J’AI généré une vidéo Moistcritikal

J’ai utilisé le site Web d’Uberduck AI pour créer toutes les lignes vocales de cette vidéo, les images de charlie parlant proviennent de sa vidéo la plus récente …

So all of you probably already know this But yesterday I was attacked This wasn’t your common comic book Bad guy In fact not even the joker could compare to its evil doings We are talking war criminal mass murderer Baby killing monster of a man

The one and only Jim Wool Let me start at the beginning of this anime arc This is no simple story, by the end of it I grew as a person i learned something So i was walking down the street here in florida

And i see Chad Roberts from Cold Ones My natural reaction was to beat the absolute S##t out of him Unfortunately for me the cops where right near us and i got arrested immediately When i was thrown in the slammer i knew i was in for a bad time When i saw him.

Jim Wool He stared at me like I was a slab of meat For him to feast on like a Norse god In its banquet at the table of gods I rushed to the bunk-beds to get the pillow to defend myself But just like Dio From Jojo Bizarre Adventures

He was in front of me by the time i turned around And that’s when it happened Jim spared no mercy, it was like Martha and Thomas Wayne in the allyway I was done for Until from the corner of my eye i saw Chad He forgave me for my actions

He helped me beat the monster of a man that is Jim Wool Anyway after he bailed me out and saved me he invited me on the podcast And we had a cold one with max and had a fun time that’s about it see ya (subtitles By IBC_Twitch)

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