Offre à vie Pictory | Examen des prix de la meilleure création vidéo AI


L’offre à vie Pictory est spéciale car vous pouvez VOIR ICI + CADEAU gratuit Mais avant de …

Victory lifetime deal is special but before you commit your best route is to take the free trial by clicking the link below this video so you can assess it for yourself this way you will know if the pictory lifetime deal is best for you up until now creating videos was

Time-consuming and lots of folk hate talking in a video or being on camera picture ai changes all that for you because it can turn any article into a video within a couple of minutes this video was made with the ai software all i did was to upload an article and

Let it do its thing and in a few minutes i had this video signing into pictory is where you start everything you can choose whether you want to create a video from an article from a script from visuals or you want to edit your video with voice and using text it

Really is amazing the best way to see how the artificial intelligence works is to try it out for free by clicking the link below this video you’ll love it you can easily brand your videos with logos etc and do voice-overs just like this and add intros and outros with complete control over design

The font and the font size the color the background and the keyword color can be changed pictory lifetime deal and pricing is fair because the cloud-based software will save you a lot of time by generating a video based on text that has already been written i made this

Video by finding an article on pictory and adapting it i just pasted it into the pictory ai cloud-based software and this is the result what do you think good bad average will you give it a go what the ai does is extract the key messages in the article

And then finds the appropriate video and images to build the video you then choose what voiceover you want to read the script from the many predefined voiceovers and press the button you can also attach a music track from a large music library to the entire video

Of course if you do want to create your video with your own voice or a pre-recorded voiceover you can do it simple easy and effective you can also choose the aspect ratio for your video depending on what platform you’re going to use it on for instance if it is on instagram the

Square aspect would be very good but if it is on youtube twitter facebook or linkedin the landscape is maybe a little bit more relevant and the portrait option is great for facebook linkedin and twitter as well you are now watching the video picture ai created for me you can assess the

Quality of the video and its visualization what do you think leave a comment below there are many other things you can do that you will find out when you do your own personal picture ai review by taking your free trial so click the link below this video to get started

You can get started completely free with pictory there is full functionality with limits on the minutes and storage so give it a try you’ll love it using pictory artificial intelligence i have found that i can really create videos fast and save an enormous amount of time this has been my review of picture

Lifetime deal pricing i hope that you liked the video and if you did please give it a thumbs up thank you so much for watching my personal victory lifetime deal review don’t forget to click the link you

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