J’adore le fait que HighLevel organise un Townhall mensuel pour les commentaires sur les produits ! #gohighlevel

Inscrivez-vous au prochain Townhall ici James Hurst est un expert de HighLevel, ClickFunnels …

Okay so this is just one more thing i love about go high level is that once a month i can get on a public call with the ceo the co-founders the product managers and they ask us and they talk about what’s on the road map and what

Questions we have what we want let me show you these changes will sort of uh be backward compatible with all the calendars that were previously created great and you’re saying two to three weeks on that no not two to three weeks i’m saying like over the next few weeks uh by level

Update i mean this is going to be like uh having this kind of access to the team really make sure that your voice is heard and you can see the changes you’ve asked for in the app in a few months to come so great

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