NVIDIA RTX A4000 pour l’exploitation minière en 2022 | Essais Kryptex

Démarrer l’exploitation minière – À droite, une autre carte vidéo professionnelle testée dans l’exploitation minière. Cette fois, nous avons NVIDIA …

Getting to know professional gpus better today we are looking at rtx a4000 nvidia turned quadro and tesla distinction down and now calls this card simply by numbers our today’s guest is a former quadro card it is a frankenstein also 37 tti is cheap gddr6 without x and 16 gigs

However its 140 watts downside is too obvious all a4000 are free of lhr we get full hash rate no matter the driver version note it is a single slotted 8 pin gpu nvidia not only dropped previous naming convention but overclocking glock also great that allows me to go plus

1500 on memory another 100 encore and power limit to 95 copy and paste these settings as they are the best and cards are not different whatsoever eth almost 61 mega hashes 90 cents a day and 135 watts of draw raven coin just below 23 mega hashes 61 cents

A day and the same draw ergo mega hashes 84 cents a day same draw what’s clear is gpu works well with eth but struggles with core intensive algorithms like ravencoin to my preference a4000 is a solely working solution just like its brother a2000 we have reviewed recently if one has them

Good proceed with mining otherwise 3060 ti would be a better suit given performance per buck just recently pro cards were either price sequel or even cheaper than gaming ones but that’s no more worth to mention don’t get tricked into regular 4000 which is a 2070 copycat with no overclock and worse

Performance whoops that’s a spoiler for the upcoming video subscribe and stay tuned to never miss one download cryptex using link in the description and mine with any gpu you have huddle and to the moon see ya

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