Nous avons lancé Kryptex Pool ! Minez la crypto sur le pool et obtenez la crypto sur votre portefeuille !

Télécharger Kryptex – Comment démarrer l’exploitation minière sur les pools Kryptex …

Hello crypt actions cryptex is finally opening pools to everyone we offer maximum stability and profitability at the level or even higher than the best pulls mine took riptex pulls directly and get payouts to your own wallet in the cryptocurrency you’re mining cryptex pools are optimized for your profit it

Took us two years to tweak every possible detail we postponed the public launch until we were definitely convinced that we are more profitable than many and not behind the best cryptex pools use pps system to pay for your mining there is no magic luck behind which the owners of other pools

Excellently hide their mistakes cryptex pays exactly what it should and all accruals are predictable and transparent how do you start mining on cryptex pools just like on any other pool you choose a coin for now it’s only ethereum and ethereum classic set up a miner either under windows or anything mining

Specific like ios mine and get payouts to your cryptocurrency wallet that’s all we will launch pools for ravencoin and ergo in the next couple of months how are cryptex pools different from the cryptex app cryptex users have been mining on our own pools for two years now with

This public launch of our pools you have a choice to get the mined cryptocurrency immediately to your wallet and store and exchange it by yourself or to use cryptex app and cryptex infrastructure for convenient bitcoin ad cash and bank card payouts the only difference is how

And where you get your money if you want to mine crypto and get that crypto into your wallets cryptex pools are your choice if you want maximum simplicity and convenient payouts the good old cryptex app will be the right tool for you there is a link in the description

To an article on how to start mining to pull and of course there is also a link to the cryptex app if you want more convenience rather than fiddling with crypto wallets and exchanges in the upcoming video i will explain if the transition of ethereum to proof of stake is that

And what to do afterwards subscribe see ya

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