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J’ai utilisé Link Whisper pour surclasser le créateur de l’outil, Spencer Haws de Niche Pursuits. …

Hey what’s going on it’s Doug Huntington here and in this video I’m going to tell you about internal linking internal links are basically like hyperlinks on your site that are pointing to other pages that are also on your site so it allows someone to like see a term see a

Topic and then click that link and then read more about it on your site and those interlinks you know they do a couple things one it’s more engagement on your site so someone is learning more from your site they don’t have to go to Google or anywhere to look at more

Information they could just get more information right there on your site so that’s that’s good from an engagement standpoint additionally when you have those links Google crawls your site you know they index everything in the world and then they they can see that this link is pointing to this other piece of

Content and hopefully they’re relevant and they see that you know there’s a link going there and that is helpful in some way so backlinks just in a general sense are sort of like a vote for a piece of content and those votes can also come from within your site so it’s

A very big simplification there but go with me on this the point is these internal links are important and when you’re publishing content you may be aware that you need to add some internal links so let’s say you write a new post and then you’re gonna add some internal

Links to go to some of the older posts this is fairly straightforward and most people you know are aware to do that if you’re not doing that you should the thing that’s a little bit harder is when you publish that new post or let’s say you’ve been publishing some content and

You have say 15 or 20 posts out there and you’ve placed internal links to other posts that’s great however you don’t have any links pointing to the new post that you just published from older posts that is kind of a pain in the ass

To do and that’s why a lot of people end up missing that part of the puzzle now it’s not hard to do especially when you’re looking at like a one-off you know post right if you publish one post and you’re you know you publish it and you’re thinking hey I’m gonna add some

Links not a big deal you and go search through some other posts where you know it’s like relevant to link to that new piece of content not a big deal however most of the time most people overlook it right so you publish some content and you end up with fifteen

Or twenty or a hundred posts out there new posts that don’t have any links going from like the older post so in that case it is a bit overwhelming it’s a little hard to manage and a lot of times when those two things happen you

Just don’t do it and that’s what I did or did not do for a very long time so one route that you can take is simply like make a list you know get a spreadsheet make a list of all the URLs that you have and then you can sort of

Log like the links you can manually look through that takes a long time it’s very time-consuming don’t do it that way let’s look at three examples of interlinking that are done really well and I’m going to throw myself in the mix too we’re looking at Neil Patel site

Neil Patel calm and just I arbitrarily picked a a blog post here and Neil Links internally all over the place any links externally as well so this is an external link here we see an internal link here and we’ll just kind of scroll down and you can see there’s another

Internal link right here we got another external link and it gets kind of boring if I just keep reading but you can see there’s a ton of internal linking through here here’s a link to Moz right there and the point is there’s a lot of different places that you can interlink

Especially if you publish a ton of content like Neil and he’s constantly like making internal links and external links which is totally natural his content is often long-form a lot of times I’ll put in videos here like you see and let’s look at my site now so

This is a niche site project we’re looking at the like one of these ultimate guides for the Amazon affiliate niche site and we’ll see here so I link out to a smart passive income share sale Clickbank here here’s a couple internal links right here and then you’ll see

Something interesting once I you know there’s a few external links and more other things in here but I do have like a couple areas of like navigation so this goes to project a white hat this goes to how much you can make with Amazon affiliate sites this goes to youtube so it’s not

Technically an internal link but it’s keeping people like engaged with the work that I’m doing and let me get down to this sort of table of contents type zone right here so we have internal links and this is actually a silo alright so there’s links throughout and

You can see that you know I’m on board with the internal linking structure here next we’re going to look at the blog over at H refs and this is a meta situation so this is literally a blog post about internal linking so you should go have a look at it and again as

Normal external link over here to my friends at ninja outreach you have a page refs link right here you have a link to Google and we’ll just sort of scroll down and you can see there’s quite a few like just links in general and you will also notice we have

Like a topic cluster mention here which they talk or they link over to hub spot and so on the point is there’s a lot of internal links here and external links and with the external links you can you know link to things that are super relevant to what you’re talking about

And the internal links can be very helpful as well which is of course the topic of the discussion today there are other like tools and crawlers out there think screaming frog has some functionality to do this you’re gonna use a tool like a drafts or semrush or

So on right there’s a lot of tools that will let you know like internally where you know links are going additionally a free option is the search console so the Google search console you could hop in there sort of get an idea of your internal backlink profile so that’s

Great recently a tool has been released it’s a wordpress plugin called link whisperer and i’ve been using that and it was put out by one of my friends spencer hawes over at niche pursuits and it works really well for the most part there’s many i’ll do a tutorial on the

Whole tool but basically you have an option to add links whenever you’re publishing an article it’ll sort of you know give you some options it uses an algorithm to try and figure out like what relevant links maybe good to add in that particular post however there’s also a great piece

Of functionality where you can like run a report on all the URLs on your site and then you can see how many internal links they have pointing to it that you can see how many internal links are pointing to other posts from that post and you can see the number of external

Links so it’s a pretty like powerful report and it’s sort of a slice of the functionality that you can get from a tool like screaming from and it’s right there in your WordPress dashboard so very convenient there’s no major issues with using link whisperer it’s not a

Very expensive tool for the most part especially if you have a big site it’s a great time-saver but there are some quirks with it so like if you have a particular post that you’re trying to build links to but it’s a topic that you don’t cover elsewhere on your site

You’re gonna have to like do some more manual work so anyway I’ll do more tutorials about using link whisperer but basically you should be having internal links and you know as a rule of thumb I would usually tell people hey add 2 to 5 internal links for every post that

You’re publishing and every post should have like 2 to 5 links going to it that way you end up with sort of a a good like web of links on your own site now the thing is it’s kind of a sloppy approach so recently with the aid of

Link whisperer I was able to like improve the rankings on a few posts and I’m testing this before I’m rolling it out in like a big way but I was able to improve the rankings significantly for a couple terms on a niche site project and I can see like there’s more impressions

On the search console there’s more clicks and there’s more traffic on those pages so it’s a very worthwhile and I encourage you to just like pick one post try it out see what you can do with it like build links to it internally and then hopefully you know your rankings

Will move up or you will get some sort of feedback if you have any questions on internal linking leave a comment below I’ll do my best to either do a video on it or answer you directly in the comments below again I found it to be

Like very effective in like a very quick way so one of the very cool things with the internal linking is you seem to get a like result and impact within a few days instead of like if you get an external backlink it may take a pretty

Long time for the results to show show up and like rankings to move up and all that but like these internal links like all on your site like you get an impact really fast so if you’re new to the channel have a look at some of the other

Videos if you like what you see or if you found this video helpful hit the thumbs up or leave a comment say hey Doug this video and if you do like these topics subscribe thanks

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