NightCafe AI Art Generator – Tutoriel et astuces pour créer des œuvres d’art à vendre à la demande Wordai

NightCafe est un générateur d’art AI GRATUIT que vous pouvez utiliser pour créer des œuvres d’art uniques ! Plonger dans l’utilisation de cet outil en tant que débutant et …

Hey guys hello Bella here and in this video we’re going to be reviewing an AI art generator called night Cafe this is a free art generator and it’s something that I’ve been playing around with a little bit I’m obviously not very good at it but I feel like the more

Information that you give it and the more that you learn about this platform the more potential it has to maybe be something that you could use to create your own art prints you could use these to sell print on demand and you could also just kind of use these for personal

Use because honestly it’s really fun to play around with so let’s take a look at some of the artwork that is on this platform so flipping over from their main website here is some of the artwork that has been popular lately we’ve got some dragons some cats a bulldog and a

Bathtub that’s really cute we’ve got a crying Emoji we’ve got some old style portrait the Earth on fire that’s probably gonna happen sooner than later some penguins at the pyramid we’ve got got some kind of bird wearing a crown so let’s just click on one of these and see

What kind of information that we can get just from having a look at it so if you click here these are people that have chosen to post their artwork publicly you can either post yours publicly or you can keep it to yourself the cool thing about this is all you have to do

Is click on settings here on the right hand side and that’s going to tell you what prompt they used to create this artwork so if you’re like me and you’re new to generating AI artwork you can kind of get a feel for what you need to be typing in in order to create

Something that is somewhat coherent and when you see my first couple of designs you’re going to be like oh that’s what you mean by coherent because some of them are honestly just laughable but anyways here is a text prompt gorgeously colored baby dinosaur in an elaborately Royal golden teacup Head and Shoulders

Portrait 8K resolution concept art Portrait by Greg Rutkowski Arch germ wlop Alphonse I’m not going to read all of this but here’s what I want you to get the concept of they are basically talking to the AI generator they’re they’re not even you know writing sentences or anything they’re just

Giving it as much information as they can and then it looks like they put in more information down here uh this tool usually will generate a couple different images with the prompt that you gave it so you can hear they change the colors a little bit and then we’ve got it uh

Somehow coming out of a lady’s head so that’s pretty cool and then we’ve got a different teacup and this teacup even managed to put the dragon on the teacup as well so I’m just having a look at that you can kind of get an idea for

Some of the things that people are doing with this um flipping over we’re going to look at some of my Creations now y’all don’t be laughing at me because I am a lady from Alabama who has only started playing with this like today so these are my first AI artwork Generations

Um you can see on this one I typed in I was trying to get it to do Justin Timberlake but I think I gave it too much information I typed in happy rubber duck with Justin Timberlake singing realistic photography cute dogs are at the concert in the audience so this is

What it gave me instead of that and these are some of the other images that were generated as you can see there’s Justin Timberlake or what might be Justin Timberlake in the right hand side here and I don’t know why that super long dog is in the water flipping over

Here we’ve got a dog that looks to be holding or near a rubber duck and then we’ve got this is a rubber duck wearing a top hat with a dog in the corner and these are all four of the images so it will allow you to create four images for

One credit and I’m going to talk about the credit structure in just a moment because while this is free they do have some paid options I think that we’re all kind of used to that as um you know as we’re living in this digital age most

Things have a free way to use it but then if you want to really use it and you want to be able to use it unlimited you do have to pay for it so this is one of the images that I used Robert Pattinson for I told it Robert Pattinson

Crying in a spaceship that has aliens around it outer space pop art vibrant colors Picasso Impressionists so I gave it that information and then this is what it gave me obviously this one’s just pretty I mean it’s kind of interesting you could honestly probably sell this if you wanted to obviously

There’s some legalities involved in selling someone’s face and selling artwork so you definitely want to check into that but we will get into their terms of service as well because I think that that’s kind of important but right now we’re really just trying to play

Around with this and see what it can do I’m not so concerned with you know selling everything that I’ve created today I’m more or less kind of seeing what is this tool capable of and you know what can we do with it so clicking here we’ve got another rendition of

Robert Pattinson this this one you can see the little tear coming down his face and he’s got his like hands covered up so that’s kind of cool and then this one is him but his eyes are like completely Whited out so that’s kind of creepy but

He is still in space it looks like and then the fourth one we’ve got uh his mouth is kind of open and he’s got this kind of artsy look to it so um you could definitely put all four of these together and then potentially um you know do something with that but

It’s kind of interesting to see um if you told it all of this stuff that it came up with those four different Renditions of it let’s take a look here at one more of my Creations that I made today so for this image I told it smiling Frida Kahlo body hair sunflowers in

Background with her cute pet cat feminist pop art dark eyebrows so um these are a little bit unhinged honestly but they’re kind of cool um you can see it put the cats on the side of her in this one and it’s got her unibrow and it’s got the sunflowers kind

Of coming out of her head and then this next one we’ve got more sunflowers coming out of her head but some on the side here the cat’s face is honestly um a little scary but I didn’t say cute I said cute cat so the fact that it did

It like that is a little bit unsettling and then we’ve got this cat at the top that’s like coming out of her head so um yeah obviously this kind of stuff is not really perfect when I said body hair um it obviously uh just kind of went

With it and put a mustache on her but I mean it’s not the craziest thing in the world to think that somebody would want to buy this um I think that as I continue I’ll see different uh ways that this could potentially be used in some of my

Businesses I I’m not going to click on this next one because it is a little risque but one thing I was reading is that this AI art generator does do not save for work stuff so if that’s something that you’re interested in and you want to create artwork in that genre

Deal with that information what you will I mean that’s that’s kind of cool that you’re able to do that because I know a lot of them have limitations on what you’re able to do so let’s just move on here and talk about their fee structure

Now that we’ve looked at a couple of my designs so all the things you just saw I was able to create for free um they give you a couple different ways to earn credits if I click here in the right hand corner it will show my profile and it will show how many

Credits I have and then you can potentially earn credits by doing things like voting in different competitions it says you earned three credits by completing your profile and if you come back to it you can earn more credits basically it’s encouraging people to be active on the platform so I mean they’re

Going to send you emails and try to prompt you to get back on there so I don’t think that you would really need to pay for this service if you didn’t want to with that being said they have a couple different fee structures and I won’t spend too much time on this

Because you know it’s pretty straightforward but obviously the more you buy um the more money you spend the more credits you’ll get if you spend uh 10 bucks you’ll get 200 credits so it cost one credit to create four Images which is what you saw me doing so

Um with that 200 credit pack you could potentially create what’s that uh two times four we’ve got 800 potential images that you could generate but you know you have to think of those which ones are going to be usable but for ten dollars I mean you could potentially

Create some prints that even if one of your prints is the only one that’s really good and you sell it for um two dollars and fifty cents on Etsy for a digital download Once you sell that four times you’re going to make your money back and then you’re gonna own that

Content and you’re also going to be able to sell it over and over again so when thinking about tools like this I won’t get into all of the ethical dilemmas when it comes to using other other people’s artwork obviously I think it’s unethical if you are going to steal

Someone’s art style and then use it for your own benefit but at this point with the art World being so large the internet being so large it does feel like there’s pretty much a gray area where everything is almost a copy of a copy at this point but um you know

Obviously you know you know what’s best for you and your business so I think just use your best judgment on that so they do also have credit packs if you don’t want to get a subscription you can just buy a credit pack so the lowest

That you could get is for 7.99 but hey if you are like me and you’re a small business owner this is a tax deduction so something to think about if you are interested in it let’s hop over and look at this other tool that they have they

Do have a pet portrait tool that you could potentially use and I I don’t think I did it very well because it did not turn out well but for the pet portrait you upload a picture of your pet and then you select a style and then it will generate an image into that

Style so let’s just take a look here this is one of our dogs his name is Zeke and he was sitting in the chair being so cute so let’s take a look at what that generated all right so you could see the style that I used was the Bitcoin goddess

Um and flipping over here uh you can see the image that it generated was obviously not very usable but that is an example of a fail I guess when using this and I did have to use one credit for that so I was a little bit you know

Upset about that but it is a learning curve I think that this is something that I’ll continue to play with and hopefully continue to get better at but I do think that like using other people’s taglines and stuff is really just honestly a cheat code to being able

To learn how to use this because with the tool like this you know there’s really unlimited capabilities once you learn how to use it you just have to figure out how to start running those props so obviously this does have some sales potential I’m going to take one of

The images that I generated and we’re gonna pop it into just a editor that I can use sometimes to mess with images so one of the things I thought was kind of funny about this honestly is that um the little dog in the corner here on

The right hand side I don’t know why it did that but I wanted to show you a way that you could potentially use this AI art generator to create things like t-shirts for print on demand or stickers or things like that and obviously you have to get a little bit more creative

In your prompts but for the sake of just learning let’s click remove background here because what we normally use is a transparent image so here we have removed the background I can also go in and just like erase that little guy over there so all I’m going to do to get rid

Of him is just hit the little eraser button so now I’ve got him erase and I’ve got the dog and the rubber ducky I can go in and add you know black background to see what that would look like I can move them around I could put

Them on a background as well obviously this is a really watered down version of what you could do with it but it’s just an example and I thought you know I would talk about this and I do want to give a shout out to another YouTube Creator his name is Ryan Hogue passive

Income he also made a video about this AI art generator and that’s how I found out about it but the cool thing is that I found out about it like yesterday or the day before yesterday and I’m able to create things with it today so it’s not

A huge learning curve I’m not a super techie person and I’ve been able to kind of play around with it and see you know some of the possibilities so I think it’s very exciting and I think it’s very cool that something like this is free because I’m sure in the past you know

These kind of things were only accessible to people who had a lot of tech background and who really knew what they were doing with it so I do want to address um obviously the terms of use um this says does the license allow me to sell my Creations or use them for

Commercial purposes so that’s what people really want to know like can I use this to make money so the short answer is if you did not use any copyrighted images in the creation process and subject to the copyright laws in your jurisdiction and you can pause this and read this whole thing if

If you want to take a look at it obviously they have more about this on their frequently asked questions page but I think overall you know it seems pretty safe to use it as long as you are obviously using things that aren’t copyrighted but as far as you know the

Terms of service they may change it says that they’re in this blurb here but overall I think it’s a really cool tool I think that it has a lot of potential all right guys wrapping up I just wanted to say that I am very excited about this

Tool and I think this is something that I could potentially use to work in my business and to have fun with I think it’s really cool that we’re at a point where normal people are able to play with these types of things and that they’re not super expensive I know that

Going forward there’s going to be a lot of changes when it comes to how art is created and while it is kind of I guess frustrating for artists it is something that I think is not going anywhere in the near future so it’s in our best

Interest to figure out how to use it ethically and how to potentially use it to um you know grow our business and to to benefit us so I think it’s a very cool tool I think that you know if you get started with it and you play around

You’ll probably be somewhat addicted to using it because honestly it’s just it’s kind of fun to just play like art God like typing in all these things and kind of seeing like what can I come up with so I’ve really enjoyed it I think it’s

Fun I think it’s a great tool and I’ll definitely be using it in the future so thank you guys so much for watching the video I will catch you guys in the next one take care

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