battle on a pitch bordered by ramps that let you drive up the walls the objective

Is to nudge the ball into your opponent’s net scoring what we in the biz call a goal though you can have a lot of fun just smashing into each other the ball or what have you the cars can also jump double jump flip drift and boost giving you way more Precision than

You’d expect from a rocket-powered battle car More amazing still rocket league is also not the first super fast car football game and no I’m not talking about rocket League developer psionics’s previous game 2008 PS3 game supersonic acrobatic rocket-powered battle Cars one hell of a title though that is note the first game to do that was in fact

1991’s Wild Wheels for the Atari ST which was a game where two teams of cars did battle on a pitch bordered by ramps that let you drive up the walls where the objective was to nudge the ball into your opponent’s net and score a goal sounds familiar given that there aren’t

Very many ways that you can do football but with cars Wild Wheels is inevitably extremely similar to Rocket league with all of the later games chaos jockeying for position and occasional usually accidental goal scoring It even has the explosions rocket league has now sold over 40 million copies however whereas Wild Wheels is mostly forgotten although that might be thanks to what I think may be one of the worst title screens of all time some say he’s still doing that to this day

It’s difficult to Imagine A World Before the Call of Duty series difficult but rewarding it’s one of the biggest video game franchises on the planet shifting millions of copies and the release of each game is a huge multimedia event you can’t even enjoy a bottle of Mountain Dew without being

Confronted with a double XP promotion you can’t enjoy a bottle of Mountain Dew anyway because it’s got Mountain Dew in it but that’s beside the point the very first Call of Duty game arrived in 2003 from developer Infinity Ward and was instantly celebrated as a brilliant cinematic first person shooter while the

First game was set in World War II those spectacular campaign set pieces are still in evidence in 2022 in the Modern Warfare 2 remake Graphics are just slightly better though the truth is though the Call of Duty formula was established by a series that has since been all but forgotten Medal

Of Honor the series last entry was the disappointing Medal of Honor War fighter in 2012 and it is effectively dead now back in 2002 though the series announced itself with the Saving Private Ryan inspired PS2 game medal of honor front line that game’s cinematic opening recreating the chaos and brutality of

The Omaha Beach Landings set the formula for the genre going forward you won’t be at all surprised to hear that all of the 22 founding members of Infinity Ward had worked on the PC version of that game which was called Medal of Honor Allied assault after that

Project they left EA set up on their own with Activision as a publisher and the genre dominating Call of Duty series was born they only changed two of the three words in the title though come on Infinity Ward at least try and make it subtle foreign while it’s no longer the Unstoppable

Cultural Juggernaut it was a few years ago 2009’s Angry Birds is still one of the most successful video games of all time generating over a billion dollars of Revenue and inspiring among other things movies TV shows and even theme parks the premise of the game is simple

You control a catapult into which is loaded one of the titular Furious foul across the level from you are various flimsy structures containing spherical green pigs and your job is to launch that irate avian into the structures to kill the pigs simple simple and undeniably familiar if you

Happen to play a flash game released earlier the same year called Crush the Castle set in medieval times crossed the castle had you flinging rocks at various flimsy structures trying to knock them down to kill the enemy soldiers Within control of a trebuchet not a catapult but the basic premise is exactly the

Same the problem with Crush the Castle is that it was a hard to find flash game it looked drab and uninteresting it didn’t feature cute bird characters and crucially you couldn’t play it on your phone while waiting in line at the post office [Applause] still as far as rip-offs go this is

Pretty egregious I’m not Angry Birds I’m just disappointed Birds captain Wesker where’s Chris stop it don’t open that door but Chris’s what is it maybe it’s Chris when the original Resident Evil released on the PlayStation back in 1996 it defined the survival horror genre with its terrifying story nightmare fuel visuals

And truly horrifying voice acting Jill what’s going on any clues no but something’s wrong with this house whoa this Hall is dangerous maybe it’s better to secure our Escape Route first it’s story of a team of people stranded in a creepy Mansion filled with monsters was a huge hit and

Resident Evil went on to become one of the biggest franchises in gaming with dozens of games comic books and movies to its name some of which are even good Not that one so it may come as something of a shock to find out that the first Resident Evil isn’t as original as you might think in fact it’s a pretty major ripoff of a 1989 famicom game called sweet home also made by Resident Evil publisher Capcom foreign You play as a team of filmmakers exploring a creepy Mansion full of monsters in search of hidden frescoes although Sweet Home looks different thanks to the technical limitations of the famicom system a lot of the trademarks of Resident Evil and the survival horror genre in general are here including the emphasis on Survival

The Limited inventory space slowly unlocking more of their house by finding Keys a story told partially through discovering notes and most tellingly of all interminably slow animations of doors opening [Applause] of all the things to keep they went with that sweet home even included features that didn’t make it into the Resident

Evil series until Resident Evil Zero in 2002 such as being able to switch between characters at will or drop items on the ground for retrieving later A couple of things prevented sweet home from being more famous and acknowledged as the great granddaddy of survival horror for one sweet home was an adaptation of a movie and once the PlayStation era rolled around Capcom no longer had the right so had to come up with a new story instead of just

Updating sweet home and secondly sweet home only came out in Japan meaning that when Western audiences encountered Resident Evil it was the first time they’d ever experienced anything like it which led to its massive popularity Is dangerous there are terrible demons ouch in spite of the voice acting yes [Applause] inarguably the most iconic first person shooter game of all time Doom is to the FPS genre what the Big Mac is to the McDonald’s menu only with more processed meat somehow I do not want fries with that while the single player experience of Doom was Second To None when it chainsawed its

Way onto the scene in 1993 developer in software had already struck solo FPS gold the previous year with Wolfenstein 3D an FPS that had most of the major ingredients of Doom and saw you single-handedly winning World War II I tell a lie that gun would definitely

Require two hands the real key to Doom’s longevity beyond that of Wolfenstein was that it introduced the world to the concept of Deathmatch competitive multiplayer first person combat across a computer network this Deathmatch concept popularized by Doom felt revolutionary at the time and the fact that the term Death Match is

Still used by almost every multiplayer first-person shooter to this day can be directly traced back to Doom’s contribution to the genre but it wasn’t the first game to offer true networked multiplayer competitive first-person shooting that honor goes to MIDI maze six years earlier in 1987. mini maze was

An Atari St game that allowed up to 16 machines to be connected for FPS death matches by the midi ports that came as standard on the back of every Atari SD computer these midi ports were designed to allow you to connect musical instruments such as keyboards for use in

Software like the original Cubase but were instead co-opted by midi maze to allow players controlling giant smiley faces to shoot each other foreign that’s what burnt out late 80s ravers see when they close their eyes midi maze’s Innovative use of Technology designed for music production was referenced not just in the less than

Inspiring title of the game but also in the otherwise seemingly random inclusion of a musical Stave to track who had the most kills in the match bizarre given that you don’t often associate music with murder well unless you’ve heard me murder Don’t Stop Believing it karaoke life sentence no chance of parole Foreign city building game people’s minds immediately go to the cities that they built in Sim City and then those cities being destroyed by Godzilla when they got bored but while you’d be forgiven for thinking that the original Sim City released in 1989 was the first game to come up with

The idea of letting you build your own City and then run it into the ground there was in fact another game with a very similar premise that came out a staggering seven years earlier did they even have video games then foreign I mean looking at that I’m still not

Sure this is Utopia a 1982 game for the Mattel in television the first city building game and arguably the first ever real-time strategy game made for two players you each have control of an island and have to plant crops construct different buildings and can even fund Rebel activity on your opponent’s Island

To undermine their attempts as success it had randomly generated weather events like rain clouds and hurricanes Shoals of fish for your fishing boats to catch and PT boats that you could send out to sink your opponent’s fishing boats to stop them making any of that sweet fishing money foreign

The player with the best island would win and be rewarded with a slightly different sound effect because this was 1982. While Utopia had a lot of good ideas it was obviously quite ahead of its time and held back by a horrible control scheme and interface and Graphics that looked like the carpet after your dog got sick from eating too much Lego that’s why it took another seven years

For SimCity to come along and perfect the format establishing a whole new genre when it did plus no Godzilla in Utopia so you can see why it’s lost to history now along with andyville R.I.P thank you so much for watching this video brought to you by outside Xbox

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