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L’importance de la segmentation de la liste dans le marketing par e-mail

Dans la vidéo d’aujourd’hui, je vais vous montrer à quel point systeme.io est puissant. Comment créer votre premier entonnoir de vente, comment configurer et…

Hello and welcome my name is Richard Johnson and today I’m going to be sharing with you how you can use system IO from A to Z to completely build up in Automated Business let’s jump in all right so if you’re not too familiar the system that I’m talking about today is

System.io and if you haven’t signed up yet and you want to get started with your free account check the video description for a link to where you can start as well and you can either follow along with the video or go back in after you’ve watched the video so so this is

Where you would go to uh get your free account now I’m going to show you why here in just a second why I feel that system IO is very very powerful for both the cost um and you can start building funnels you can start blogs we’ll get

Into all that here in just a second but let’s check out why this is such a big deal so if we go under pricing right here you can see that you can get started completely for free and your free account is going to give you access

To uh building up an email list list of up to 2,000 emails you get an unlimited amount of emails that you can send you can also build um three funnels you can have 15 funnel steps you can also have a Blog build courses communities and the

List goes on and on so you can get started for free and but you don’t have to start paying to have access until you get 5,000 uh emails in your contacts which is very very powerful so anyone that’s in the affiliate marketing space or funnel space is going to know that

The more context you have the more income potential you have so if they say general rule of thumb you should be making about a dollar per email in your system so the free plan you can use up until you’re making about $2,000 a month roughly and then 5,000 10,000 so forth

And so on so let’s jump in here so this is my dashboard this is a a brand new account that I just made so it’s got no leads or anything anything um but from the dashboard here you see you’ve got your main dashboard which I’m on now you’ve also got affiliate

Dashboard and this is where you’ll go to and you can see uh your affiliate commissions you’ve earned through systemo or any of their affiliate offers but before we get into that let’s jump over to the funnel section so we’ll go to create new so we’ll hit create and you’re going to see

There’s several different options here you get to name your funnel we’re just going to name this one test funnel and you’ve got access to build an audience to sell a product to do something fully custom or run an evergreen webinar for the sake of this video uh being beginner uh geared

Towards we’re going to select build an audience so you go to build an audience and then down here you can go to select your currency I’m just going to leave mine on US dollar you can change yours to whatever you need once we have that that step done to get into your funnel

You’re just going to click on the name and this is going to bring you up to a bunch of different templates that you can select now I like to keep things more simple I don’t like my funnels to have a whole lot of stuff going on I

Want to have my reader keep their focus on the text on the screen or the information that I’m trying to provide and not just an image that doesn’t add any value so I’m going to scroll down here and try to find something pretty simple so let’s check uh this one

Looks fairly simple so if we select this one you’re going to notice that it takes you to this step so you’ve got your you’ve got two steps in this one you got a squeeze page which is your main page then you’ve got a thank you page so

We’ll leave it on squeeze page and if you go to edit it’s going to take you into your edit screen so you’re going to notice that there’s some some things at the top here uh um you may want to keep that stuff there I personally don’t so if you

Hover over to where you you can see here on the screen it’s selecting like everything at top and click on it and just hit delete we’ll do it manually it doesn’t want to work um so we’ll delete this okay delete this okay there we go it was hiding from me

Okay there we go so you can delete that row and then everything moved up so you can click on preview and it’s going to show you what it’s going to look like if someone were to go to this so right now this is like I said pretty basic I don’t

Want to distract anybody from the main goal here but we’re going to go back and edit this a little more so you’re going to see if you scroll down here that a lot of of this stuff especially when you’re starting out making your first one may not

Be relevant to what you are trying to accomplish with your funnel okay so I am just going to delete everything but the main page as we’re deleting it here just because you want it to be simple okay I find that simple is better so let’s just say let’s just say

That you are in the space where you want to teach people how to make money online so this makes sense because you’ve got the phone you got the tablet and everything so if you click on the text over here you can select it all and you can say something like

Um let’s just say live the lap live the laptop lifestyle right and then you can select the text down here and you can say if you have ever dream dreamt Of on a beach with your we’ll say spouse enjoying a 3we vacation and making money online every day and auto pilot I have just the thing for you okay I put a lot more thought into it but just for time so just have if you’ve ever

Dreamt of sitting on a beach with your spouse and joying a 3we vacation and making money online every day on autopilot I have just the thing for you so the the main purpose of this of this first page is going to be to capture an

Email so what you’re going to want to do I think I’m going to delete uh see how this works I’m delete that and then I’m going to click here so this is a button so if when I clicked on this oh so when I click on this here

You’re going to see that this brings up a screen right here that says button okay so this button is going to be something that activates the next step in the funnel so it takes you from The Squeeze page to the next step so um the drop down here you can either submit

Form it’ll take them to the next step you can show a popup you can open a URL or you can go to the next step in url or you can download a file so what I want to do is I’ll keep it on Next Step um and and for what I would

Do if I were in the space for making money online would say click here for a free training webinar to no I need to fix a couple things so with me one second all right so then I can make that button bigger so talking about making money

Online and then click here for a free training webinar so you can do several different things like that you could also do form input and then I’m going to go back to the button and I’m going to say all right so you got an email box there

And then it says where can I send a free training webinar email right up above it so we’ll hit save and then we’ll go to preview and then you’ll see live the laptop lifestyle bit about the beach and then you can enter your email here you test gmail.com and then you click

This and it will capture the email and then you can set things up from there so we’re going to go back here a couple other things that I do want to point out is you’ve got all the boxes you can make so you’ve got text boxes headline

Bulleted list content box you can insert video audio Carousel pictures you can set multiple columns and sections so there’s a lot you can do here you know you can even um have have it display Facebook comments share to Twitter you can have a countdown so you could even do something like you

Know you got a timer down here that you can set and let’s set that timer much less let’s do like a 10 minute so if you go to delay you can actually set like let’s just say you did 10 minutes okay so then you could you could change

Here um in the button and you could go down to the text and you can say free training webinar spots filling up fast so if we did something like that and you get a preview when someone would go to this it starts the countdown so they’re like okay spots filling up fast

I’ve got 10 minutes does that mean that the spots are going to get filled in 10 minutes is there like a few spots left so having that timer can help create some urgency for someone to want to hurry up get the email grab whatever you’re offering and and not miss

Out so we’ll go back to our our funnel and I’m going to click on the second page so um that’s the thank you page so if we go to that um I’ll keep the I’m going to select this one because it goes with uh what we just set up the

Other page or squeeze page I mean and again we can delete everything I’m going to leave it be for now but this is where you’ll have you know you can select this where it says thank you for your purchase thank you for signing up for the free webinar right check your email

Check your email for Access right so it it could be as simple as that you can delete everything else and just leave it as this thank you for signing up for the free webinar check your email for Access right and you can delete everything else if you wanted

To um and so when you save that we’ll go back and this is what they would say thank you for signing up for the webinar check email for Access so then they know okay I’m going to get an email which that’s the the next thing that I want to

Talk about so after you’ve set up your funnel you’ve got everything set up like you want you can go over here to the emails into the campaigns uh link and under campaigns you can create an email campaign we’ll name this one test campaign and we’ll just put campaign for test funnel

Okay once we have that you just come over here and click on test campaign and it’ll bring into your emails so then you can hit create you can create a subject I’ll just do test email one you can uh have a sender email so if

You happen to have a email that you uh want them to respond to be able to reply back to you that way you can you can get engaged with your community you can put that email here typically you want to have a professional email so you could

Go to Google domains buy buy a domain name get an email you don’t have to do that though okay if you just want to use a personal email I highly recommend taking a trash email uh that you have and setting that one up nice if it’s your your first name

Last name or support you know whatever it may be you want to have an email here that is is main purposes for for getting response from your community so I’ll just leave mine open like this and um you can do classic editor or visual editor and visual editor you can

Select different kinds of templates they only have a few so we’ll do uh classic and so inside here you’ve got your subject line you’ve got your sender name your sender email you can upload any attachment that you would want to have over here as well and when you’re

Setting these up there are a few important things to note here so you can say hello and if you look down here where it says available person personalization substitutes it it tells you what you can put in and these are little bits of code that tell the email responder what to

Put in there okay so if you all right so you don’t have to type these in so if you go to Hello and in the center here it says substitute variables if you hover over if you click on that it’s going to give you the variables that are available so you can

Hit uh first name thank you for signing up for the free webinar below you will see the link to gain instant access I am looking forward to seeing you there right and then now you could um up here you can hit link and it’ll bring up a link box and you can

You can copy and paste a link in there hit the check and it’ll it’ll put the link in there to Spruce it up you could put some images if you want to you know put a pick of my pretty mug right there and resize it a little bit because that’s way too big

Right so make that smaller leave it centered and then all you would have to do is just hit save and then we will save and publish now when you hit save and publish it’s going to activate the email so the email will be sent

After a step we’ll get to that here in a minute but you can select days on your you can select delays on your email so if somebody opts into your funnel the first email you want to do minute so let’s just say you want to do one minute after they opt into your

Funnel and you just just hit activate and exit and then you’ve got test eml1 is delayed for 1 minute after they opt into your funnel and that’s how that works now one step that I miss so we’ll back we’ll backtrack just here for a second is under test email under squeeze

Page you want to have automation rules so scroll down and hit add rule so funnel step form subscribed that’s what you want so this tells it that when someone subscribes to that form because you put the email box there and when they click that the button it takes them to your uh

Thank you page and it is going to uh know that they subscribe to your form you capture the email and it’ll be in your uh in your emails tab okay so don’t miss that step like I did and not have it work properly so Under The Squeeze

Page automation rules you want to add rule in funnel step form subscribed so then we’ll go back to our emails okay thanks for bearing with me I appreciate it and when you go back here you can create another email and this will do Testa email too everything will leave the same and

Let’s just say you sent them the webinar so then maybe the day after uh you would say something you would have an email that says um I really hope you enjoyed the free Webinar yesterday I would love to get some feedback on your thoughts right that way you’re building a community so you’re asking questions and getting engagement um if for any reason you did not get to watch the webinar I have included the link to it below and

Again one thing we forgot we’ll do hello and then substitute variable first name right and then you can put the link down here you can add another picture and save and publish and it’ll this email will be sent after test email 1 and then we’ll delay it one day after test email one

Was sent so save so now you’ve got your your test email one that goes out 1 minute after they subscribe to your form and then you’ve got test email 2 that goes out one day after they um got the other email so then you can you can keep

Building these emails out and you know the goal is to have you know 6 months a year worth of emails even if you don’t send them out every day maybe you do a Weekly Newsletter maybe you do a monthly newsletter depending on what your business is you may have something

Different so if it’s weekly 52 emails on here would be a Year’s worth of emails that you’re sending out to your client base right so that’s what’s very important is that you spend the time doing this now and then later you don’t have to do it

Anymore you can just come in and tweak an email here and there and and send out one whenever you feel like it um and then very important you can go to statistics and you can see number of emails sent average percent opened um how many are getting sent to

Spam and average percentage of bounced emails so this will give you a lot of information that you know you’re going to need so you want to know if my initial email after they subscribe to my form keeps going to everyone’s spam box then you want to find out why is it

Going to spam is it a keyword in your uh subject line that’s sending it to spam is it a keyword the body of text that’s sending it to spam then you can start making tweets so that way you can see a higher higher percentage of open emails now the next thing that’s really

Cool is that you can actually start a blog within system.io so if we click on the blogs tab we’ll go to create and we will name this one test blog and you can set a custom URL so if this is is branded in any way you certainly can add that extension on the

End of it so ums system.io test blog that would be your link and then um let’s just say apologize a little hard to see computer’s being a little weird all right so you want to start up a website and blog well you have fully built website templates in here that you

Can use so we’ll go back me scroll down a little bit we’ll select that one we’ll hit save all right I’m going to wait for this to load up so now we have our blog all right now that you’re in your blog you’ve got all of these different uh

Blog titles and you’ve got different categories so if you want to edit any of these titles you just click on the uh three dots over here and you’ll go to settings and then you can say you know welcome to my first blog under short description welcome to my

Blog and then you can even select like what date and time you want your blog to be posted you can select your images and you hit save so then you have your to go to the actual blog itself you just click on the name it brings you to your blog and you’ve got

The images that you can change and upload and then you’ve got all the body of text you can delete some images but again you see how you can build all those and then you have any other blog post you have that will be um suggested

At the bottom so if you were to preview this like it were on the web you can see the blog post you could even put text inside here to link to another blog post whatever you want to do um that your amount of creativity is literally uh Limitless in

Potential okay and then you can also uh go in there and you can leave links to your Twitter Pinterest Instagram Facebook again so you can start building community and I will do deep dives into the the blogs and emails and all that stuff in another video but this is just

A toz so you can see exactly how system di IO works and and how you can build uh and scale online businesses with this uh free to Start program now you might ask yourself so all of this is free but I don’t really see anything here that

Helps me start making money online so again that’s what I’m getting to is that you still have uh some options through system IO to make some money online so if you go to dashboard and go to Marketplace okay so you’re going to see offers over here that are affiliate

Offers so you’ve got um you’ve got the ultimate cure for diabetes without insulin medication maybe you’re in the health Niche and this is something that makes sense for your content you can use that or give away a million doll ebook done for you digital marketing guide ebook with Master resale

Rights and private label rates so you could even uh like for me maybe that makes sense to me so you can click on there this is a offer that looks like it just started yeah just started today uh 50% commissions and you can look down here and it’s a free ebook

With UPS sales so you’ve got here where it says sales page you can hit promote and it’ll take you to their um their funnel and their page so you see here it says a million dooll ebook how to set up a done for you digital product using this guide how to

Set up your online shop so you can deliver the product with same resale rights with ease and automation so everything that I just shared with you they set up this in system IO so if you hit get it now so digital product business ebook onetime payment of

$97 and if you uh recall in the uh step back you get 50% commission so if someone were to um buy this and and pay $97 you get 50% of it so you could um you could buy this and then you’ll have the ebook that you have Master resell

Rights you have white label rights to it what that means is that once you buy this they’re going to give you a digital copy that you can brand as your own and you can Market yourself and you can sell it yourself so and this book is going to show you

How to do all that so then you can you can go make your own funnel about this and you can Market it yourself and sell it yourself and then you’re pocketing 50% commissions so that’s how that’s when you can start making some some money is when you look at these

Different offers all through system IO now there are other uh platforms that you can use like digistore 24 ClickBank and there’s many many more affiliate marketplaces out there as well so thank you so much for watching if you haven’t already there is a link down below to

System.io that is my affiliate link you don’t have to use that if you don’t want to but it does help support the channel if you do and make any qualifying purchases on those plans if if there are any features that you want to learn more about that I didn’t cover in this

Complete a toz guide on system.io let me know in the comment section if there’s anything you want to know about and I’ll make a video covering just that for you and again my name is Richard Johnson thank you so much for joining me have an absolutely amazing day we’ll talk to you soon

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