Nouveau logiciel de site d’adhésion, alternative à Systeme io

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Hi guys under here I’ve got something really special to tell you about today and as one of my subscribers you are literally the first people to be hearing about this for the past few months I’ve been very busy working on something new which is going to be very useful to a

Lot of marketers out there if you’ve ever run your own membership site or looked into it in the past you probably already know that they’re a great way to generate recurring income or if you don’t charge for membership they’re a great way to build your email list

Whatever niche you’re in you can easily generate recurring income or generate leads by providing training tutorials videos or any other type of content that you want as part of a membership site but the problem is the membership site software is very expensive click funnels charge up to 297 dollars per month and

Even WordPress options like member press cost up to three hundred and forty nine dollars per year so unless you get hundreds of paying customers on day one it’s gonna be very difficult to make a profit but I’ve personally developed something which makes running your own profitable membership site a reality

It’s called member and it’s an all-in-one membership site script which is loaded with tons of premium features without the hefty price tag you can restrict access to any kind of content you can easily embed YouTube or other kinds of videos you can schedule your content to become available to your

Subscribers over time and you can customize the site design as you wish plus as well as that it integrates directly with PayPal for processing recurring payments and it integrates with autoresponders like active campaign get response and MailChimp so it’s got everything that you need to get a great

Membership site up and running quickly it’s also easy to install and fully documented so you can get started in just a couple of minutes you can find the link below to check out a live working demo of a member site which I set up a few days

Ago and I’m not joking when I tell you that this literally took me less than 10 minutes to create from start to finish you’ll also find some more information about the list of features further down the page as well as info on the licenses that I’m offering because there’s a one

Site license and there’s a license to install it on ten different sites and remember that this is just a one-off payment so there are no recurring fees ever unlike a click funnels all that you need to remember is a website and just about any kind of basic hosting package

With PHP installed we’ll be able to run it you can find more details in the frequently asked questions if you need them so please take a minute to check out the demo site and if you want to take advantage of this special offer you can find the links to buy below Cheers

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