J’ai testé 11 extensions Chrome ChatGPT et celles-ci sont mes préférées !

Dans cette vidéo, je vais tester 11 extensions ChatGPT Chrome différentes. Du référencement ChatGPT aux modèles de rédaction en passant par la vidéo …

I don’t know about you guys but I have been down the chat GPT Rabbit Hole I can’t believe that just a month ago most of us didn’t even know what chat GPT was so what I have done is I have been sitting and spending uh a ridiculous

Amount of time testing chat GPT to see how we can use it for marketing primarily so I’m testing SEO I’m testing how it works with social media I’m testing how to build funnels built right courses transcribe videos yada yada and then I’m bringing to you guys all the

Different strategies that I learn along the way so uh what my goal is is to make complicated topics easier and more digestible so that you can actually go out and use it so today I’m bringing you my favorite chat GPT Chrome extensions these add extra functionality to your

Chat GPT mind blowing you can access anywhere by anywhere that you’re on a Chrome browser there’s also apps for a lot of these that you can use on your phone as well but I’m sticking with the Chrome extensions today now there are a lot more than I have tested so I’m going

To be bringing you a series on these but for now I tested 11 and I sat down this morning and I created a Blog with each one that I tested I tell you which one’s my favorites are I even have a step-by-step tutorial here on one of

Them and I go over there’s a couple that I didn’t like so much and I tell you why but it’s you can click on any of these links download the Chrome extension and you’re going to be able to do what I’m going to show you today in this video

Alright so let’s get started I’m going to start with let me go back to the top here um this first one up here is called Merlin don’t know why that video is not loading right now but there’s a video right here um Merlin is okay I have a feeling that

I’ve probably under utilized it that there’s more that can be done with it but Merlin actually adds a um chat GPT element right to your your search engine okay so if I want to type something in here like what is chat GPT okay it’ll give me the answer but I can

Also ask Merlin and then it’ll give go to the Grand library and it’ll bring in a chat GPT um answer now there are several plugins that are like this one so I didn’t think this one was necessarily special as I was testing them um down at the bottom here you can see

This little box that says what is chat GPT and if I click go um I’ll get an answer here that is from the chat GPT assistant which is a different plugin so the reason I’m showing you that is because you can see that there are different

Ways to do the same thing okay so you’ve got Merlin if you add the Merlin extension which is free right now most of these are if not all of them right now um so you’ve got this up here you’ve got a Reload option um this I assume this is some sort of a

Share button but it isn’t working on either one of my computers and then it’s got a little copy option up here okay but down here with this other one and this one is called a chat GPT assistant let me just make sure what that one was

Called yeah chat GPT assistant I see it um here you can copy the results and you can see that they’re giving us um similar answers and although not identical you can copy the result but here if you click continue chat thread it actually opens chat GPT for you and

Now starts the conversation okay so um Merlin isn’t my favorite but a lot of people are talking about it so I wanted to show it to you in case it was something that you wanted to try out there’s some other functionality to it um it’s there’s shortcuts that they talk

About that you can open Merlin I just I I don’t know I wasn’t Blown Away about what it offered but this second one is mind-blowing okay this is called a i p r m and it’s the AI prompt manager and what it is it is it is a community

Digest of prompts and these prompts create kind of templates for you so all these people out there that have been testing chappy chat GPT easy for me to say for a while or are just now doing what I’m doing we’re playing all kinds of things when they figure out something

Cool they’re adding it to this community um database where we can share prompts and here’s how it works all you have to do is go to new chat so you do have to be logged in to chat GPT and look at this this this is what

You’re going to see now when you log into chat GPT so you’ve got public prompts and you’ve got your own prompts so your own prompts you can actually create a template and you can add it so now you can save your own you can share them but look at the public prompts

They’re actually sorted by category SEO prompts copywriting prompts marketing prompts productivity um developer software application software engineer these are and this is going to grow this is just what everybody started so far now if you click on any one of these what you’ll see is a whole library a searchable

Library of templates that are in the SEO category now you can drill down even further I want to I want to look at keyword templates I’m going to look at link building I want to look at out blog Outreach I want to look at web development or write and then you can

Look at top votes so it’s sorted by the people voting it up or you can go to latest updates and you can see whichever ones are new that people have just added so this thing is just going to grow and grow and grow this database and right

Now this is free I would imagine these things at some point won’t be free anymore that’s generally how extensions work but this is free right now so let me give you an example this one here outrank article now be careful because these are just anybody Joe your neighbor Joe Joe next door whatever

Loading this up nobody’s nobody’s checking it policing it making sure that it does what it says it’s going to do um so you’re going to need to look at them and use what’s right for you but this one here outrank article it has a cool

Premise and how it works if you click on it down here it’s going to say put in your competitor URL so let’s just say you have a Blog it’s all about the keto diet and you want to or you’re going to launch a Blog about the keto diet so you’re going to

Type in what is the keto diet and you’re going to find a Blog an article that you like you’re going to take the URL and you’re going to put it in to chat GPT you’re not going to copy the article Don’t Worry what it’s doing is it’s

Taking the concept of the article and now it’s going to write an article for you now in my opinion if we are trying to rank on Google we can’t just spit out a whole bunch of generic AI written content expected all to rank but I use these as starting points once

I get all the article in the way I want all the article basics in there then I go through each paragraph and I’ll give it more prompts um so what is a keto diet the typical keto diet consists of 75 fat 20 protein and five percent carbohydrates well I

Would put myself in the shoes of the reader and I would say give me examples of the 75 giving it give me examples of what what healthy fats are in that 75 category give me examples of what protein would be keto protein give me example of what carbs would be keto

Carbs and then I would put that all into the second paragraph I would give it prompts like let’s explore or you know give me more questions those types of things give me examples and I would be really expanding on that okay now let’s plus this because I on this same topic because I

Think this next plug-in is really cool this plugin here though is drool worthy if I if you had to get any plug-in this is going to be the one because these templates are absolutely incredible okay I’m going to click stop generating now and by the way in my case I’ve told you

Guys this already if you’ve watched my videos I use Jasper I did put a link with a trial below Jasper is um a a full writing editor so it’s an AI writing editor it has chat GPT built in it integrates with Surfer SEO which if

You watch my videos I teach you how to optimize it I don’t just use this and go now at some point when they give us a professional version and they create uh an editor in here where we can add links and do all the things then then maybe

That’ll be the case but so what I do is I start in here and I move things over to Jasper and I work from within there just in case you’ve seen my videos before I need to understand that okay um but right now chat GPT is free

Jasper’s a paid tool so that makes a difference for a lot of people now we see our we see our AI content here right now look at this extension right here it’s this is where your Chrome if you’ve never used Chrome extensions before what you do is you’re going to click on the

Link it’s going to take you to the Chrome Store and you’re just going to click the download button it shows up up here and you can pin it if you click on this little puzzle piece you can pin your favorite extension so that they’re always up here and you have access to

Them you also can turn them off and on if you if they’re conflicting or you don’t like one or you can remove it completely okay and then anywhere you’re on Chrome in your own Chrome browser you’ll be able to use this so right here this blue one this is called copy leaks

Copy leaks what you do is you highlight a portion of the article and then I’m going to copy it go to copy leaks AI content detected so these AI content detectors nobody knows there’s all these debates about whether or not Google is going to put in AI content detector as part of

Its algorithm and if it’s going to penalize people that use AI content as of late what Google has said is they used to just say all AI generated content with Spam now they’re saying AI generated content is Spam if it isn’t helpful so the key is to make it helpful not

Just to print out a whole bunch of generic content now there are people building massive websites just program Grammy and spitting out massive pages to test it so we’ll see for me personally I don’t want to be producing anything that the AI content detectors are picking up

As AI because that just means everybody has the same content okay so what I usually do and again back to my best friend Jasper although I believe we’ll have Chrome extensions that are probably going to help us rewrite a bunch of this and pass the detectors anyway but for

Today until I tell you otherwise this is what I’m using so I I start a new document I go to new document and whatever I’m researching in chat GPT I’m creating an editor in the I’m creating a document in the editor in Jasper okay so what I like to do is

There is I’m going to go to power mode this is where I can access all the templates and down here there’s a couple templates you can use for this there’s a paragraph generator and there is a pair a Content improver they both pretty much work but right here I can paste in

That paragraph up to 800 characters I can give it a tone of voice like creative that’s one of my favorites and I can click generate AI content okay now what Jasper is going to do is it’s going to produce several versions depending on

How many I if I only want one do I want two do I want three it’s gonna give me several versions okay then what I can do copy the version it gave me and now open that editor again paste it in there did a human right this and we

Passed okay I don’t know all the um intricate details of these cryptic crypto watermarks or patterns or what are whatever it is they’re looking for but what I do know about Jasper as a writer is it has a very casual friendly fun um more like the natural language

Processing kind of tone and it it it sounds less robotic however if I just go to Jasper chat which is amazing we’ll get into that another call but here Jasper has its own chat that’s powered by chat GPT so if I said what is the keto diet

And I just I’m gonna turn on the web so I’ll let it I’ll let it crawl the web um I’ll let it give me a result most of the time this fails this fails the copyright um I mean the AI content detector let’s check oh test okay now there are a bunch of

Different ones there are con like um if I can remember to put it in the description below there’s one that I’ve been playing with called originality.ai um that is a paid AI content detector but it’ll scan your whole blog it’ll scan your website so it doesn’t cut you off

Um there’s another one that’s free also that I like and I’ll play with that one and it’s this one here by writer.com and I like right I like this one better than that Chrome extension because it tells you how much of the text is human generated so if I don’t like that

And I go you know what I still don’t like that I want to do a little bit better now of course I’m in there rewriting the whole blog or adding to it anyway before I’m checking any of this but I could go in here now and I could

Go back to that power mode and I would just go back to one of these templates paste it in there and now let’s let’s have this give us result and we’ll put it into the right into the content detector this is the content improver template by Jasper so

Again Jasper is a paid tool it does have chat GPT it does have a Chrome extension also but it is a paid tool um so let’s see if how this one so I usually have it give me three results and then I’ll I’ll play with all three

Until I get one that’s 94 to 100 there you go 100 and I’d go through and read that does it make sense you know um so we’ll we’ll be learning more as we go along well hello there Gaia we’ll be learning more as we go along about what

Passes you know what what’s going to happen there are people like me that are on the front end of this willing to burn our websites it’s a test and see what this is all about so that you guys don’t have to um but I’m I am bring being very smart

About it I’m not just putting out a whole bunch of generic content I’m really using this with to to improve the content I’m already creating okay um so we covered a iprm uh we covered that uh the assistant one we covered this third one here copy

Leaks okay now look at this this is this is one of my other favorites web chat GPT Chrome extension this connects chat GPT to the web if you have heard chat GPT is basically a chat bot created out of the GPT language model generative pre-programmed Transformer I’m not sure

If I got that right anyway these basically what it is is it’s the largest massive database of text and language so these computers all read all these books and white papers and they learned the general language but they cut it off at 2021 so everything after 2021 at least

As of today wouldn’t be in there it’s like if you were talking about somebody you know one of the celebrities that you know passed away last year and it may not show that so or you’re talking about something that existed a foot the Super Bowl and it didn’t exist because they

Haven’t scanned it yet but this gets you past that so right here if you look down let’s see what I might let me go to new chat I might have to turn this one off let me turn off the chat assistant so that you guys can look at this one

Okay so now this looks more like what it would look like when you’re first logging on to chat GPT but down here this is the extension we’re playing with now so see here where there’s this little toggle we’re going to toggle that on search on the web and here you can say

I want to see three results four results Five results up to ten results you can choose what time frame so basically that when we put in something we want to learn about it’s going to go crawl the web web and bring us in results as well okay so let’s just say

Um we’re gonna chat we want to look up um Super Bowl winner let’s do the Super Bowl score 2022. okay now it’s going to answer us that it doesn’t have the information about the Super Bowl because it believes it only has information up until 2021. however when it goes out and

Crawls the web it’s going to bring us in information about the Super Bowl so who won let me try that again Super Bowl 2021. you know what I’ll do who won the Super Bowl I think the 2021’s throwing it off there it is that was it I was playing with

This earlier and I forgot I ran into that so it if you put in the year it thinks it doesn’t know what it’s going to give you back the answer that it doesn’t know it however if you allow it to go crawl the web now it’s going to pull in see there it

Is 2022. I said 21 but we wanted 22 sorry I have a kitten here trying to attack my computer so the Super Bowl in 2022 Was Won by the Los Angeles Rams who beat the Cincinnati Cincinnati Bagel Bengals so now if I wanted to I could go over here and I could say

Write about this and now we’re going to start this whole dialogue so this gives you the ability to do research that you may not have however it’s going to take some some finessing so um expand on this sentence let’s see if it’ll give me any more of that

And here’s the result so here’s number one these are your sources CNN people.com you know if nothing else depending on how it responds um I can get it to write about that topic but I’d have to spend some more time finessing that this is a great fact checker so if if

Your AI is saying something and you don’t believe you’re not sure if that’s factual because AI content gives you all kinds of incorrect data that looks really legit and it’s not um so you can use this to fact check in fact I said I use this example in my blog I said

Um is um fat I’m gonna put fact check is Lori was Lori ballen the first president that’s me was Lori ballen the first president of the United States okay see out scouring the web it’s pulling information it’s probably overloaded so we gotta wait for it to give us a response so

There it goes from the web search results provided there’s no credible evidence or or historical records that suggest Lori ballen was the first president of the United States so it’s basically saying she’s not she wasn’t right because we can’t find any info um and then if you wanted to I could say

Who is Lori ballen and it’ll go out and scour the web so according to the web search results provided Lori ballen is an individual who’s made a career out of helping others make money online she is known for her expertise in generating income streams and runs a YouTube channel

Dedicated to sharing her knowledge and strategies so you can see here this little number one that’s a source number two that’s a source number three that’s a source so you can actually use these sources as well in your articles you can click on them and expand on more

Information I think this is a game changer for um for all things SEO related okay so we did that one um oh you got to see this one before you go for sure okay this one’s really cool so I do a thing where I watch other people’s YouTube videos and then I get

Inspiration for blog ideas so for example if I’m building a whole um series on making money and e-commerce I might have something on how to build an Etsy store how to do a sticker shop how to build t-shirts but I don’t know all these things right so what I can do

Is I can come over here to YouTube and I can grab a video let’s look at um let’s let’s look at design with I like this guy oh that’s the premiere I can’t do that one um okay we’ll look at this one so how not to fall how not to fail online okay

How how not to fail at making money online Okay so let’s say I watched this video and I go wow you had some really good points in there now I’m going to give him credit that’s really important I think any time we’re using a resource um I’m not copying his content it’s it’s

All for inspiration but maybe I’m even gonna reference this video and I’m going to say you know that learn more by watching this video so Watch What Happens here what I can do is as this video plays down here this is the Chrome extension and it’s called YouTube summary with chat GPT YouTube

Summary with Chachi BT and again my blog linked below goes links to all these so right here you get this little transcript and summary so now with a time stamp there’s an entire transcript on the right so that could allow me to find one key point or to reference one

Key point in the video you know maybe I talk about something like James markinson made ten thousand dollars on his Etsy store and these are the three reasons he claimed he you know he gives his claim to fame and I’ll put those three reasons but I’ll I could then put

In that exact time stamp so the person can actually click on it but there’s more if I I can copy it I can jump to the current time but right here if I click this little donut the Little Wheel it actually opens chat GPT it copies the transcript in

Here and it gives us a video summary about what the YouTube video was about so we’ll give that a second to populate and so it’ll say what the video is about now if I wanted to take it from there I can now give chat gbt some instructions

Um what are the key points in this video um uh give me an outline okay because maybe I want some blog inspiration it won’t give me his content but you can create an outline it’s using the language the topic the concepts okay so here we go the video discusses the

Challenges that many people face when trying to make money online and suggest that a combination of factors including fear of missing out and shiny object syndrome making tribute to these difficulties the host Jared Krause and co-host William Griffin discussed the opportunity of buying a business or

Making a this is genius love this you can do this with your own videos so you make your own videos you’re publishing on YouTube you can get a description for your YouTube channel you can get a transcript you can get key points you can get takeaways so let’s let’s do create an outline

I’m only showing you little tidbits of each one of these extensions because we don’t have time obviously for much more but I’m going to be just make sure you subscribe the channel I’m going to bring you deep dives into these extensions so I can show you more of what they do

Especially when the when it’s not as overloaded as chat gbt is right now so from this transcript look at this it’s giving us an introduction explanation of the video and topic of making money online challenges of making money online setting oneself up for Success characteristics of a good website now

They didn’t put those all in chapters like that they don’t have all these headings we’re not taking any of that of their content however we certainly could use this outline as inspiration to start a new blog a good example of this is if I’m wanting to learn more about opening

An Etsy store and I’ve never opened one I could watch several YouTube videos and take the takeaways and then create an outline and then go create the blog which I will then go create content and do research and statistics and all of that but this would be an excellent starting point

I mean just the the inspiration from these things alone is just absolutely incredible I also have on your Tweet Hunter I did not explore this one everybody’s talking about it it has to do with chat GPT for Twitter chat GPT for search engines similar to Merlin it

Adds a chat feature to your search engine if you want to check that out I also really like chat GPT writer and that one is this lightning bolt right here so let me click on the lightning bolt and let me show you a good example of

Where I would use this one so I have a real estate team and when somebody leaves Google reviews on my profile which we have a lot that’s a big part of our practice I want to respond to their reviews okay but Chachi BT can make me sound a lot more clever

So what I do is I find the blog that the review I want to respond to I’m going to highlight this and then I’m going to click on I’m forgetting the name of all these extensions as we go chat GPT writer it’s called I am going to paste it and then

It says briefly enter what you want to write response to this five star review by K Bell I’d probably put in her name there generate response now if you’ve been using Jasper you know that Jasper also has a little review responder most of the big AI platforms

Have these similar templates in them so there you go thank you for the kind words and for sharing your positive experience with Krista we are thrilled to hear she was able to make the home buying process stress-free and enjoyable for your family we’re glad that Chris’s dedication patience and knowledge were

Able to guide you in finding the perfect home for your family we appreciate your feedback now if I wanted to I could use Jasper to make this more succinct to make it shorter or I can use chat GPT paste it in there but now I can copy the

Response and go from there so that’s also one of my favorite extensions that I tested um ghostwrite was okay um Jasper obviously I’ve just now shown you a ton of you can check that out that one is paid and then we looked at copy leaks and then chat GPT assistant

Anywhere is also really really cool and what that one allows you to do do is if you’re anywhere on the web this will be fast but anywhere on the web so you’re on Google you could be on Facebook you could be reading a Blog anything that you’re you’re looking at okay let’s just

Bring back up the keto diet again and you’re just reading an article and that’s not the one I wanted that’s a sales one I just want any article okay you can highlight a passage okay here we go what is the ketogenic diet ketogenic diet is based on the

Principle by depleting the body of carbohydrates which are its primary source of energy can force the body to burn fat or fuel and you say oh I want to learn more about that or I want to write more about that you actually can highlight it then right click

And then right here oh shoot I turned that I turned it off hold on I have to show you this um we are using which one is it a second okay Chrome extension is on so what we do is we highlight what we want to learn we

Right click and Merlin also has this option too but you selected text as chat GPT prompt so click it it’s going to open chat GPT and it’s going to put it in there as a prompt now it’s up to you what you want to do from that point on it’s got what’s

Probably going to happen is it’s going to start writing an article for you but maybe you want to start asking it questions tell me more about this what is what is low carb mean and you can start ex exploring all this as you go so I love that you can take any passage

Anywhere click it and it’ll open chat gbt for you and you can start um working on that so those are my favorite extensions so far there are so many more I’m going to be testing and bringing you in this series I’m Lori ballen thank you so much for joining me today

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