Mon entonnoir de vente en mode SaaS GoHighLevel de 1 million de dollars (répartition complète + cadeau)

Mon entonnoir de vente en mode SaaS GoHighLevel de 1 million de dollars (répartition complète, cadeau) [GET] Mon cours SaaS de haut niveau GRATUIT + …

What’s up you guys jason wardrop here and we  are back with part three of go high level saas   mode and this is called the cleanup funnel and  for those of you guys who are brand new here  

To the channel or this video uh my name is jason  wardrop about six years ago i started a software   company my own custom software i’ve got over 15  000 software clients paid users all paid um and  

Now i’m here to share with you guys what works  be able to help you grow your own go high level   saas business because i know how powerful it  can be and so i just want to help you guys  

Out as much as possible all right so um this  is actually video three of this i think four   or five part series depending on kind of like  how much you guys are engaging in the comments  

And what else you guys want to learn i’ll add  on more videos so if you guys do have questions   comments anything else you want to learn drop  a comment down below also don’t forget to smash  

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Plan there’s a way that you can actually give me  the affiliate credit upgrade credit and i’ll also   hook you up as well all right so anyway let’s talk  about the cleanup funnel so we talked about in the  

Last video kind of paid ads how to go through  and really scale things and in this video what   i want to talk about is if you’re going through  and generating 100 leads more than likely you’re  

Only getting about two to three people to buy on  the first pass right within the first seven days   so that means you have 97 to 98 other people that  showed interest in whatever little carrot you’re  

Dangling in front of them but for some reason they  didn’t buy maybe it was because it was too high   price for them maybe there’s just not like enough  credibility trust rapport build up with them   so for one reason or another they didn’t  buy and so now we want to clean up as many  

People as we possibly can and get as many people  onto just a monthly recurring subscription model   and that is the beauty of software and the beauty  of technology and software is we can do this on a  

Mass level all right and so what i do is i do this  with a challenge funnel okay and uh yes challenge   funnels they have been around for a while they  have worked amazingly well in the fitness space  

I actually got this one from dave woodward i was  in a mastermind with him a software mastermind and   dave woodward is one of the co-founders of click  funnels he was saying it was like their number   one funnel to get people onto their software  and increase the lifetime value all that stuff  

Broke down the entire model for me so i was like  that sounds legit i want to go through and do that   for my own business and so basically i did and  this is kind of the funnel so i’m gonna break it  

Down so let’s get a little back story on this  because um most people they’re like okay i’ve   got my website set up for my saas for my go high  level saas right and they’re like i’m gonna go  

And offer a free 7-day trial or 14-day trial i’ve  had people ask me like jason should i give like   a 30-day trial so they’re more incentivized  to go through and sign up or a 60-day trial   no nobody wants to sign up for your free trial  the every single software company on the planet  

Offers a free trial and more than likely if they  sign up for your free trial they’re going to go in   kick the tires around click around a little bit  give it 30 minutes and if within 30 minutes they  

Haven’t figured out how to go through and actually  get a result they’re done they’re not even going   to try it for another another day or two days  right that’s just kind of like how things work so  

Instead of dangling the hook of hey come sign up  for our free seven-day trial free 60-day trial   whatever it is we have to lead with the desired  end result of our client okay so how do we do  

That so for those of you guys been following me  for a while now i i worked in the real estate   space i worked with real estate agents we had  a lead generation crm platform so what are   real estate agents really interested in they’re  really interested in leads and not only leads  

But if you look at trulia and zillow and some  of these different real estate sites which   you don’t even have to be in the real estate space  that know about these these real estate agents are   buying shared leads so basically somebody opts in  on zillow saying i’m interested in this house and  

Then zillow goes and sells that same lead to like  four or five different agents in the same area and   they’ll sell it for like 30 bucks and now they’re  taking that one lead turning about like 150 to 200  

Because they can and so what i know realtors  really wanted were leads and they wanted exclusive   leads and we wanted to put a time frame on it  so what we would do is we had a challenge funnel   and so we would say get 15 exclusive leads  

In 30 days okay and the thing is is you want  to under promise and over deliver like we had   times where we would get people over 40 leads  in their first 24 hours in their first 48 hours  

And so we’re like yes we 100 can get 15 leads in  30 days for anyone that jumps onto our system but   15 leads is significantly more than what they’re  seeing from their current website so we’re able to  

Say okay we’re going to get you 15 leads they’re  going to be exclusive we’re going to do in 30 days   we’re going to do all the templates we’re going  to get you the training and we’re actually  

We’re just going to have a member of our team  set it all up for you and the reason why we   would do that to kind of push things over the  edge is one we know that they would get results  

And two we knew it would actually help us out  because they wanted that but then also by helping   them set things up and get things started they saw  results and then they actually would stay on the  

System longer all right so then what we would  do here is we would have we started out at a   97 lead challenge right here get 15 leads in  the next 30 days and then we’re like hey we’re  

Gonna do an order form bump for 98 bucks and i’ve  covered this on another video so maybe some of you   guys have seen this and so we covered that the 98  bucks and then we saw like 60 percent of people  

Choosing this order form bump here for a member  of our team to set everything up for them   and so we’re like man if so many people are  choosing this let’s just not even give them  

The option for the order form bump let’s take  the price from 97 and let’s bump it up to 199.   and just include that in part of the initial sale  like hey we’re just going to do it for you we’re  

Going to set up that first lead campaign because  we know if we set it up you’re 100 guaranteed to   get results so they’re going to going to be happy  and they’re going to stick around with us right  

And then we had another order form bump right  here and this was like unlimited leads training   and kind of the secret sauce right there is if  you look at kind of any sales funnels in the  

E-commerce space like let’s say you’re buying like  skin cream so what do you do you go through and   you you lead with skin cream let’s say you’re  getting it for 4.95 free shipping this little  

One bottle of skin cream well what do all of the  e-commerce guys say to sell as the upsell you sell   more of what you just sold so then you go and you  sell one little bottle of skin cream and on the  

Next page hey get a bundle of five for just 99 or  99.95 or something like that so you sell more of   what you’re already selling so here we are selling  leads and then hey order form bump would you like  

Unlimited leads we’re going to give you all of  our leads training buyer leads seller leads open   house leads divorce lead like every type of lead  possible we’re going to give you the training and   the templates of how to go through and do that  and that worked extremely well as well and then  

Kind of like if you guys watched that last video  what we would end up doing is we would go and have   an annual upgrade now this annual upgrade on the  30-day lead challenge i wouldn’t say it worked  

As well um as it worked on like the webinar it  worked really well on the webinar because i was   demoing different parts of the software i was  showing them how to do things so they were able  

To see visually oh man that would make sense  to get that for an entire year whereas like   on this uh this challenge page we weren’t really  showing a ton of the software so to go through and   say hey upgrade for 497 and get an additional  you know nine months or whatever the software  

Just didn’t make a lot of sense because not  everyone knew what the software was that we   were upselling them so i actually you can throw it  right in there and in the template that i have in  

My 2k page program i have it in there as an option  but i actually recommend not doing that so then   you don’t see like so money hungry and all that  stuff but just rolling them in to this 199 plus  

This one time upsell and then getting them on and  the great thing is it’s a 30 day lead challenge   okay give them 30 days in the next 15 weeks the  next 30 days so what happens after 30 days they   roll into a natural rebuilding monthly software  subscription cycle right and yes you’re very  

Clear about that upfront you’re not trying to go  through and and um you know hide it behind the   scenes of like oh yeah you just automatically get  get on rebuild no you’re very upfront about it but  

Now after 30 days you’re on rebill and so now  you’re getting a lot more people on a monthly   software subscription that maybe did not invest  into your program the higher ticket program   initially and actually the people that came  in from our 30-day lead challenge the lifetime  

Value how long they stuck on was actually  significantly longer than the people that just   bought off of the webinar okay which i thought  was extremely interesting so we actually had more   people buy through this funnel and the lifetime  value the churn rate was significantly less and  

Lifetime value was significantly more so kind  of crazy um stats to go through and look at so   anyway guys hopefully this was helpful so you kind  of start out just kind of a little recap of the   last couple videos you start out with the organic  strategies nailing down one free traffic source  

One free offer one free funnel or one  core funnel right to get thing people in   and then we’re gonna go through and scale that  with facebook ads which i highly recommend   and go through and scaling that offer then we’re  gonna have this cleanup funnel right here to go  

Through and get more people onto your software  platform and then in the next video which is   my favorite of all is how to go through enforce  virality with your marketing with the people that   are already getting on your email list that are  not buying and even the people that are buying to  

Help you push it out to more people to get more  people coming back into your world and sign up   for your software platform so if you guys want to  see that make sure you smash the like button drop  

A comment down below um and uh be on the lookout  for that video here in the next couple of days   once again if you guys want this exact funnel plus  all of my other funnels my templates everything   and these are just like random templates right  these are like literally the exact templates i  

Used in my business the exact templates that  got me 15 000 software clients right so those   are the templates i’m giving you so like massive  massive amount some of these funnels i pay people   12 000 or more to build these funnels out  for me and i’m just giving them to you guys  

When you sign up for go high level under  my affiliate link or if you’re already on   the 97 or 299 297 plan and you upgrade to the 497  plan and give me that affiliate credit which i’ll  

Show you guys how to do in the link down below  in the description as well in the top comment   then i will hook you guys up with all of this  my two thousand dollar paid program because i  

Want to help you guys out and help you succeed so  with that said guys i will talk to you all later

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