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What’s going on guys this is todd with with another video update review of link whisper i love this wordpress plugin i believe you should get it i’ve been using it for three weeks now i absolutely love the plugin i use the plugin on every blog post that i write

And right now i’m on the orphan post page report on link whisper which is right here on this page orphan pages mean there is no internal links um to the pages at all there is no internal link their shoulder external links means the links go outside

So one link to youtube or google that’s a different link internal link links to one of my posts i’ve written inside the blog as you see here there’s a few here that has no links at all um and what you can do with this and what you can do with this is um

You can add open another page and you can simply add links right there and there on the post going really slow where’s my internet but let that load up some but you see here i have no links here and you can simply just add links

At will that load up so it’s going to this is my blog post here and loading up is reading all my posts send the five percent let that load up so you see here all these posts here don’t have any links at all so the 99 percent let that load up some

While a lot of loading will go to here and you see here have new links here and it shows you know outbound internal links um but no you know inbound links no inbound internal links so i have to fix that it’s still loading up it takes a little while but watch this

Is loading up i’m gonna give you some tips um the fastest way to do this um to get links in that going this process is after you finish your blog post um see it as a draft and then link whisper will be below your page and you can simply um

Edit it there i’ll give you an example um i’ll give you an example here the faster way of doing this well i’ll have to like go back and deal with all this loading up so here it now loads up and you can see here you could add links you know

Here here is the uh anchor text here make money online and it will link to this post here and you hit the check box like check mark you hit check all if you want to well i go through each one and make sure it relates to the post

Um you wanna make money online hiding behind no capital here you go you’re my own no capital that’s a good one here’s this boot camp and you can do all this check all that i mean a lot of links to a lot of links um get down to the bottom here

And i think over the top you go to back to the top hit add links so i checked those for hit add links add links to that post all right let’s go here go to drafts okay one minute All right take a time uh let’s see let that load up and if we go here and uh let’s see yeah i’m editing this post here go to edit going two screens at once here it takes a while you go to edit here the piece run really slow i apologize for that

So i’ll write a review of link whisperer right now and here’s some of the posts and you scroll down here they’re going to generate links for you while you’re writing the post um so the fast way of doing this is to get this get links g lake whisperer earlier it’s a

It’s like a seven seven dollars for one site i think like 117 for three sites you pay once a year but if we do a blog post today it’s a lifesaver i mean it will help with traffic as well um and what i do with my fins right in the post

I’ll hit save draft and then this will populate all the links for me and i can add it on and then schedule it or publish it that day so that’s be the easy way of doing it if you’re starting a blog and you want the what tools do you need i would say

If you have extra you know seven seven dollars eighty bucks to pay some once a year um you’ll need a lot of tools for blogging maybe an autoresponder um don’t need a lot of tools like paid tools maybe a premium theme but if you trust our online business for under like 200.

300. i would definitely use this plug-in because as you can see here it has added know i can put this here it’s my text hard work is anchor text and they’ll lead to this post here write a blog post look at this post here i could check both those hit update posts

And those links add successfully it’ll update the post so yeah if i had to start over again i would get a blog i’ll get a premium theme i’ll get link was got premium themes like 60 dollars like uh whispers like 77 bucks for a year so you have 150 160 and

Maybe auto spotting 30 bucks a month so over under 200 dollars you can start a brand new business online and once this loads up we’ll see it once it loads up it’s going real slow for me i apologize yeah here you go here’s the links here and here one two links here

And there you go i would suggest you highlight it because sometimes it won’t highlight so i’ll go ahead and make it a green color so a person will read the post there you go links it says add it and that is it that’s how simple it is

To um hit save and how simple it is to import your internal linking that a7 plug-in and actually starting a new blog you pay for the blog you you know the premium theme you pay at one time you’re done for it you have it for life

So the premium theme you’ll be a premium theme you could use a free theme for right now but you know starting off cost will be autoresponder 30 bucks a month late whisper you know seven seven dollars for a year if you’re talking about you know 150 bucks or 200 hours

200 hours you’ll need a premium theme you can use a free theme for right now and that will get your blog up and going getting content and that’s the only tools you really need you don’t really need much else but a plug-in help you get traffic autoresponder that’s it you know that is

It you’ll need nothing else you crank out content for a blog so that’s it at the end of the video link whisperer hope you enjoy video please like the video share the video i’ll see you next time

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