Intégration de WordAi + Article Forge

Article Forge génère des articles uniques de haute qualité en appuyant simplement sur un bouton. Avec Article Forge directement intégré à WordAi, …

When it comes to rewriting with word ai the hardest part has always been where to get the content writing articles yourself can take forever and buying content from freelance writers gets expensive fast that’s where article forge comes in if you’re not familiar with article forge it’s a tool that writes entire human

Quality unique articles with the click of a button we built a direct integration with article forge so you can easily get articles about any topic without ever leaving the word ai interface this integration can save you countless hours and dollars and the best part is it’s extremely simple to start

Go to the ward ai rewrite page and click import from article forge if you do not have an article forge account just click here to create one once you have an article forge account you can connect it directly to your word ai account using your article forge username and

Api key if you have already created articles in the article forge interface you can access them by clicking use existing articles otherwise you can have articleforge create a new article without ever leaving this page for this tutorial i’m going to create a new 750 word article about bitcoin and i’ll enter the advantages

And disadvantages as sub keywords once you click create article articleforge will start writing and once it’s finished you’ll be able to see your article here now that you have your article all you need to do is select how many rewrites you would like and click rewrite that’s it it really is that easy

To go from no article to multiple high quality uniquely written articles within minutes