HighLevel Review 2022 – Mon opinion honnête (logiciel de marketing)

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Today i’m going to show you one of my favorite pieces of digital marketing software and something i’ve used for years now to create very profitable very effective and often almost completely automated digital marketing agencies whether you’re a brand new digital marketing beginner who’s looking for information on how to start a digital

Marketing agency and get to your first 10k month or you’re a seasoned marketing professional who needs a way to scale your marketing agency from 100k a month and up and do it quickly and efficiently and without dying of stress in the process this is going to help so with

All that said today i want to introduce you to a platform and a marketing software that’s been getting a lot of attention lately in the agency and consulting space it’s called high level and it’s basically an all-in-one sales and marketing platform and it gives you the power to white label it and resell

It as your very own software the main reason though that i’ve chosen to use this software as my primary marketing tool for my agencies and for my clients and for my students is that it’s got just an absolutely insane amount of features baked right into it it has a

Built-in crm it has full email and text automation there’s funnel and website builders there’s social media scheduling and reputation management and a whole lot more their pricing model is also perfect for agencies as you pay them one monthly fee of 297 and then you can add as many clients users and contacts as

You want so essentially if you have let’s say 10 clients well that works out to a cost of 30 per client and if you have 100 clients that’s only 3 bucks per client which is completely nuts so what i want to do here is give you a quick

Demo of how agencies typically start off using high level to generate sales and leads for themselves before beginning to implement it with their clients this will be helpful for two reasons first one of the most important aspects of running a marketing agency or marketing consulting firm is your ability to

Generate your own clients you gotta practice what you preach after all and second once you see how to use the software for your own business it’ll make it that much faster and easier to implement with all of your clients moving forward also an important note here high level was kind enough to

Sponsor this video but that doesn’t change the fact that i’ve been using them for years and continue to recommend it to my clients and students so i’ll make sure to put a link in the descriptions below this video where you can check it out and sign up for an

Extended free trial right after this video of course so now let’s dive in first let’s assume that this is our agency’s website this whole thing was built in high levels drag and drop builder including this web chat widget which is a gateway into a two-way sms conversation within high level so now my

Agency has text message capability so let’s hit this call to action and we can see a model pops up with an offer form which was also built in high level so there’s no need for zapier and let’s see what happens when my new leads go ahead

And claim this offer okay so we’ve been redirected to a thank you page with instructions for the next step which is to book a results call which is smart as that call will be my sales call if we take a look at what happened on the back

End we can see that when the lead form was submitted an opportunity was automatically created in a sales pipeline here we can drag and drop opportunities change their status and so on but with high level workflow automations all the movement and status changes can be completely automated so

Now let’s check out what the new lead sees on their end as soon as they fill out the lead form first they get a confirmation email with instructions to take the next step and book a results call but check this out they also get a more conversational text message that’s

Basically a yes or no question which is again smart because if you can get leads to interact within the first five minutes the odds of closing the lead increases by around 80 percent so this is obviously trying to get me to say yes but let’s see what happens if i reply

With sure perfect so according to high level they have ai that actually read my reply and interpreted the result to be positive so it shot me back this next steps text and response very cool so from here the lead would click back to the booking page and book my results

Call which in this case is my sales call but let’s take a quick peek at the workflow automation behind this to see what would have happened if i just ignored and didn’t reply to the text at all so here’s the step that made the opportunity in the pipeline here’s the

Confirmation email we saw here’s the initial text message then we hit a wait step that’s set up to wait for reply or timeout after two minutes from here we have a conditional step that checks to see if there was a reply if yes we hit that ai step and then the second text

But let’s look at the no path for leads who don’t reply to the text after two minutes with no reply we get this really cool call connect step which would actually call my agency read me information about the new lead and then prompt me to push a key to connect with

Them when me or my sales team pushes a key it then dials the lead and if they answer it connects the call this is amazing because it’s basically putting me or my sales team on the phone with new leads within two minutes after they were generated if they haven’t already

Engaged with the automated options now if we couldn’t get the lead on the phone we then push a ringless voicemail which is an mp3 file that we upload and then from there we wait a day and can continue building more automated nurture steps for the process this workflow is

An absolute game changer because it guarantees that every new lead is immediately engaged through multiple channels and it creates an automated path for new leads to become booked sales calls now high level does way too much to talk about in just one single video but what we just walked through is

Enough to immediately have a huge impact on any agency but what’s even better is like i said earlier in the video how high level is white label so you can literally rebrand and resell all of this to your own clients under your own name and your own brand now normally high

Level has a 14 day free trial so you can test it out for free but i was able to get you an extended trial link so you can test all of this for the next 30 days for completely free and all you need to do is click the link in the

Descriptions below this video so make sure to do that now and for a complete marketing strategy breakdown on the exact plan that i use with all of my clients make sure to check out the video i’ve got linked up right here on digital marketing strategy so check that out now

And i’ll see in the next video the core four are made up of model market message and media so let’s unpack those now the model is essentially your business your offer your package your servicing the pricing that goes with it

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