offres à vie alternatives pictory | Créateur vidéo puissant FlexClip 49 $ (alternative vidnami)


Vous cherchez une alternative à Pictory ? Découvrez FlexClip, le puissant créateur de vidéos disponible pour une durée limitée à seulement 49 $.

Hi guys today i’m going to show you how to make a video with flex clip 2.0 version start grading by templates choose a video category sort by time or popularity hover over to any ready-made templates that interest you preview then customize firstly add a new storyboard then drag it to whatever you want

Select the background color or look for an animated background template in the left panel and trim it to properly fit the video lab You can also find stock videos and photos in flex clips media library enter the keyword to search stock video from over 1 million stock assets once the video is selected click the plus button to add it to the new storyboard Scroll down the slider in a text editing panel choose a text style you like next use the toolbar to customize the professionally made fonts change to any color imaginable and resize it to fit your unique style then type in your message don’t forget to use an overlay effect to make your video special

Activate the transition between two storyboards select the style of your transition preview the effect before applying it then enjoy the seamless video transition Captivate more viewers with animated elements in your video select for hundreds of dynamic widgets and position the object in the video resize it and customize color and finally animate object the way you want Find the perfect music from over one hundred thousand relative free music and sound effects in flexclips music library it couldn’t be easier Finally press export to download your video in high definition enter the video name and export in the blink of an eye thank you for watching amazing videos made easy with flex clip

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