L’art de l’IA fait peur

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I’m just going to try the exact like a very similar prompt to what we just saw on Reddit just one oh my god it works okay let’s go that looks nothing like what we saw on the subreddit where’s the cat and what is this a pool cue well we

Finally got a different style that’s good all right a Michelangelo original this actually looks kind of cool like the DVD cover for Dragon Ball super season 6. all right James Corden punching himself we lost Vegeta but we got something even better very cool that looks nice that looks very nice

We’ll try Yu-Gi-Oh sure how about Yugi Moto drives riding skateboard eating Apple blue eyes white dragon holy [ __ ] that’s awesome it’s missing like almost everything you love to see that okay let’s start taking a few things out here to stop confusing it how about Yugi Moto writing skateboard eating Apple Jesus Christ

Like Yugi and Bart Simpson did a Fusion Dance and there’s no apple all right how about just Yugi Moto riding skateboard that who who is that all right we ventured into a different realm now commas don’t do anything I’ve tried with and without commas a million times now I

Don’t think commas do [ __ ] my God that’s actually the closest we’ve come so far and things like 4K training on Art station Etc et cetera I did that already though with Unreal Engine it didn’t work but here we’ll try it again how about this just Yugi Moto trending on Art station

That that would not be trending on Art station and that’s not Yugi Moto it’s the same guy they just gave me the same guy on a different side 60 steps is not enough or 80 steps is not enough cranking it all the way to the max

Didn’t really seem to do much last time but we’ll try they really like this guy who why is the AI so married to this design they were so close when I was misspelling Yugi’s name it really is attached to this character okay let’s switch it up Optimus Prime Unreal Engine oh

We’re getting somewhere all right now let’s get a little more descriptive Optimus Prime shooting laser beam from chest at um statue dealer’s choice on what statue and we’ll do it 4K not terrible looks more like that rock villain from Courage the Cowardly Dog Who eventually got a coat and calmed down but

We’re getting somewhere how about Optimus Prime shooting green laser beam from eyes not at anything in particular concept art 4K not bad I guess at least this time it’s close though like we’re getting there oh who is it shooting they just threw a victim in here for

Some reason it’s like Pacific Rim made in Roblox whoever it is they’re wearing a fedora the AI does not like redditors I guess the AI is wanting to kill humans Maybe maybe that’s what it’s trying to say who’s like a really cool person like long long ago

That’s not Jesus Christ okay we’ll do Tony the hawk he’s not he’s not that old but we’ll do Tony Hawk Tony Hawk this is as simple as it gets the person the style I don’t know who Edgar Edgar is let’s let’s look him up maybe this is right on the money

Tony Hawk what if I just do Tony Hawk nothing else what did they do to his face and his hands he’s got little snakes on his hands and he’s skating on notebook paper what it what the [ __ ] went wrong here that’s his newest trick yeah maybe moist Esports yeah let’s see

How this goes this is this is gonna be a disaster I already know this is kind of hype where are we they didn’t even get our logo in here oh come on photo of Tony Hawk 4K realistic Studio light sure let’s try I’ll just copy that verbatim things they resub funky

You see the update to the dominant developer drama yeah I did tappy wow goodness me Mr Hawk interesting very interesting all right it’s not doing a great job with faces so let’s give it something that’s not superhuman like let’s do how about an animal we’ll do lion [ __ ] that actually looks good

Why does it have two two extra oh my God what are these four noses no the more steps isn’t going to change much I’ve done Max steps I’ve done low steps it’s all kind of the same wow that actually had a huge difference this time around and there’s a spaceship now

I guess this guy broke his leg oh he wait the lions got three normal lion legs and then one human arm which he’s surprising this guy with all right that looks like a pretty good fight going on there it’s doing a lot better with animals so that’s that’s something to build off

All right I’ll try this we’ll see this is awfully descriptive this is about as descriptive as you can really get for this scene so let’s try oh I got a few things here okay so it didn’t get the battle with a human it did get the realism

It did get the golden hour and the high contrast it’s got some big biceps all right let’s try something scary I’m just gonna type in scary go go why oh wait my CFG scale is too high for that that’s pretty good let’s let’s try it horror

And let’s lower the CFG I’ll give a lot of Liberty here to the uh to the AI yep that has absolutely nothing to do with the prompt but it’s pretty cool that looks nice old western town neon lit just throwing neon into everything here all right Claude Monet the AI is really

Mastered all right all right it is absolutely killing it with Landscapes it’s really like people or live anything organic it is dropping ass on anything with a pulse it just can’t get it but it’s doing a really great job with like cityscapes and [ __ ] okay I don’t know

Why people keep saying this one it’s not going to work like there’s a zero percent chance that it works but here one of your descriptors is beautiful how is an AI supposed to interpret Beauty wow holy [ __ ] that’s pretty good that’s like xqc for the Netflix adaptation I can’t believe that [ __ ]

Worked I doubt my name’s gonna bring up anything but sure this is just gonna really break it but we’ll see what it makes anyway for it laughs yeah that that’s a that’s a rage quit if I’ve ever seen one let’s see who they think Charles White looks like by default

All in all a valiant attempt I would say it’s you know it’s not too far off I suppose oh I wonder what happens if I do this a realistic photo of my dad let me see I wonder what it comes up with for this [Laughter] hey Pops this style though the

Indicators here are actually working somewhat the the style has remained consistent overall I’ll try this one but I really I gotta tell you I’m not a super big fan of your last descriptor here wet meat but sure and see how it goes oh oh that is some wet ass meat that looks good

Uh we’ll we’ll just start adding Thomas Kincaid George Lopez SpongeBob Hank Hill like let’s see what happens if I throw that in at the very end see like I I really don’t think it does the whole prompt I don’t see anything kincaid-esque I don’t see George Lopez SpongeBob or Hank Hill

I could absolutely just stops somewhere in the middle here and I don’t really know where but this is [ __ ] nice this this came out really really well this looks like the album cover to a power metal band they’re inside uh yeah they put George Lopez SpongeBob and Hank Hill inside you’re probably right

These are some these are some good Generations though but it’s definitely not getting the whole prompt it absolutely is stopping somewhere do gloves [ __ ] oh yeah it’s cheerlead it’ll nail that oh wait I’m still up on the cfgs oh oh this one’s just like Kind of Perfect off rip

Yeah they killed it on this one yeah I actually kind of want to save this one this one’s just really nice Georgia there’s no chance this works but I’ll do it anyway just for the sake of it it needs to be like a lot like a lot more descriptive I think

Hey wait a minute that’s pretty good man that’s not bad at all actually they’re not kissing yet but they have kissed prior to the photo let’s try let’s do they have like a Batman porn sampler here you think let’s try a Euler what comic is that from

The Batman who kisses I don’t know oh hey hey all right all right change it one more time I think we’re in this is definitely a plms situation I think this is gonna be perfect give me the smooch come on baby take us home they are absolutely kissing 100 but it’s it’s blurred

Unlucky but we got there it also looks very good

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