Lancement de GoCharlie « Campagnes en un clic » ~ Réorientation du contenu de l’IA sur les stéroïdes

Lancement de GoCharlie « Campagnes en un clic » ~ Réorientation du contenu de l’IA sur les stéroïdes Produit GoCharlie « Campagnes en un clic » …

Foreign Hi good morning guys for those who are from Americas good afternoon for those who are from Europe good evening for those who are from Far East and your afternoon for those who are in the Middle East India you know so today we are having what I call this uh

Webinar session with our go Charlie founder one of the co-founders Brandon Woodruff uh from USA and today we’re going to talk about mainly three things uh campaigns in the in a click launch in the product hunt and the 2023 roadmap for this go as well as a

Little bit about uh the AI hype you know that is currently happening all over the world so before we actually start this uh I would like to say hi to everybody and how about you uh Brandon how are you I’m great I’m great it’s early here in

San Francisco but this is the best way to start the day I love this type of stuff so thank you for having me on guys uh because this is uh about six o’clock in the morning in San Francisco so you can see that I know Brandon is just uh

Getting into the hang of waking up so early you know so never mind let me do some housekeeping before we actually go into the webinar proper so you guys can see this link I know https uh wave dot video slash live slash Facebook so if

You can hear us and see us please you know before you actually can see us or what you call uh comment on the live chat please click this link so that we can know who you are uh to show your photo as well as a name so I see a few

Guys here Daniel crop JD paria sujit biswap Latif Mia how are you guys it’s great to see something yeah we are good to go so okay Brandon uh before we actually talk about you know the the podahan launcher for this go Charlie new campaign in the click uh perhaps you can actually you

Know introduce yourself as a co-founder of this uh go Charlie dot AI because they might be new people who actually have not seen you before or maybe not heard about uh go first I would like to ask you uh of course you are very actually told us you are from

San Francisco so maybe tell us about your company you know go Charlie dot AI a little bit background yeah yeah so I’m a bit atypical for playing in the AI space I was a finance guy and most of my career for the past decade so I worked at kpmg’s deal

Advisory Group doing International mergers and Acquisitions then I went to Uber uh working on their product Finance teams launching new products globally uh bike scooters flying cars driving or self-driving Vehicles all that stuff really cool uh then went to SoftBank where I worked on the vision funds uh

And we deployed about 50 billion in capital uh really warped my sense of numbers and sheer size of things when you saw billions of dollars going out the door every year or every day even so around May of 2021 I decided to kind of jump into entrepreneurship I met Costa

And Despina uh the two AI mad scientists that really helped bring Charlie to life and they have helped me turn an idea into a company so we started this journey or I personally joined January 12th uh which is my birthday uh last year so we just got one

Year mark uh we launched Charlie 2.0 uh in September that greatly expanded things got uh mentioned the Wall Street Journal in October and then it’s kind of just been crazy gangbusters since then um but go is really focused on giving people easy to use AI tools to help grow your business

For me on a personal basis I’m excited about this product because both my parents were entrepreneurs in our small town in Indiana and they re they ran very small businesses but they’re all relationship based so my dad’s real estate appraiser my mother’s a painter uh so both of those are really great

Relationship based businesses but when those relationships move away or people leave the city that you’re in it’s difficult for your business to continue to grow and so they never really invested in marketing and I got to kind of see firsthand the hardships of that and so my hope is that this product can

Help people that are mom and pop businesses all the way up to large businesses survive in this this age of needing digital content you know for some businesses they’ll use Charlie to respond to Yelp reviews for other businesses they’ll use Charlie to create their website copy for other businesses

You might use Charlie to come up with the business itself other folks are going to focus on SEO other folks are going to focus on social media and I I think that it’s just awesome and it speaks to the what Charlie can do we’re really trying to be an all-in-one

Marketing platform all powered by artificial intelligence and your ideas okay yeah that’s good okay that’s good I actually know a little bit background of your company but uh the audience might not know it that’s why I asked you to introduce yourself so I’m actually interested into the interested into knowing more about

Your the background of your Founders because I know that three of your background are three of your Founders are actually you know AI scientists you know so can you tell us about that so that they can get more confidence about this go yeah yeah so

Um as you guys are probably all aware there’s there’s quite a few players coming into the the AI space um because gpt3 has made it so easy to plug in and build on top of there’s all these prompts that are available uh but our team is rather unique so we

Have two AI phds that have focused their entire life’s work on learning how to build optimize and control AI models which is really unique at this early stage of company uh to have that level of research capability what that means is that they’re able to design better prompts for existing models they’re able

To build our own custom models which we have deployed across the platform and in the long run we’ll be able to build models where you can adapt the model to your brand voice you can adapt the model to your goals and it all works in one

We’re in this stage right now of AI where most of the big models in use are behind apis and so you can’t make the models as malleable or fine-tune them in a cost efficient manner and so our two AI phds allow that but then creating a model is one thing

Deploying a model is another thing and then having it work at scale is a whole nother can of worms so that’s why we have Ryan Carlton who is our CTO and he is a full stack AWS engineer what that means is that he can deploy these models

In the cloud in a hyper efficient manner but also maintain that they continue to work at scale I don’t know if any of you guys have been using GPT or not but like check gbt doesn’t work at scale like it literally runs into server issues like they’ve capped it out there’s tons of

These other AI writer tools where they just crash uh whenever the the servers are too busy because openai is out and so for us we we have the infrastructure in place and we have the team in place to make sure that that’s not happening

As we scale so we can go from 10 000 all the way up to 100 000 people and still maintain the same quality of service now it might slow down the platform a little bit but as we continue to invest in infrastructure it will get better and

Better but that’s why I think we have a really powerful team that can create unique AI products in the long run and why I feel so good about taking a chance on on a smaller lesser-known team uh to really make make waves in this space okay thank you for your introduction for

Your team and one last question before we actually go into the webinar proper and I saw you posted some investment from this good water uh yeah would you mind to you know report to us you know yeah yeah so um two two investors have come in for anyone that’s fundraising in this

Environment I I want to just give you a hug because it is not easy I kind of figured with our team with everything that we had going for us a background it would be very easy to fundraise but we are not in you know 2011 to 2021 anymore

This fiscal policy is have tightened down but we have received 200k from uh xrc Labs out of New York that announcement will come a little bit later good water capital is out of Silicon Valley they focus mostly on like life-changing consumer Tech products uh but it’s actually a connection to mine

That I worked with at SoftBank uh whoever saw the investment in Catera and a couple other really big names of the 2010s in Tech and here’s someone I’ve been looking to work with for a long time and so when the opportunity came and we were to a place that made sense

For them uh they were able to put some Capital behind us and have now introduced us to more and more co-founders that we can deploy Charlie across to help them grow their business so I’m really excited about good water uh they’re going to be a partner for the

Long run so as as we raise more funds this will get easier and easier okay thank you for your information and I think we should go into this uh with the hunt launch on this campaign in the clip you know so why don’t you share your screen no yeah totally let’s go uh

There we go I think we are all there we have the infinity level okay it’s good all right so uh for those of you following along at home this is where you can vote for Charlie we are number two right now uh so any any uh upvotes

You can give us is are always greatly appreciated but uh I wanted to make it clear so campaign in the quick is like the real thing that we’re watching here but there’s a couple other awesome features that I’ll talk you through uh today but campaign in a quick uh can be

Reached on the dashboard by going to content repurposing and so content repurposing was a flagship product for us it was very unique initially we started at YouTube video URLs and the outputs were just a Blog outline so really a way for you to go from a YouTube video to some sort of

Usable information from that a lot of people used it for show notes some people used it as the outline for a Blog but now what we’re really doing is expanding to the original purpose of content repurposing which is go from a large piece of content or content that

You’ve already created and turning it into other useful types of content using the same inputs so what does that mean from a functionality standpoint so the best way to think about this is this is a new website by the way check it out it’s pretty awesome

Um we have an input so we’ve chosen a website URL as an input and we have an output so summary is mostly just like discussing what’s in the video but writing it in paragraph form so this is a really great way if you’ve done a

Panel and you want to write a blog about it or one of your clients that summary outline is more show notes close to what we had before but this is more of a bolded list that you can take into the playpen and expand upon and then blog is

Just if you want to write a blog about the content but the really cool feature here I think is Facebook campaigns Instagram campaigns Twitter and Linkedin campaigns why is that interesting to me one we are able to create and tell stories across multiple pieces of

Content all at once so here I’m going to choose an Instagram campaign and it’s going to use our website’s information here as the input for creating a social media campaign so this was in a matter of five seconds that’s in Crazy fast but what’s interesting is as you change the

Platform that the campaign is for the content and the structure that Charlie talks in changes as well so here we have a six post social media campaign for Instagram so because it’s Instagram we have emojis we have hashtags we’re able to use this actually I’ve used this for

Some of our own social media campaigns which is awesome but let’s take the same content and let’s make a Twitter campaign instead so we quick fetch the Twitter campaign uh we’ll come up here in a second but it’s going to be a little bit more text laid in less emojis

Same amount of hashtags but this is the way that you can take your existing content and stretch it across a much longer time Horizon I I think that creating content is fun but man at times it can be really time consuming when you have a bunch of different things that

You have to focus on so we think that really great marketing finds way to tell new stories about existing content and so content repurposing does that it allows you to take your website your text files if you want an audio file even or a YouTube video URL so

Another example of this might be I have this video um that I did for our let’s see I did for one of our trolleys and coffees the Charlie’s and coffees for those that aren’t familiar uh is our Thursday meeting with all of our users we talk through new product updates we talked

Through vision of the company and that’s where we can talk talk with customers about what they want to see next in the platform too and so what this is the only platform that you’re going to be able to upload audio and video files of

Any AI writer if you want to put us in that sector but from that you’ll be able to create content so I’ve now created this I’ll create a summary quick fetch it takes a little bit longer for audio and video files so just make sure that you’re a little bit patient with Charlie

Video files can be massive Endeavors for traveling to process but he’s doing the same thing where he’s going through the content you’ve uploaded he’s turning that into a useful summary and then he’s turning that useful summary into a different set of content so for the website it was really fast for this

Audio video file it’s going to take a little bit longer so I figure while we’re waiting for that I’ll show you the other probably coolest feature that we’ve released today so as I’ve mentioned we’re trying to be an all-in-one marketing platform powered by AI now great marketing has great visuals

Text is text is a very big part of any part of marketing but it’s not going to be the complete picture we want to give you tools that allow you to go across any part of marketing that you need and so one of the things that we’ve tried to

Stress focus on is brand visuals so we were the first to come out with 4K image generation and now we’re continuing to build on that image Suite what you’ll see is image in painting image variation and image to prompt image in painting is being able to

Upload an image remove an object and add an object in image variation is allowing you to upload an image and get a slight variation of that image in maybe a different aspect ratio or a different uh different resolution and then image to prompt is actually incredibly useful

Because you might have an image that you you’ve seen but you want to create it slightly differently or you want to create an image that’s similar in an AI model so you can upload an image it’ll give you a prompt and then you can feed that back into the image creation engine so

Really cool way that you can start to play around and manipulate different photos if across our image Suite so what’s the image impaining in practice so for those of you that already saw this um this lovely photo on our Instagram account I apologize for seeing it again but it’s super fascinating how

This works like it still feels like magic when I do this so the first question that will be asked is what’s the thing you want to replace so I’ll say uh laptop and what do you want to as a replacement so here’s where you would remove the

Object and what you want to replace it with so for me I’m going to put a a giant bowl of dog food then what do you want to avoid so this is similar to negative keywords that we have in image creation so negative keywords really trying to make the model

Avoid bad things so one thing that constantly comes up in these AI models is bad fingers uh bad hands so uh blurriness you can give these negative prompts to help enhance uh what’s going on with Charlie but the most important point that I would say is put as much

Description into each of these fields as possible uh I’ve kept it rather basic here just for um just for purposes of the demonstration but make sure that you are um using as much detail as possible that helps Charlie get better for those that don’t know the dog in the photo is

Actually the actual Charlie uh that’s kosus’s dog that we named the AI model afterwards so in a couple minutes you have a bowl full of dog food where the laptop was so this is incredible like I’ve tried to edit images like this and this is so painful to do in canva and

Now you have a way that you can just do it all in one click why this is important as I see that our image capabilities will evolve into somewhat of a chat feature where you upload an image you can tell Charlie what you want to change or if you want

To get a prompt or if you want a slight variation and Charlie will be able to iterate with you on those visuals in a high-speed fashion all within a nicely wrap chat functionality so this is just a really cool tool that I think you guys will have a lot of fun playing around

With it’s a really amazing uh feat in in our journey but going back to this little summary here on content repurposing so this was the um summary of what we talked about so Charlie’s in coffee it we talked about the golden Kitty Awards and being nominated for that also that we were

Launching a product on January 26th uh and it talks about all the different things that we we talked about over the course of this uh chat so it’s truly incredible for those of you that have to make transcripts for your audio and video files this is a whole nother step

Forward you no longer have to create a transcript and then put the transcript in somewhere else and then summarize the transcript try to turn it into something useful Charlie does it all in one go uh which is pretty nuts but then the other crazy part is you can actually

Change the output languages to whatever language you need so think about that you could literally go from an English file create a summary or a blog or any other piece of content in a completely different language all from an uh an English-speaking uh video or audio file so content repurposing campaign in a

Quick and image impainting are the new advances in the Charlie platform but we think that this is moving us closer and closer to uh the vision of being an all-in-one content creation platform but also making content creation as fun as playing with a puppy so thank you for

The letting me walk you guys through that I can’t wait for you guys to play around but definitely give us an upload on product hunt uh if you liked what you saw here and now we’re back so now it’s question time or you have anything other thing to show

No I I think that that’s it I think the rest I want um people to kind of experiment around with and and play through it and see what they think but it’s a really powerful stuff in for those that don’t know playing with audio and video files is very very difficult

Uh so the fact that we have Ryan on the team that’s already built in image and video storage company before uh it’s truly a blessing for us to be able to go through different content mediums yeah but I hope you can uh try to answer some of the questions first yeah

Cool okay I think this uh Alberto was asking were you able to put something to list hater call to action service from a Helm page page design yeah Alberto so I think most of those were in our Charlie classic grouping so uh we have content repurposing that we

Just talked about then we have uh writing tricks image tricks and then there’s Charlie classic and so Charlie classic is more so uh you come with the name of your brand in the description of it and it makes uh content for different use cases so they’re a little bit more

Basic prompting but you can uh you should be able to get all of those in uh Charlie classic use cases okay next I will project question from someda oh size limit uh power limits size I mean the size yeah so you know take a while to upload into process but 4.5 gigs

So the maximum price is 4.5 gig yeah yeah a big files okay let me yeah this is some comment from Zhao yeah initially I yeah initially I was like I don’t see the value in image to prompt like I I was very much against it uh but

I’m now starting to see how that can actually fuel some other parts of our image model so like image variation actually takes your image turns it into a prompt and then feeds that prompt back through the image creation engine so you start to see how like if you wanted to

Start with an image but then go to other pieces of content so use images and input for something the image to prompt is actually super useful so for those of you that don’t know we have an image to text feature where you can upload an image and create

Ad copy purely based off of that so that feature is also enhanced by having this image to prompt capability that’s good okay no I hate editing photos I think unless you are actually a what I call a professional uh designer you would like editing photos but most people would not like it

Yeah I think um I I think I I would love to remove Photoshop honestly I I would love to get rid of canva too but canva’s going to try to move into the AI space I have a feeling but me personally I am terrible at editing images I did

Photoshop in high school and even then I thought it was like way too complicated so this is a way that we’re kind of moving into that space of um being able to edit images in an easy way but Tay as you may know like images and text are completely different solves

From an AI perspective like text best way I can describe it is like giving you a text model is like going from walking to a bicycle it’s not a car but like most people that are walking will take a bicycle because it’ll get them there 65 faster

You can do the same thing with language language is like hey it’s still doing 65 of the work that I didn’t want to do or 65 of the way and then I can do the other 35 now we Endeavor to get to 95 almost to that car but with images it’s

Like if you’re at 65 you’re usually throwing the image out so we wanted to give you a way where you could take an image that maybe wasn’t perfect and play around with it toy around with it and enhance it so thank you uh I hope it does for you from Photoshop

Okay what’s your encourage the rate of the audio and video file to summary output yeah so it’s interesting it’s pretty amazing uh so we um we use our own transcription model uh that is an adaptation of some of the open source available plus our own little sprinkle of magic dust

Um it’s it’s very accurate from what I’ve seen now I have noticed just in my my testing that it when there’s heavy absence involved it it can sometimes mess up the spelling um also they’re like just brand names for instance like go Charlie is easy but go sometimes that picks it up

In a little bit different way so so I would also just recommend like try to use spelling Checkers but for the most part it’s been 99 accurate for for transcription okay I will jump to this question you know from some so he’d like to uh yeah collect example of English to text

Prompt can you do that and share the screen again yeah let’s do it I should have known someone was going to ask for that one um cool so there’s our summary so let’s go image to prompt uh all right we’ll do a couple how about that so we’ll do this

So this is like a cityscape this is actually what I got from image variation oh that’s good so let’s go to image creation while we’re here feed it back into the blender um let’s go for k and it’ll generate some images here so while we’re waiting for that let’s maybe do one more

Um still one that’s a real photo and see what happens yeah so we took that prompt turned it back into very stylistically similar images so it’s not identical but very very close and then if for those of you that don’t know you can actually do these image

Cards so you can get a new image so you can generate a new image if you didn’t like the initial output all within the card rather than having to go through and regenerate which I think is pretty awesome yeah Brendan uh I just want to say

Something yeah I don’t know uh any of you know that you know Adobe Adobe actually uh what they call they are actually accepting you know they are paying for AI stock photos oh yeah stock uh generated uh photos you know so you can actually generate photos from here and

Actually sell to them you know if they accept it you know so this is one step one one kind one one of the method to make money you know for my AI generation yeah it I think Adobe was very forward thinking on that um there’s been some platforms that have

Shut down AI artwork I totally respect the desire to protect artists work um I know there’s a lot going on in that space right now but I I think any way that you can make money from Charlie just makes me happy so definitely check out Adobe stock photo

All right so this is what we got from this photo um actually pretty pretty great little prompt that we received so let’s plug that into here now I I’ve noticed it with like real photography it’s not it’s not going to be quite the same because most of the outputs of AI

Models are artistic so usually if you’re uploading something that’s a little more artsy that’s a little bit better so it’s not guaranteed to be an exact image it’s it’s nearly impossible to generate the exact image just because of how these models work but it’ll get the same idea which is pretty awesome

Okay thank you yeah we uh project this question this is YouTube to blog you know uh I mean the background check you know so yeah yeah so the way the AI works is um if you’re using something as an input you know it there’s a heavy summarization capability it goes on so I

Guess not to get too technical but the way that that works is Charlie’s uh creates a transcript of what’s going on in the video that evaluates the semantic highlights of that video and then turns those semantic highlights into uh the points that it uses to create a blog or

The input for the blog writing or the summary so that’s that’s generally how it works but plagiarism free I think is is an interesting concept So based on just that process alone you’re usually going to get away from plagiarism but like plagiarism in an internet age I

Think is kind of this weird concept where it’s like people don’t want to copy other people but like pretty much everything on the internet is a derivative work so I understand that the the plagiarism risk it’s highly unlikely it’s still possible uh but I think in an

Internet age like it’s to think that someone’s not going to copy your work if it’s good is kind of it doesn’t really make it much sense to me um but yeah it should be plagiarism free just purely based on the process that we used to get there

Okay thank you for the answer yeah us this question is actually relevant uh actually Brandon actually wanted to show you guys a 2023 roadmap maybe we can show it now so we we don’t have like a public roadmap that’s just sitting out there I think we’re an early stage startup so

Training Beyond three months especially in this space is is difficult uh because there’s new models coming out there’s new advances in AI there’s there’s was literally a hundred papers just last week that got released in the AI research field so staying on top of that is kind of difficult but

I I’ll give you a high level understanding of where we’re going but also just to this question uh we are very very reactive to what our customers want and so we have a upvote button down in the bottom left corner where you can click and provide feedback on what

Things that you would like in the product I’m not saying everything will get built but that’s where we go to find what our customers want and then ultimately build that into the product capabilities as well as I think about 2023 where we’re planning to go uh first

Is going to be this launch so campaign’s in the click but very quickly we might expand to email campaigns so I know emails is something that everybody does and I wanted to avoid emails but now that we have a campaign feature and I do so many emails we want to make a product

That solves our own problem and your problem so email Outreach and campaigns will be a big part of that uh two is going to be expanding on what you can use as an input so we’ve already expanded the world of inputs from content repurposing so finding ways to

Combine that with our existing features is going to be another uh another expansion of the platform so images even as an input or uh multiple links is an input so maybe it’s not just a website URL but it’s you know the LinkedIn URL of your target Prospect and your brand

Uh or products Pages as like the content input and so then it’s tailoring to the LinkedIn page but also using uh your content for the product description information on top of that we’ll continue to expand multimodal so that means creating more content mediums um we will also be standing up our own

Large language model uh open AI has been trying to undercut and cannibalize a lot of the startups building on them we’re going to build a model that’s uh completely uh focused on marketing so you’re going to have something that’s very specific to your needs very fine-tuned but also allows for brand

Voice customization also allows for goals and target audience to come into the equation um so that’s another piece that we have coming down the pipe that’s you guys are the first to hear that but that’s something that we have coming um and then another bit here is that

We’re going to focus on the optimization layer so as many of you guys know the content quality that comes out of many of these AI tools is kind of crap uh until you really figure out how to work with it we are endeavoring to make it as

Easy as possible to come to the platform and get a near final draft so content scoring is one way that we do that so that evaluates toxicity need bias all that but then also um will expand the target audience so optimizing the content based upon the audience that you want to Target that

Will be another layer of scoring and so we’re introducing all these ways that you’ll be able to evaluate is my content doing what I want it to do if I think longer term Charlie positions itself as a marketing assistant and what I mean by that is there will be some

Level of chat interface I know everybody loves chat gbt we didn’t want to do shiny object syndrome and just jump on that just for the sake of jumping on it we wanted it to feel an as a natural part of the product and the way that we

Think that that happens is an assistant where try we can guide you through the platform Charlie can give you strategic advice of what to create and when to create it but then more importantly we can plug this campaign mode into distribution and so we could literally

Have you come to the platform say I want a marketing campaign this is my product this is my goals these are my target audience and Charlie would create multiple platforms worth of content and then tell you when to distribute it and then be able to schedule those posts

Upon approval from you so distribution would be another thing that’s on the roadmap so I know that’s a lot we don’t really make public roadmap public but those are the things that we’re thinking will come in 2023. okay that that sounds good actually you know so I think I mean

It doesn’t matter whether you want to put it public or you want to put it private you know as long as you know what you’re going to do that’s more important yeah exactly because there are a lot of Founders they do not know what they want to do they

Just do whatever they like to do yeah yeah I mean I think that’s one of the reasons we try to talk to customers so much I feel like I’m annoying it sometimes but it’s like I really want to know like your guys problems are where we can make a better product so feed

Them on through allowing subtitles to be added to the summaries you know so subtitles somehow to be at so I think what you’re saying is the transcription maybe where you want to have like the actual what they were saying in addition to the summaries and short content videos or are you talking

About different languages I’m not quite sure on this question yeah maybe even you can just rephrase your question so but based on right now uh I believe the platform doesn’t do 100 transcription right you just do summary yeah it’s inter so we can do transcription we we’re actually talking

About it as a team because I was like well there actually is a in-between state that has a lot of value like you think of descript you think of like they they all do transcriptions and transcription is super useful but like I don’t know how often I’ve actually sat

There and read a transcription the question of this transition is feeling very tricky if you do a very accurate transcription it costs a lot of what I call back-end money on your site but then a lot of people will jump in into the platform to get the 100

Accurate transmission to do their things you know then sometimes my uh might actually uh blow up your costs you know so you happen to some of the some of the apps and they they say that they want to do transcription but then six months down the road they pull out

No no we are not going to do transcription anymore and all that kind of things yeah I mean transcription is a standalone feature I’m I’m happy to make that happen just uh it was just a matter of customer demand we we felt that most people were actually just using

Transcriptions to create other types of content and so that’s what we focus on building okay let’s move on awesome thanks Daniel so this element replacement uh Works people not fail so yeah so I think saying Works without fail would be a disservice to you guys there’s there’s definitely things that I’ve tried to

Replace and it hasn’t worked quite well it’s something that you have to play with still very much an early feature but we’ll get better over time uh for instance something that I I tested out yesterday I took a picture of a guy typing on a laptop in a stock photo and

I said hey uh change the laptop to an Apple uh MacBook and it changed the laptop just fine but then when I said hey change this guy out with uh a Norwegian uh man with long hair and a beard it didn’t quite nail that so um it’s not going to be perfect every

Time but for the simpler stuff or where objects are very unique in an object it’s pretty solid okay maybe we jump back to this taehyun’s explanation I mean the question he says that content summary to be added to the video so people can have

A mute on on can read the content oh I see um so basically a video without audio still getting content which means the content summary or the summaries transcription can be put into the onto the video no yeah I don’t I don’t think we can do that yet

Just based on what I understand the question to me that might not be your your area because this is more like a video editing yeah but anyway there’s a good eventually it’s just a teaser of where I’d like to go with campaigns is if we if you use

Like an audio or video upload I would love to splice those into the topics that are then discussed in the social media campaign so like instead of six tweets you now have six tweets with like the 10 to 15 seconds of video that pertains to that that is very very hard

Just for everyone on this call but that’s what I’d like for this to go I think that has a huge wow factor okay that’s good okay this is a question that people often ask you know is the LTD back yeah you know it’s a question that comes a lot um I I really

There’s a part of me that wanted to run it through December um last year and we kind of we shut it down uh at the end of November honestly I think that was probably good for my health I barely slept in November because of the over joyous response to our lifetime

Deals that was amazing uh but yeah we we’re not focusing on Lifetime deals anymore unfortunately I won’t rule them out for their entirety we might come back with something for the community at some point because there has been such a such a forever for it but I I don’t

Think we’ll ever do an unlimited deal again I think that that was kind of a one-time thing and I want to respect the specialness that was the people taking the early bets on us okay Alberto was asking you know why people are selling this uh Charlie LTD I mean you see that some

People are selling so but I think because maybe uh of this chat uh GPT coming up so a lot of people actually use that you know as a replacement you know bracket code replacement but it’s actually not a replacement maybe you can actually uh tell us uh what do you think

About it GPT uh GPT and also the other AI writers you know what are the differences yeah yeah so quickly before I get into the uh chat gbt and the other AI writers I just wanted to say Alberto thank you for asking this question

Um you are correct like we we had a very Stern stance when we sold the lifetime deal that we didn’t want people to resell and we also didn’t want people or multiple people using the same account this wasn’t from like a cost standpoint this was literally we can’t change the

Emails uh our Tech stack is built so the emails can’t be changed we’re maturing in that regard but two Charlie’s learning you in your account and so we didn’t want that to get like thrown out the window by reselling the accounts and three uh proposes the security risk because if you can’t

Change the email and like your stripe information is connected there like that creates a bad situation for you guys um now we had some people that basically tried to say that we fraudulently charged their card which those people ended up losing those disputes but this ended up becoming more

Of an issue than I thought it was going to be um you know I don’t want to monitor a lifetime deal reselling and I don’t want to have to deal with this but if someone sends it to me it’s my obligation to go enforce that process but even then I

Didn’t ban people I just said hey you know what’s going on here like you said this and this and then they’ve just blatantly lied to me and so at that point that’s when I took uh measures now I’ve reinstated all those accounts um I’ve reconsidered my position on

Reselling and and we were able to come to a better situation for the community which which is great because I I mean you guys have been awesome as part of our story and I I don’t want to lose that that fandom and so I talked to a

Few people and they gave me a much better position on it and so we decided to knock that back so thank you for asking that question all those accounts have been reinstated but why might someone be selling go so everybody thinks the chat gbt is their

Word and savior now uh I describe chat gpg as like Uptown Funk like ever I love the song Uptown Funk But like everyone hates the song Uptown Funk because it’s been played so many times and chat gbt now I’ve heard about it from so many different places that I’m just like all

Right I’m kind of sick of hearing about this or my friends will send me links about chat GPT and I’m like cool thanks guys like that’s that’s whatever um chat gbt is an awesome tool don’t get me wrong it’s a chat interface which I think is super intuitive

It’s not great for long form writing which is what most of our users use Charlie for it’s not great for images doesn’t even do images it’s not great for um if you need to create stories across multiple pieces of content but what it is really good at is look back so

Caching information to reference when you’re talking with it I love that part of it it’s really great at breadth it can do a lot of different things it’s basically a general assistant it can also code which I think is really cool but again it hasn’t solved the fact

Checking issue it hasn’t solved the long form writing issue and I don’t think that they will I think that open AI will focus on building a model that is Broad in its capabilities and will continue to make the outputs better and better but it’s not going to move into like

Marketing specific things you’ll still be able to create great prompts and use check GPT but we think that our product will be a more advanced marketing specific tool if I think about us versus other AI writers one I think that our blog writing is a little bit better there is

A couple things on the interface front that we’re looking at based on some user feedback but we’ll continue to prove improve upon the blogs two uh wait just while I’m there there’s a lot of people that think that chat gbt is going to take down Google if

If that’s what you think I would just say watch what’s going to happen in the next six months because Google has some AI stuff that I’ve seen that is far beyond anything open AI has but they actually don’t want to release it because they think it’s going to have

Very bad implications on society and Google has a lot more to lose right if they take all the information that you’ve given them willingly and make their AI model they’ll make the best AI model but they don’t want to get sued for using all your information that you

Thought you were just giving them for free and had access and rights to but Google is not going to get into Throne now it could impact SEO but I would I think that it’s going to move into like a large language model optimization which will effectively be the same thing

As SEO but it’ll be more semantically driven uh in in terms of how the search responds so there’s going to be a lot of things that come out we will aim to be ahead of that curve but chat GPT is not going to take down Google just just get

That idea out of your head now having Microsoft behind it makes it a little bit more interesting for Bing but who’s switching over to Bing I’m not I I don’t even use yeah so we’ll put the nip in the butt there it’s possible but I don’t think that it will um

US versus other AI writers so as I mentioned we’re trying to be an all-in-one marketing uh platform we want to do three different things that are going to differentiate us from other AI writers one is uh being able to create multiple types of content so that being

Text copy that being blogs and long form that being images and eventually using um using images as an input two would be that we want to allow you to come with an idea or an existing Content Library so other platforms to my knowledge don’t really incorporate existing content in a

Meaningful way the first way we already talked about on this call which is content repurposing but the second way is brand customization so you may have clients that come to you or you may have your own business and you’ve created like your own website we can turn that

Into a brand voice so that the AI talks in your voice that’ll be different uh from most every other AI writer that I’ve seen purely because they can’t adjust the models they don’t have the AI staff to do that we have the AI staff that can build those types of things

That either sit over top of the AI model or go directly into it third piece of this is the optimization layer so content scoring which we didn’t walk through on this call is effectively grammarly for optimizing your content to engage people and so that’s a whole other level Beyond

Grammarly it’s a super powerful engine that will be built into Charlie’s capabilities so you no longer have to check it it’ll just score an a every time but optimization is going to be how we differentiate I guess the last piece that brings it all together is that we can create

Entire campaigns all at once so as you as you can see those first three buckets are foundational components for us being able to tell stories across a longer period of time all in one tool yeah that that is the way to go because uh I mean when when you say campaign I

Would rather use the word workflow you know the workflow will be a bit more accurate to describe you know for for us to uh I mean to do our work so certain workflow for certain campaign you know that kind of thing that’s good yeah okay Yao was just uh giving a comment

That you know you can turn up to 1000 words wow wow oh yeah that’s cool okay this is an interesting question from a hobby jury star ah okay I like the question uh great to see you here Javi turista uh so this guy’s been uh part of our journey since the very

Early days when we were on appsumo so thank you uh for still being a part of it um I don’t think we have on the roadmap just yet to create multiple blogs from one URL but it’s it’s possible if there’s enough demand I’m definitely down to explore it

Um I think bulk generation is something we were thinking about um for for a different tier but it’s something that we’re is very relevant to what we’re thinking about right now because it I like the idea of being able to generate multiple pieces of content from one input

Okay thank you hubby for the question uh okay again yeah so I think most people use you escape for this um we we’ve considered doing a copyscape integration the way that our model works is there’s so much repackaging of the content that it’s almost impossible to

Be a plagiarism uh threat but again in an internet age like plagiarism kind of doesn’t really exist like everything’s derivative um but I’m curious to know more and more like why people are focusing on plagiarism like I totally understand you want to create unique content and I’m

All for that uh but in an internet age like even the top social media accounts are just copying other people’s memes um but if you’re using this in a school setting I can understand why plagiarism is important and so that’s why we’ve made the repackaging of this content a little bit better

But in my opinion uh Brandon it’s good to maybe just integrate this maybe copy Escape but you don’t have to give it free because the copyscape is actually very cheap you know they can use their own account not just plug it together and make the workflow very smooth we’ve we’ve started some early

Conversations around an integration there but we’ve been focusing on our own product launch first but I I’m down to consider it okay Alton was asking any competitors about they can work well with Google so that we do not buy any redundant software that do similar function like go Charlie oh yeah yeah

Um so go Charlie right now is mostly housed in a um in our own product right so there’s a couple ways that I’ve thought about letting Charlie off the leash so to speak one being um being having like a Chrome extension or something that travels with you across

The website so you can take Charlie for a walk I think that that’s cool there’s other competitors already doing that um I think another cool way would be to have Integrations into like Google Docs or canva if you wanted it but I think we’re trying to focus on keeping you all

In one platform and I think the biggest missing component of that would be the distribution so it’s great that we can generate social media campaigns or social media workflows um but there’s no way to distribute it so you still have to copy everything in a in a page and then paste it somewhere

Else before it ends up going out and I would like for that all to kind of live within our one platform so compatible software I think like you can copy and paste into Google Docs in in pretty much any word process set processing website you can take the images and put that

Into canva for a larger thing that you’re creating or any image editing software um but as far as redundant software I’m I I don’t know that I could tell you anything other than like maybe don’t buy other AI writers to be honest but I mean I don’t want to

Squash my competition Rising tides uh raise all boats you know okay what what about those the I mean a lot of people ask about uh WordPress integration that kind of things you know or maybe true probably or through other yeah not connected yeah so I’ve thought about that um

Probably in zapier I think are some interesting Integrations that we’re exploring where it could flow into your already created workflows um WordPress is definitely interesting to me I think it’s one that’s been requested a lot so uh I’ll put that at the top of the list for Integrations and

Then social media posting I think is the other piece because the I mean like it or not a Nobel Prize Community is make a major No No Junk of this I mean not a chance of this uh I mean website Builders you know so still a lot of people who actually on uh

Which is a WordPress or ecosystem so it will be interesting on you to connect yeah I would that’d be awesome okay what is the content generation limit for text or images per month it’s unlimited yeah yeah so that’s that’s one way that we differentiate is if you pay the subscription fee it’s Unlimited

Um if you have an unlimited lifetime deal it’s unlimited the only deal that’s limited is the limited lifetime deal and I think that’s like 40 blogs 40 content repurposing runs in like 250 images which is still quite a bit but yeah we’re trying to be unlimited for every feature

Okay I think this is actually uh the focus of the year you know so optimize the content for SEO yeah so we’ve been exploring a partnership with neuron Rider uh I can’t really comment too much on like what that looks like right now but folks have asked for that

Um mostly for like keyword clustering and all those types of things um I think Google is kind of moving away from keyword stuffing so it’s it it’s something that we would partner on for sure rather than building it ourselves but definitely on the roadmap for this year

Okay let’s see what are the other question okay this is uh I don’t know who is this guy AK you see anushkali I’m not sure any better plan any plan for better monthly pricing okay now you can get 30 off during this yeah I mean so the the product out

Launch is 30 off for annual subscription so like that’s probably the best price you’re gonna get per month because it’s our annual Subs are 10 10 months instead of 12 months for pricing and then you’re getting another 30 off on that uh that being said like I I don’t think

That the chat GPT pricing messes with that um if chat gbt ends up being 42 for sure then that’s what LGBT does like that’s fine that’s overpriced in my opinion you know because there is not no difference between the the free version and also the you know paid version only thing

That you know you get less server down yeah exactly it’s it’s priority which knows it’s cool but like 42 dollars a month for priority I don’t think makes sense for for us the way that we would think about tiers is we launched different ones is going to be

You know different features or at different tiers but still unlimited um so yeah no no plans for change in pricing if anything I think prices would go up at some point but for now the base tier will continue to be at 39 a month okay uh then just read this uh

Comment from Daniel it’s a bit long you have to read it on the yeah yeah I love the pirate speed it doesn’t really have a lot of business application unless you’re like Captain Morgan or something but I think it’s hilarious um so is that yes

Um so Affiliates uh you can sign up on our website you just go to the top right hand corner it says Affiliates you click on that um it’ll take you to First promoter which is our new affiliate provider we switched over from awardful and uh you can advertise Charlie wherever you want hmm

Okay next question from Joe okay you want to know what is actually fresh uh Pro Plan you know what is actually the problem yeah so fetch Pro and then fetch teams so that’s something that’s coming in 2023 probably within the next month maybe month and a half is by hope uh so

Two flavors one is is fetch Pro so fetchpro will be the equivalent of fetch right now plus a whole host of new features um and I believe that we’re gonna change some of the throttling or fetch Pro but it’s just going to be a whole bunch of new features

Um the way that it will work from now on is going to be you sign up for a free trial um you give your credit card to do that it’s seven days you’ll get the pro tier for those seven days and then you will default back to the fetched here uh at

The end of those seven days and so if you want to upgrade to Pro you can um basically there’s going to be a lot more special features behind it uh there will be a lot more optimization behind it there will not be any word limits any of

Our tiers instead we’re going to limit based upon either number of runs or or features teams is just going to be Pro uh but that’ll be 299 a month for four seats and then you can add an additional seat on top of that so we’re going to

Add per seat pricing to the teams tier we may consider doing uh per seat pricing for non-teams tiers well if there’s demand okay guys uh I forgot to put up the form link so please go to this link to in order to participate this Facebook live

Giveaway uh we have two prices uh one is a three month uh like a fresh plan and the other price is actually six months you know a fresh plan you know f e t c h so guys uh go to this link and put in

Some your details and we will do a draw at the end of this session I almost forgotten okay let’s answer this question from Lawrence yeah yeah so Warren’s um we talked about a little bit earlier but we didn’t want to do like a chat interface just to like

Go out in shiny object gram uh I actually posted this in the Facebook group before chat GPT was was even really a thing uh kosus has built something like that we thought about launching it um but it didn’t really play into the rest of the platform very well and most

Of the people were using our website for blogs so instead we’ve kind of waited and we want to make a chat interface part of a larger making Charlie a marketing assistant so you come in you can ask questions with Charlie in the chat interface but then ultimately

Charlie can direct you out to different functions of our platform and then he can position himself as that optimization guide maybe on the right hand side with uh you know here’s the highlighted text here’s the score for that content and here’s a recommendation for how to improve it so we want the

Chat functionality to really be the the Gateway into trolley being an assistant across the platform and for all your marketing okay thank you uh Brandon actually I think we have actually answered most of the question guys if you have any other question uh please uh put in the chat so

That we can actually answer that you know while Brandon is around and for those who to wish to participate this uh giveaway please go to this download Silo a go dot download ciac to fill out the form no three questions and then you will be entered into the giveaway draw

Okay more or less we have almost all the people have fill out the form I think so Brandon uh maybe we’ll ask you a one or two questions before we actually go to the draw what do you think about this gpt4 because uh I mean they always say that

Gpd4 will be very very powerful and what do you think I think it’s been over hyped like right I think now nothing is going to live up to the hype like the same Altman even said like everyone’s expecting gpt4 to be this like game changing thing like Ali Miller from

Amazon or formerly from Amazon was like talking about in everybody was like oh it’s a hundred trillion parameters I don’t think people realize that 100 trillion parameters would make that model so difficult to manipulate and train and specialize in scale like that shouldn’t be the Endeavor the Endeavor

Should be how do I create more quality with less parameters parameters for those that don’t know are effectively ingredients that you would use in a recipe so the recipe being your AI model and whatever you get out is ultimately the dish that you’ve created but if you

Put too many ingredients in something it might ruin the damn thing uh so more parameters doesn’t mean better now I do think gpt4 will be a step forward I think that what will likely happen is it’s not going to be multimodal unless I wait until much later this year

Um but it hasn’t been developed as multimodal I think what it will do is have longer text generation capabilities it’ll have better coherence of thought throughout a document so most AI writers crap out at 600 words so I think it will be longer than that and I think you will

Be able to get more with just simple inputs I I think that’s really where I see the improvements maybe it’s multiple languages right out of the box which could be cool but I I think the hype has been built up so much that that I would encourage everyone not to just get like

Shiny object syndrome don’t just like jump to a product that says that they have gpt4 like most of the people that say they have chat gbt in their product right now it’s just uh DaVinci 3 with like a swipe tweak it’s not it’s not chat gbt no one has chat gbt don’t

Accept those lives but gpd4 I think will be a leap forward but I don’t think it’s going to be as noticeable because we’re going to get to a place where writing plateaus yeah like you won’t be able to discern the differences in quality actually I

Would like to know or no I mean my reason is that you know Google will push up you know his own uh AI you know for the public but I don’t know what will he what will Google do no because Google is actually struggling not to give or not to give you know

Yeah I think where it gets interesting is that Google has already developed multimodal models and openai has develop models that are text or image based but I guess chat gbt could be viewed as multimodal it’s actually a collection of models uh for everyone on the call for

Your benefit because like coding is a different model but it’s still a language right so there’s multiple models being called depending upon what you’re talking through chat is just the interface it’s a bunch of different models in the background Google has trained some models from scratch that

Can go across every modality they have the biggest data Lake of anyone on planet Earth so that’s their distinct advantage that they’ll have anything to generate memes based on nutrients I’ve wanted a meme generator for so long so long there there’s a guy that made

Super I think is the name of it bootstrapped it pulled it together basically just takes all the classic memes and puts your text across it so I don’t know if it’s like super AI focused other than like the semantic evaluation but I I love that I think memes are

Hilarious and they’re one of the most engaging pieces of content your brand can put out there so uh because you’ve asked this question I’m gonna go back to my team and say Hey I want a meme generator yeah that will be interesting actually you know a lot of people will like it

You know you know for fun or maybe or maybe maybe daily kind of a Twitter post yeah and I don’t think like I don’t think generating a meme is probably the aips there the AI piece is like taking in what the user says doing the evaluation of what different memes

Have in terms of like emotion or like semantics and then pulling that in and then blaring the text over it so it’s not too AI heavy uh it’s just you have to have that library of stock meme um okay guys I think uh we have actually uh

10 minutes uh past 11 uh my time so we should go to the draw let me go to the draw in the meantime uh Brandon if you have any question or any answer you want to talk just go ahead I will just do my job

I guess the last thing that I would say is like obviously the product hunt launch is really meaningful but uh many of the people that are on this call have been with us for a little bit now which seems like an eternity but it’s actually only been a couple months

Um it has been it’s a distinct honor for me to be able to to welcome so many of you into our atmosphere in our first year of operations it’s you know the product’s only five months old now in for where we’re at is pretty incredible it’s abnormal I think it’s a testament

To the technology but it’s also a testament to like trying to really solve people’s problems so I guess the the comment I would leave you with is just thank you for um thank you for being here thank you for coming around and listening to me chat Okay guys uh maybe we should also announce here that you know uh I’m going to do some uh Master Class you know I’ll be Brennan or on a monthly basis you know uh from next month onwards you know so this is this is actually the teaser

You know so we will do something like you know uh every month uh maybe I can’t remember which Monday the second Monday maybe uh Brandon I’m not forgotten so we will come together you know to talk about you know uh go Charlie Ai and maybe a writers or in general or any

Other AI generation topics you know and we will discuss so this is our views of name yeah let me check whether any repeated name I think we are good so there is two prices one is a three-month fetch plan and the other one is a six-month fetch plan

So I will draw the first price which is a three months so let’s see who will be the winner Shuffle LTD [Laughter] okay congratulations okay we can talk about something we’ll see what we can make work okay David are you around to claim this price and usually we have to make sure

That you know a person who win will have to claim it here they actually asked about a swag sword too oh you’re gonna send it to David maybe maybe you then you would throw an egg to you to an egg to you okay congratulations let’s remove your name so yeah there you

Know you got a three months uh free subscription for this uh go Charlie so we will draw the second price uh no the the last price not the second price let’s Shuffle again this is a six month subscription let’s go it’s just making me miss my Wheel of Fortune on a computer game

Hurry up there we go [Applause] deep are you around I think you should be around let’s see okay uh jaded hurry up I think you should be around or else we have to draw again calling one Judy okay he’s around congratulations okay so for the winners uh can you

Please uh write a private message to Brandon to claim your price you know so that because this is easy you know only two of you so congratulations again uh deep and also taeyeon and we will have to end this by now and before we end let

Me say oh let me close these screens first yeah that should be better let me say a big thank you uh to this Brandon you know for waking up so early six o’clock in the morning you know he has to wake up before six you know

Because there is a San Francisco time 6 a.m you know to go live with us know to explain a little bit on this new campaign in the in a click you know or we call it a new workflow uh for this go Charlie so if you guys have actually

Noticed you know uh go Charlie now in let me check the I think we’re still number two right now four two two no let me yeah this is the one okay now totally is still number two so up water 42 or 42 422 times and let’s see the competitor

442 we are very close guys oh no 509 sorry I didn’t refresh but it’s still close that’s that’s fine we can make up that Gap my friends we have about maybe 80 80 words you know yeah let’s see how it goes along by the end of uh tomorrow afternoon

Thank you guys for the support yeah I think that’s the end of our webinar and Brandon do you have anything uh putting words to share with our audience thanks for coming and uh we really hope you guys enjoy playing with Charlie yeah so and we’ll see you again uh from

Next month onward we’re going to do a master class or next month onwards and hope that you know you will come in you know to learn and to share your experience okay Brandon bye bye and guys I’ll see you again and just a final reminder tomorrow we have another uh webinar with another

Founder called castness so it’s more on live streaming

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